2008 Mercedes C63 AMG

The 2008 C63 is currently in production for release in April. It has drawn a lot of interest and I am very excited about how well it has been reviewed. While the C63 came in second in this Motor Trend comparison, it is obvious that they loved the car and had a blast driving it.

“Hurtling the C63 down the quarter mile is like firing a Government Model Colt 45. The result is rewarding in an explosive sense. Mercedes-Benz quotes 0-to-60 in 4.3, but just the right launch technique yielded a best time of 4.1 seconds. That’s on par with 8.0-liter Dodge Vipers of just a decade ago.”

“Two areas stand out here: seats and steering wheels. In keeping with its ballsy nature, the C63 has firm, thickly bolstered front buckets….Everyone loves the Mercedes’ steering wheel. It’s squared off at the bottom, like a DTM racer’s, is thickly padded with dimpled leather at the handgrip areas, and has easy-to-reach shifter paddles.”

The Bad Benz won a lot of hearts. It’s the quickest in a straight line, second fastest in road-course work, and stops the shortest, too. The C63’s fierce accel and Howitzer exhaust note are reason enough to own it. This sophisticated, four-wheeled pit-bull spews emotion, knows what it is, and won’t care if everyone likes its edgy nature or not.”

Read Motor Trend’s full comparison here.

March 14, 2008 at 2:04 pm by Jesse Cannon-Wallace
Category: AMG, C-Class, C63 AMG