Mercedes just released these photos without any other details to explain the functionality, release date, or model avaliablity of this update. I’m making some assumptions here so please don’t take this as fact.

Mercedes GLK AUX Update Connections USB iPod SD Card

Mercedes GLK AUX Update Display USB iPod SD Card

These first two images are taken in a GLK. You can see that in addition to the currently avaliable iPod and audio input jacks a new USB connection will be avaliable along with a 12 volt power outlet in the glovebox. The big question is what devices will be able to interface through this USB connection.

Mercedes AUX Update Devices USB iPod SD Card

This photo was taken in a C-Class and shows a similar box with the addition of an SD card slot. Since most 2009 models will have an SD card slot on ther radio this may be a retrofit for older models or just for the 2009 models that don’t already have an SD card slot. We would have to assume that the devices shown are all intended to work with this system so at the least the USB connection should be able to read music files off of a thumb drive. It would be great if this connection could be used to read files from smartphones or other phones with a usb connection. I’ll be sure to post more information on this as it’s released.

July 24, 2008 at 5:11 pm by Jesse Cannon-Wallace
Category: Accessories, Future Models