It’s that time again…our 2008 demo’s have accumulated and we need them off our lot and in your garage!

This ad will be running in the AJC this weekend so you’ll need to act quickly.

2008 R350 M4866 MSRP $48,570 – $14,000 OFF
2008 R350 M4802 MSRP $52,410 – $17,000 OFF
2008 R350 M4833 MSRP $51,210 – $16,000 OFF
2008 R350 M4914 MSRP $52,430 – $17,000 OFF
2008 R350 M4865 MSRP $49,930 – $17,000 OFF
2008 R350 M4797 MSRP $57,090 – $20,000 OFF

4 – 2008 ML350s
3 – 2008 C300 & C350s
2008 E350, E320BlueTEC, GL450, AND E63

Some of these cars can be used with special financing, some cannot. Miles vary from 300 to 12,000. I would suggest that you come by the dealership and see the cars in person to determine which car is the best deal for you. Please call me to set up an appointment and ask for me when you arrive.

Update: The Demo Sale was a HUGE success. Please look for the updated post…most of the vehicles are sold.

August 22, 2008 at 12:10 pm by Jesse Cannon-Wallace
Category: Current Specials, Demo Specials