Mercedes has just annouced that the 2009 BlueTEC SUVs will qualify for the federal Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit. This is the same tax credit that has been avaliable on most hybrid vehicles. One interesting thing is that because Toyota and Lexus have already sold their total of eligible vehicles none of their hybrids will qualify for this credit. Here are the details from Mercedes-Benz.

  • Any qualifying vehicle (MY09 BlueTEC GL, ML & R- Class) must be purchased – Leased vehicles will not qualify for the credit.
  • Credit is not realized at retail purchase, but must be applied for individually by the customer, and claimed on their Income Tax Return (1040). Each respective customer should contact their individual tax advisor for more details.
  • Unfortunately, the 40 state MY09 E320 BlueTEC does not qualify for this credit.
  • Maximum tax credit amounts:2009 ML320 BlueTEC: $9002009 R320 BlueTec: $1,5502009 GL320 BlueTEC: $1,800 — Please note: amount is based on a somewhat complicated formula, and since the ML is the lightest of the three vehicles, it is held to a higher standard for fuel economy improvement, but has the smallest improvement of the three vehicles. Therefore the maximum is relatively lower vs. the GL & R- Classes.
  • The credit begins to phase out via a rather complicated tiered structure once the manufacturer sells 60,000 eligible vehicles, (hybrids/diesels) and is then subsequently eliminated.
  • Toyota /Lexus already reached the maximum number of hybrids sold in October 2007, so anyone purchasing a Toyota or Lexus hybrid is no longer eligible for the above mentioned tax credit.

Better fuel economy and a tax credit! Seems like a no-brainer.

August 9, 2008 at 11:52 am by Jesse Cannon-Wallace
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