I had a great time at the Atlanta Auto Show this year! I enjoyed meeting a lot of enthusiasts and it was an excellent opportunity to check out the competition. I was able to see the new 7-Series, the Q5, the Lexus RX, a VW CC that caught my attention from its commercials. I do have a couple of free passes left if you are near Atlanta Classic Cars and want to go to the show this week.

Lexus RX Honda Odyssey

These pictures are of the Lexus RX and the Honda Odyssey interiors. The Lexus RX interior has always been a little strange to me. I really don’t understand the gearshift sticking out of the dashboard. The column mounted selector in all of the Mercedes SUVs seems to be a more efficient and attractive solution.

March 17, 2009 at 12:09 pm by Jesse Cannon-Wallace
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