Here are the current estimated pricing and release dates for the 2011 Mercedes-Benz models. As always, this information is subject to change and change without notice!

Model  Retail Release  Pricing 
C300 SPORT/LUXURY  July/August  $33,990/$35,900 
C300 SPORT/LUXURY 4MATIC  July/August  $37,490/$37,900 
C350 SPORT  July/August  $39,990
C63 AMG  July/August  $58,200
CL550 4MATIC  November  TBA
CL600  November  TBA
CL63 AMG  November  TBA
CL65 AMG  November  TBA
CLS550  July  $74,000
CLS63 AMG  July  $99,050
 E-Class Sedan  
 E350 BlueTEC SPORT/LUXURY    July/August    $50,900  
 E350 SPORT/LUXURY    July/August    $49,400  
 E350 4MATIC SPORT/LUXURY    July/August    $51,900  
 E550 SPORT/LUXURY    July/August    $57,100  
 E550 4MATIC SPORT/LUXURY    July/August    $59,600  
 E63 AMG    July/August    $87,600  
 E-Class Wagon  
 E350 4MATIC WAGON SPORT/LUXURY    May 21, 2010    $56,200  
 E-Class Cabriolet  
 E350 CABRIOLET    May 10, 2010    $56,850  
 E550 CABRIOLET    May 10, 2010    $64,800  
 E-Class Coupe  
 E350 COUPE    July    $48,850  
 E550 COUPE    July    $55,450  
 G550    October    $105,750  
 G55 AMG    October    $124,450  
 GL350 BlueTEC    August    $60,950  
 GL450 4MATIC    July    $61,950  
 GL550 4MATIC    August    $84,450  
 GLK350 2WD    July    $35,500  
 GLK350 4MATIC    July    $37,500  
 ML350 BlueTEC    August    $50,490  
 ML350 4MATIC    July    $48,990  
 ML350 2WD    July    $46,490  
 ML450 HYBRID 4MATIC    July    Lease Only  
 ML550 4MATIC    July    $57,590  
 ML63 AMG 4MATIC    July    $92,590  
 R350 BlueTEC    August    $51,740  
 R350 4MATIC    August    $50,240  
 S400 HYBRID    October/November    TBA 
 S550    October/November    TBA 
 S550 4MATIC    October/November    TBA 
 S600    October/November    TBA 
 S63 AMG    October/November    TBA 
 S65 AMG    October/November    TBA 
 SL550    February 16, 2010    $102,600  
 SL63 AMG    February 16, 2010    $139,050  
 SLK300    July    $47,650  
 SLK350    July    $53,300  
 SLS AMG    May 10, 2010    $183,000  
July 3, 2010 at 5:43 pm by Jesse Cannon-Wallace
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