Not that I would expect any Mercedes owner to the consider buying a Lexus LFA but since they have announced that you can actually purchase one here is a comparison from Automobile magazine to explain why you should stick with the SLS.

“While the high-pitched voice of the Lexus is a constant threat to tired windowpanes, the densely packed roar of the Mercedes puts loose plaster to a real test.”

“In the SLS, the balance between steering and throttle is more natural and better weighted. At very high velocities, the Gullwing needs fewer corrections to maintain a steady line”

“The SLS is a powerboat for the road, a mighty mauler that evokes fond memories of a brand’s glorious past, a surprisingly practical and highly visible tool for the dedicated driver.”

“The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, on the other hand, establishes a credible link to its maker’s F1 and DTM racing efforts. And it proves, fifty-six years after the original Gullwing and only weeks after the final production run of the SLR McLaren, that Mercedes still knows how to make a supercar.”

August 5, 2010 at 5:40 pm by Jesse Cannon-Wallace
Category: AMG, SLS AMG