Mercedes deisel fuel economy

“…all staffers who drove it made note not only of the car’s amazing return on the gallon but also how much they enjoyed the performance along the way.”

“If you need further proof that a turbodiesel is the ideal powerplant for a big luxury car, look no further than the E350 Bluetec”

“Still, one might question whether that real-world mpg is good enough to eclipse a $1,200 price premium and, arguably, the incrementally higher maintenance fees associated with keeping the diesel-combustion process relatively clean…If you consistently achieved as high an average as we did during our time in the diesel E-class, the break-even point shrinks to just 3.2 years.”

“When two tons of luxury sedan can get more than 30 mpg indicated in mixed driving with no extension cords, weird clunks or CVTs needed,” one editor explained, “I have to ask why so many manufacturers (and so many Americans) are wedded to the idea of hybrid/electric propulsion.”

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April 27, 2012 at 8:50 am by Jesse Cannon-Wallace
Category: Diesel, E-Class