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Mercedes-Benz G wagon

“Interestingly, it still builds G-Class models in the same manner it did three  decades ago. If you’re looking for automation or robotic aids, you’ll find  precious little along the G-Class assembly line. The vast majority of each truck is hand-built, including the body…”

“Commercial-grade and military-spec vehicles – including some wild 6×6 chassis  cabs destined for the Australian army – are built right alongside G550 and G63  models.”

“We were impressed with the G’s ability to settle down and scamper over terrain  that would be incredibly difficult for a human to traverse by foot, but the  demonstration wasn’t over yet. A factory driving team then proceeded to race us  down the mountain on the same paths, but at a seemingly suicidal 35-40 mph. I’ve  yet to examine my x-rays, but I’m certain a few of my internal organs appear as  if they went three rounds in a UFC octagon. The G-Class? Though it bounced,  shook, and swayed its way down the mountain, the G was no worse for the wear.  Impressively, there were no buzzes or rattles during the whole ordeal, and the  only squeaks came from the mortified passengers, grabbing any available handle  with snow-white knuckles.”

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October 26, 2012 at 6:19 am by Jesse Cannon-Wallace
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