2014 E350 redesign

“But the new turbo-diesel is a fuel-sipping smoothie, with 195 horses and 369  lb-ft of torque. At a steady highway pace through the swelling hills of  Catalonia, we managed 44 mpg, a remarkable gain over today’s E350 Bluetec. Another economic upside: Mercedes confirmed that the rear-wheel-drive E250  Bluetec will become the most affordable E-class of all, undercutting the current  E350 Bluetec’s $53,105 base price.”

“Sedan, wagon, coupe or cabriolet, the E-class’s reworked body impressed everyone from journalists to janitors at Detroit’s auto show in January. With additions  where it counts – a sinuous, air-slurping front end – and the tasteful  subtraction of the clumsy pontoon rear fender, Mercedes’ oft-criticized sedan styling language is suddenly speaking sexy.”

“The enriched cabin gets a restyled dashboard and gauges, a handsome analog  clock, aluminum-look switches, and striking wood or metal trim. There’s a  heightened sense of fit-and-finish; corners and joints are executed with a  precision nearly befitting an S-class.”

“With the carryover V-6 a known quantity, we honed in on the intriguing high-low  matchup between the bi-turbo six and the underdog diesel. Mercedes figures a  7.9-second squirt from 0 to 62 mph for the E250 diesel, but the car had no  trouble passing dawdlers and its four cylinders were impressively muted.”

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2014 E-class restyle

February 19, 2013 at 1:11 pm by Jesse Cannon-Wallace
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