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2010 C63 with P31 Development Package – Not Available for Sale at Atlanta Classic Cars!

This gorgeous 2010 C63 with the all-new P31 Development Package (and every other option) just arrived at Atlanta Classic Cars. There haven’t been many pictures of this package yet so I thought I would post it before the client took delivery. Enjoy!

P31 – AMG Development Package – $5950
Adds 30hp for a total of 481hp
Lightweight AMG Forged Pistons
Lightweight Connecting Rods
Revised Crankshaft
New Engine Management
AMG compound Braking System
Red Painted Brake Calipers
Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler
Exclusive Engine Intake Runners in Titanium Grey
Top Speed at 174 mph
AMG Leather/Alcantara Performance Steering Wheel

2010 C63 AMG – P31 Performance Package Replaces P30

C63 P31 AMG Development Package

Starting with the December production schedule, the P30 Performance Package will be discontinued. The P31 AMG Development Package will be introduced with an eye towards pleasing our power-hungry driving enthusiasts.

P31 – AMG Development Package – $5950
Adds 30hp for a total of 481hp
Lightweight AMG Forged Pistons
Lightweight Connecting Rods
Revised Crankshaft
New Engine Management
AMG compound Braking System
Red Painted Brake Calipers
Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler
Exclusive Engine Intake Runners in Titanium Grey
Top Speed at 174 mph
AMG Leather/Alcantara Performance Steering Wheel

The Limited Slip Differntial from the P30 Package will be available as a stand alone option (code 471) for $2000. The suspension components of the P30 package have been completely discontinued because of owner feedback that it made the ride too stiff.

Atlanta Classic Cars – Pre-Owned 2008 C63 AMG

We have just acquired a pre-owned 2008 C63 AMG. It has about 8000 miles, new rear tires and should arrive at our dealership today or tomorrow. The warranty started in April of this year so it has over three years and 42,000 miles of warranty remaining. Please contact me if you are intersted in seeing this car.

2008 C63 –
Iridium Silver
Black Leather
Premium 2 Package
Multimedia Package
AMG Leather Package
K40 built-in radar detection system ($2300 value)
Original MSRP $65440

Now $59,900

CNET – Mercedes C63 AMG vs. BMW M3

The tech website CNET just released a great comparision between the BMW M3 and the C63 AMG.
“The C63 is an absolute torque monster, which makes it more fun to drive at low speeds.”

“The COMAND system is light years ahead of the old iDrive system. The system smartly uses the instrument-cluster LCD for things like navigation prompts, so it’s easier to use while in motion.”

“With the money you’ll save by purchasing the C63, you’ll be able to buy new tires after you burn through the first set doing doughnuts in the parking lot.”

In the end…

“We are bracing ourselves for the howls of BMW fans. Hey, we like Bimmers, too, but all things taken into account, the C63 won out. In most rounds, the C63 scraped by the M3 just a little, gaining precious ground for cabin tech features, exterior looks, and price. For all-around performance, the cars tied–the C63 boosted by its bigger engine, the M3 helped by its DCT. After BMW updates its cabin tech and electronics interface next year, the M3 will probably fare better in a rematch.”

Read the full comparison at

2009 C63 Beige and Grey Leather Interiors and AMG Select Fabric

The 2009 C63 is available with 5 interior options. Having only seen the Black Leather (210), I was at a loss when Randall from California asked me exactly what the other interiors looked like. Since I couldn’t answer his question he visited a couple of local dealers and here are the results!

Sahara Beige/Black Leather Interior (205) only has the Beige Leather on the front of the driver and passenger seats. The whole dash, back of the seats and headliner are black.

Grey/Black Leather Interior (208) has grey seats AND a grey lower dash. The upper dash, back of the seats and headliner are black.

The AMG Select Fabric Interiors (701 and 718) which are standard for 2009, are still a bit of a mystery. We have not seen it in person but it should look something like this. The Mercedes-Benz fabric has always been very good looking and shockingly durable. It was standard on the 2006 ML’s for a brief time and I was very impressed with the high quality and appearance of the fabric.

Thanks to Randall for filling in this gap my C63 knowledge!

Atlanta Classic Cars – Available C63 AMG

Mercedes C63 AMG White

For the first time since they were released I have a 2009 C63 AMG available for sale! In fact, I have 3! White, Black and Silver all with black interior. Each has Premium 2, Full Leather, MultiMedia and ipod. 2 have the tele-aid system. These cars are currently being shown and test driven. If you are interested please get in touch fast! No shippers or brokers please.

Mercedes C63 AMG Black

Mercedes C63 AMG Silver

Mercedes C63 AMG Test Drive on Speed Channel

If you missed the one hour Speed Channel Test Drive of the new C63 AMG they are re-airing it several times during the coming weeks. Sunday 5/4 @ 10:30am – Monday 5/12 @ 2:00pm – Tuesday 5/27 @ 3:00am – Saturday 5/31 @ 8:00pm. For an up to date list visit the Speed website.

“Host Tommy Kendal, along with world-class racecar drivers Paul Tracy and Townsend Bell, takes you to the ends of the earth to unleash the full power of Mercedes’ C63 AMG, in this incredible one-hour Test Drive!

From the dazzling frozen ice fields of Sweden, to the blazing high-speed turns of Firebird Raceway, to the molten lava of Hawaii’s volcano fields, it’s an extreme one-hour Test Drive of Fire & Ice!”

Mercedes C63 AMG vs. BMW M3 – Edmunds Comparison Test

Mercedes C63 AMG

“The M3’s V8 is as swift and sharp as a katana sword, while the C63’s V8 punches like a set of brass knuckles. And whereas the M3 sounds best when it’s being caned ruthlessly, the C63 barks like a beast when you simply twist the key and start it.”

“Despite boasting similar power-to-weight ratios, the C63 runs notably quicker than the M3 sedan in a straight line. It clicks off the quarter-mile in 12.5 seconds at113.7 mph, compared to the BMW’s 12.9 seconds at 111.1 mph, an advantage of 0.4second and 2.6 mph. Likewise, 60 mph comes up in 4.1 seconds in the Benz and 4.5seconds in the Bimmer.”

“But if powersliding hooliganism is more your style, then the C63 is your choice, since it’ll sustain a tail-out attitude around a corner until the steel cords show through the rear tires.”

“The 2008 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG also crackles with character, something the M3 could use a bit more of.”

A lot of people are comparing the Mercedes-Benz C63 to the BMW M3. Everyone wants to drive this new car! For a long time, the M3 has been the top of the heap in the small and sporty category. Most reviewers are acknowledging that the M3 is still a great car, very balanced and capable, but the consensus is that the C63 is more fun! Take a look at the full review from Edmunds. If you are interested in ordering a C63 or being notified if one become available, please let me know!

C63 AMG – Edmunds Inside Line

Mercedes C63 AMG Motor Trend Review


“Where this engine will trump the forthcoming M3’s V-8 is not with its 30-plus extra horsepower, but with its titanic 148-pound-foot torque advantage.”

“Turn-in is quick, effort builds naturally with cornering intensity, and the chassis responds in ways that would make a blindfolded Bimmerphile surprised to find a three-pointed star on the airbag cover.”

“Perhaps the most intoxicating aspect of car is its engine note-pure NASCAR stocker outside (it’s impossible to believe this car passes the 75-dBA Euro noise regs), just enough mechanical music inside.”

Read the Full Review

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