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Atlanta Classic Cars – Available C63 AMG

Mercedes C63 AMG White

For the first time since they were released I have a 2009 C63 AMG available for sale! In fact, I have 3! White, Black and Silver all with black interior. Each has Premium 2, Full Leather, MultiMedia and ipod. 2 have the tele-aid system. These cars are currently being shown and test driven. If you are interested please get in touch fast! No shippers or brokers please.

Mercedes C63 AMG Black

Mercedes C63 AMG Silver

Mercedes C63 AMG Test Drive on Speed Channel

If you missed the one hour Speed Channel Test Drive of the new C63 AMG they are re-airing it several times during the coming weeks. Sunday 5/4 @ 10:30am – Monday 5/12 @ 2:00pm – Tuesday 5/27 @ 3:00am – Saturday 5/31 @ 8:00pm. For an up to date list visit the Speed website.

“Host Tommy Kendal, along with world-class racecar drivers Paul Tracy and Townsend Bell, takes you to the ends of the earth to unleash the full power of Mercedes’ C63 AMG, in this incredible one-hour Test Drive!

From the dazzling frozen ice fields of Sweden, to the blazing high-speed turns of Firebird Raceway, to the molten lava of Hawaii’s volcano fields, it’s an extreme one-hour Test Drive of Fire & Ice!”

Mercedes C63 AMG vs. BMW M3 – Edmunds Comparison Test

Mercedes C63 AMG

“The M3′s V8 is as swift and sharp as a katana sword, while the C63′s V8 punches like a set of brass knuckles. And whereas the M3 sounds best when it’s being caned ruthlessly, the C63 barks like a beast when you simply twist the key and start it.”

“Despite boasting similar power-to-weight ratios, the C63 runs notably quicker than the M3 sedan in a straight line. It clicks off the quarter-mile in 12.5 seconds at113.7 mph, compared to the BMW’s 12.9 seconds at 111.1 mph, an advantage of 0.4second and 2.6 mph. Likewise, 60 mph comes up in 4.1 seconds in the Benz and 4.5seconds in the Bimmer.”

“But if powersliding hooliganism is more your style, then the C63 is your choice, since it’ll sustain a tail-out attitude around a corner until the steel cords show through the rear tires.”

“The 2008 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG also crackles with character, something the M3 could use a bit more of.”

A lot of people are comparing the Mercedes-Benz C63 to the BMW M3. Everyone wants to drive this new car! For a long time, the M3 has been the top of the heap in the small and sporty category. Most reviewers are acknowledging that the M3 is still a great car, very balanced and capable, but the consensus is that the C63 is more fun! Take a look at the full review from Edmunds. If you are interested in ordering a C63 or being notified if one become available, please let me know!

C63 AMG – Edmunds Inside Line

Mercedes C63 AMG Motor Trend Review


“Where this engine will trump the forthcoming M3′s V-8 is not with its 30-plus extra horsepower, but with its titanic 148-pound-foot torque advantage.”

“Turn-in is quick, effort builds naturally with cornering intensity, and the chassis responds in ways that would make a blindfolded Bimmerphile surprised to find a three-pointed star on the airbag cover.”

“Perhaps the most intoxicating aspect of car is its engine note-pure NASCAR stocker outside (it’s impossible to believe this car passes the 75-dBA Euro noise regs), just enough mechanical music inside.”

Read the Full Review

2008 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG – Options and Pricing

2008 C63 AMG
More Photos

The commercial for the new C63 AMG is out and it’s time to get your order in for this amazing car. The release date for the C63 is expected to be April of this year. Base MSRP will be $53,800. The options and prices below will give you a better idea what your dream C63 will cost. Contact me now to get your C63 on the way to your garage!

AMG Standard Feature:
AMG Speed-Sensitive Sport Steering
3-Stage ESP
AMG sports suspension with 18-inch AMG light-alloy wheels
AMG high-performance brake system
AMG sports seats with integrated head restraints
AMG performance steering wheel – flattened lower section – shift paddles
AMG bodystyling

2008 C63 AMG Option Packages:
(P01) Premium 1 – Standard on C63 AMG
Rain-sensing Wipers
SIRIUS Satellite Radio
Auto-Dimming Mirrors
Power-Folding Mirrors
Heated Front Seats
Garage Door Opener

(P02) Premium 2 – $1,080
All Items in Premium 1 Package
Power Rear-Window Sunshade
Headlamp Washing System
Bi-Xenon Headlamps
Cornering Fog Lamps

(318)Leather Package – $2,950
Power Passenger Seat w/Memory
Power Dr.Seat & Steering Col. w/ Memory
(Seems to be mandatory on C63)

(320) Multimedia Package – $2,950
Voice Control
Music register with 4 gig hardrive
COMAND Navigation System
DVD video playback
6-Disc CD/DVD-Changer
Harman/Kardon 450-watt Sound System

Stand Alone Options:
iPod Integration Kit – $375
TeleAid – $650
6-Disc In-Dash CD Changer – $450
—030 AMG Performance Package will be avaliable this summer

Interior Color Options:
Black Leather (201)
Black/Sahara Beige (205)
Grey/Black Leather (208)
–all three interiors are avaliable with any exterior color

Exterior Color Options:
Black(040) – No Charge
Obsidian Black (197) – $710
Capri Blue(359) – $710
Barolo Red(544) – $710
Mars Red(590) – No Charge
Arctic White(650) – $710
Pewter (723) – $710
Steel Grey(755) – $710
Iridium Silver(775) – $710
Palladium Silver(792) – $710

New C63 AMG Commerical

We’ll be here when you need new tires.

2008 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG vs 2008 BMW M3 vs. 2008 Lexus IS F – Motor Trend Comparison

2008 Mercedes C63 AMG

The 2008 C63 is currently in production for release in April. It has drawn a lot of interest and I am very excited about how well it has been reviewed. While the C63 came in second in this Motor Trend comparison, it is obvious that they loved the car and had a blast driving it.

“Hurtling the C63 down the quarter mile is like firing a Government Model Colt 45. The result is rewarding in an explosive sense. Mercedes-Benz quotes 0-to-60 in 4.3, but just the right launch technique yielded a best time of 4.1 seconds. That’s on par with 8.0-liter Dodge Vipers of just a decade ago.”

“Two areas stand out here: seats and steering wheels. In keeping with its ballsy nature, the C63 has firm, thickly bolstered front buckets….Everyone loves the Mercedes’ steering wheel. It’s squared off at the bottom, like a DTM racer’s, is thickly padded with dimpled leather at the handgrip areas, and has easy-to-reach shifter paddles.”

The Bad Benz won a lot of hearts. It’s the quickest in a straight line, second fastest in road-course work, and stops the shortest, too. The C63′s fierce accel and Howitzer exhaust note are reason enough to own it. This sophisticated, four-wheeled pit-bull spews emotion, knows what it is, and won’t care if everyone likes its edgy nature or not.”

Read Motor Trend’s full comparison here.

C63 AMG – MotorTrend Magazine

“This machine grabs you the minute you light the motor, and the four big exhaust pipes erupt. It gurgles to the delight of everyone, inside or outside the car. Let off the throttle, and it burbles on the overrun.Wonderful.”

MotorTrend just got a 451hp C63 AMG – view the full article here.
Contact me to get one of these amazing cars for yourself!

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