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Topic: Mercedes History
Mille Miglia Photos

If you have not seen any photos from the Mille Miglia that took place earlier this month you really must have a look! Stunning cars and stunning scenery!

From the Mercedes-Benz Facebook Page:

Why race in the Mille Miglia Historica? For one thing, because of our record-breaking win at the original race back in 1955; for another, just look at these photos! A rolling display of some of history’s greatest Mercedes-Benz vehicles, stunning scenery and a helping of la dolce vita: that’s what keeps us coming back for more. Here’s just a small sample of the 1000-mile route.

Autoweek Visits the Mercedes-Benz Museum!

mercedes stuttgart

I am a huge fan of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. I visited in 2008 and I always tell people the 6 hours I spent there were not nearly enough! The automotive history is impressive and the vehicles themselves are works of art! It looks like Autoweek had a good time too!

If you take European Delivery of your new Mercedes-Benz we’ll buy the tickets!

“The history lesson was welcome and we would have enjoyed the well-planned displays even if the placards didn’t make space for English translations.”

“Galleries devoted to “voyagers” (buses, touring vehicles and wagons) “carriers” (buses and auto haulers) and “helpers” (fire, police and service vehicles) grabbed our attention as firmly as the Gullwings did, though we never want to see a Unimog as spic-and-span clean as the ones displayed at the museum are ever again.”

“We struggled to put a dollar value on the Silver Arrows before us — $150 million? $250 million? Priceless? — before resigning ourselves to simply enjoying the banked display setup.”

Read the full account at Autoweek online.


Mercedes-Benz Video – I Believe in the Horse!

Classic Center from Mercedes-Benz TV

See more great videos at Mercedes-Benz TV.

The Mercedes-Benz Star – Great Video!

Mercedes-Benz Club of America Visits Atlanta Classic Cars

The Mercedes-Benz Club of America is a very active owners group with branches all over the country. The local chapter of the club stopped by Atlanta Classic Cars this weekend to meet, talk cars and plan their upcoming events. If you are not yet a member of your local chapter you can sign up at the website and start receiving the gorgeous Star magazine and all of the other member benefits!

E-Class Safety Training Class is Wrapped Up!

MBUSA brought us a very special wrapped E-Class today for a training session on some of our safety systems over the years. There is hardly enough room on the vehicle to list all of the underlying safety features that Mercedes has developed and implemented to keep owners from having an accident or being harmed if one should occur! It was a great new way to see the E-Class!

History of the E-Class –

A great trip through the history of the E-Class

Mercedes-Benz Owner Loyalty is Top of the Charts!

I’ve always told people that once you buy a Mercedes you’ll have trouble driving anything else! These loyalty numbers for the 2nd Quarter of 2008 were just released.

Mercedes 51.02%
BMW 50.65%
Lexus 44.01%
Ferrari 40.29%
Cadillac 38.91%
Audi 34.01%
Lincoln 33.30%
Porsche 32.76%
Acura 31.05%

This means that more than 51% of Mercedes owners who purchased or leased a new vehicle chose another Mercedes! This information comes from reported vehicle registrations.

European Delivery

The Factory at Sindelfingen
Have you heard about the European Delivery Program (EDP)? This program allows you to pick up your custom ordered vehicle directly from the factory in Germany! You then get to drive it anywhere in Europe for up to 2 weeks and simply drop it off at one of 12 locations to be shipped right to the dealership for you to pick up again.
Not only do they not charge extra for this program, you get a discount! C, E, CLK, SLK, CLS and SL-Classes can be purchased with a 7% discount from MSRP! S-Class and AMG vehicles can be picked up via EDP as well, with special approval, at MSRP.
If you were thinking of traveling to Germany anyway, or would love the full Mercedes experience, I am sure you would love European Delivery! Mercedes just launched a new virtual tour that is very informative (and enticing). Let’s plan your next vacation!
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