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2012 Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure is this Weekend in Atlanta!

Here I go again! This is my fifth year participating in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure! This weekend I will be walking 60 miles to raise awareness and funds in the fight against breast cancer.

Thank you to Atlanta Classic Cars, family, friends and clients for your support! I am still a little bit shy of my $2500 fundraising goal…do any of you blog readers have a few dollars to contribute? Every little bit helps! Here is my donation link!

If you see a parade of pink walking through Atlanta this weekend please wave and honk…we love the support!

Enter to Win the Mercedes-Benz Roadtrip Sweepstakes on Facebook!

Saints Falcons Win Tickets

The Saints are playing the Falcons on November 29th and Mercedes-Benz USA is giving you a chance to roadtrip to Atlanta!

Mercedes-Benz has a close relationship with the Saints through the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans – Home of the next Superbowl!

Visit the sweepstakes page through Facebook to register!

5k for the 3-Day! Benefitting Susan G. Komen for the Cure!

Ribbon ladies 5k

For the past 5 years I have participated in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day as a part of my team, the Ribbon Ladies. We have now raised over $120,000 towards a cure for breast cancer with the support of friends, family and community!

Our newest fundraiser is the 5k for the 3-Day taking place on Saturday, September 8th at Tribble Mill Park in Lawrenceville. Atlanta Classic Cars has generously sponsored the event and we are looking forward to a big turn-out by the ACC Race Team! I was hoping a few loyal blog readers out there might want to jois us! You can register online at, via mail using the registration form below or in person at the dealership.

If you cannot attend the event please consider donating directly to my 3-Day fundraising site. There is a convenient link of the left side of this page!

Please pass this on to any Georgia runners you know, post it on Facebook, or e-mail the registration form to friends! I need to spread the word to have a successful event!

Future Mercedes-Benz Models From Autoweek

future mercedes models

Mercedes-Benz is always working to bring the latest in technology, safety and design to our vehicles. They post the latest official pictures and details in the Future Models section at I don’t generally like to speculate on what may or may not be coming until I have confirmation…but is speculating for me! Here is a great link to what we are expecting, what is rumored and what we are dreaming about for the next couple of years!

A look at Mercedes-Benz Future Products from Autoweek!

Polar White (149) vs. Arctic White (650) – 2013 Mercedes-Benz Color Update

Our first Polar White (color code 149) C250 arrived today! To my eye the Polar White is a little brighter and a little more WHITE than the Arctic White. I would say that the Arctic White is a little creamier or has a little yellow in it. Of course, until I parked them right next to each other I would have said they were exactly the same color! I have included the side-by-side pictures for reference. Can you guess which one is which? code 149 C250

2013 C250 Polar White

Polar vs arctic white

Polar White color code 149

The Polar White car is the luxury model in spot #34. The car in spot #35 is a 2012 C250 in Arctic White.

2013 Mercedes-Benz Models Released for Sale – C, CL, CLS, E, G, GLK, ML, S, and SLK

Mercedes-Benz has released a number of 2013 models over the last few days:

  • C250, C300 4matic, C350, C63 AMG
  • CL550 4matic, CL600, CL63 AMG, CL65 AMG
  • CLS550, CLS550 4Matic, CLS63 AMG
  • E350, E350 4matic, E550 4matic, E65 AMG
  • G550, G63 AMG
  • GLK350 2WD, GLK350 4matic
  • ML350 2WD, ML350 4matic, ML550, ML63 AMG
  • S400 Hybrid, S600, S63 AMG, S65 AMG
  • SLK250 manual transmission

These vehicles have started to ship to dealership and should be arriving right now!

First 2013 Mercedes-Benz Models Released For Sale!

Several 2013 Mercedes-Benz models were released for sale this week!

  • C250 coupe
  • C350 coupe
  • C350 4matic coupe
  • C63 AMG coupe
  • E350 4matic wagon
  • E63 wagon
  • E350 coupe
  • E350 4matic coupe
  • E550 coupe
  • E350 cabriolet
  • E550 cabriolet
  • S550
  • S550 4matic
  • SL63 AMG
  • SLK250 auto only
  • SLK350

These models join the already released 2013 SL550. More models are scheduled for release next week!

2013 Mercedes-Benz Pricing Announced – C, E, CLS, CL, E, G, GL, GLK, M, S, SL and SLK-Class

Mercedes-Benz has announced the base pricing for most of our 2013 models! These numbers are before options and Destination & Delivery.

2013 C-Class:

  • C250 sport sedan: $35,350
  • C250 luxury sedan: $35,770
  • C300 4matic sport sedan: $38,950
  • C300 4matic luxury sedan: $39,360
  • C350 sedan: $41,400
  • C63 AMG sedan: $59,800
  • C250 coupe: $37,800
  • C350 coupe: $43,200
  • C350 4Matic coupe: $45,200
  • C63 AMG coupe: $62,330

2013 CL-Class:

  • CL550: $115,300
  • CL600: $160,300
  • CL63 AMG: $153,000
  • CL65 AMG: $213,200

2013 CLS-Class:

  • CLS550: $72,000
  • CLS550 4matic: $74,500
  • CLS63 AMG: $95,900

2013 E-Class:

  • E350 Bluetec sedan: $52,200
  • E350 sedan: $51,000
  • E350 4matic sedan: $53,500
  • E400 Hybrid sedan: $55,800
  • E550 4matic sedan: $60,400
  • E63 AMG sedan: $89,800
  • E350 4matic wagon: $57,700
  • E63 AMG wagon: $92,400
  • E350 cabriolet: $59,070
  • E550 cabriolet: $66,220
  • E350 coupe: $51,120
  • E350 4matic coupe: $53,620
  • E550 coupe: $57,960

2013 G-Class:

  • G550: $113,000
  • G63 AMG: $134,300

2013 GL-Class:

  • GL350 Bluetec: $62,400
  • GL450: $63,900
  • GL550: $86,900
  • GL63 AMG: TBD

2013 GLK-Class:

  • GLK350 2WD: $37,090
  • GLK350 4matic: $39,090
  • GLK250 4matic Bluetec: TBD

2013 ML-Class:

  • ML350 Bluetec 4matic: $51,270
  • ML350 2WD: $47,270
  • ML350 4matic: $49,770
  • ML550 4matic: $58,800
  • ML63 AMG: $96,100

2013 S-Class:

  • S400 Hybrid: $92,350
  • S350 Bluetec 4matic: $93,000
  • S550: $95,000
  • S550 4matic: $95,000
  • S600: $160,300
  • S63 AMG: $140,000
  • S65 AMG: $212,000

2013 SL-Class:

  • SL550: $105,500
  • SL63 AMG: $145,800
  • SL65 AMG: TBD

2013 SLK-Class

  • SLK250: $42,900
  • SLK350: $55,400
  • SLK55 AMG: $67,990
Atlanta Classic Cars Hosts Golf and Tennis Dealer Championships at Sugarloaf on Monday!

Atlanta Classic Cars will be hosting our annual Golf and Tennis Tournaments at TPC Sugarloaf on Monday, June 8th and it is not too late to sign up! A two-person team from each event will advance to the the next round in Hawaii!

Please visit our website to complete the online registration forms! I’ll see you there!

2012 Buford Run the Rails 5k and 10k – Saturday, June 2nd

Atlanta Classic Cars is a proud sponsor of the 25th annual Run the Rails in historic downtown Buford this weekend. The certified 5k and 10k races begin at 7:30 am this Saturday and it is not too late to sign up! The Atlanta Classic Cars Race Team will be out in full force! Check out our pictures from last year on Facebook!

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