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Month: August 2010
2011 E350 BlueTEC at Atlanta Classic Cars

The first 2011 E350 BlueTECs arrived at Atlanta Classic Cars yesterday. 2 were ordered and are already home with their new owners but we still have one for sale! It is Iridium Silver with the Grey/Black interior, Premium 1 Package and Sport Package. This is the first time we have been able to order a Sport Package for the diesel! Also, the AdBlue fluid has been added to make it an even cleaner burning diesel. Both the luxury and sport models ride on 17″ runflat tires.

I went for a long test drive this morning and the car is stunning. The ride is smooth and quiet with just a tiny bit of diesel rumble. It is powerful! You can feel the engine wanting to go fast!

Please come in for a test drive soon!

2012 CLS Revealed!

Pictures of the redesigned 2012 CLS have been everywhere the last few days! The official debut is at the Paris Auto Show this fall but Mercedes has released official photos and this video a little early.

2011 R-Class Now at Atlanta Classic Cars

Our first 2011 R350 arrived this week. It looks fantastic! I parked it next to a 2010 to really compare. The 2011 is on the right in the slide show above. Please pardon the tape and plastic…I borrowed from the shop while it was still being inspected.

New for 2011 R-Class:

  • New from the A-pillar forward – fenders, grille, hood, bumpers, LEDs
  • New 19” wheel
  • New LED tail lamps
  • New Rear bumper
  • New seat design
Atlanta Classic Cars Facebook iPad Giveaway

Atlanta Classic Cars iPad Facebook

Arbonne Test Drive Day 2010 at Atlanta Classic Cars

Thank you to all the Arbonne Associates who visited Atlanta Classic Cars for the 2010 Test Drive Day! I hope that you found the Mercedes of your dreams and it inspires you to achieve Regional Vice President status!

The 2011 Mercedes-Benz C350 Arrives at Atlanta Classic Cars!

Our first 2011 C350 just arrived! New this year are the standard LED Daytime Running Lamps and Black Headlamp Inlays for C300 and C350 Sport models without the Lighting Package.  This C350 also has the new standard 17″ wheel.

2011 R-Class Update – Video

As a former R-Class owner, I can attest to it being spacious, luxurious and perfect for carrying 4 adults and a bunch of luggage. However, it never won any beauty contests! Scheduled to arrive this month, the 2011 R-Class has updated styling, more aggressive lines and blends much better with the rest of our SUV line-up.  I look forward to the exterior reflecting the beauty inside!

E-Class Helps You Cheat Death

I love this commercial. Here is more information on the safety systems in the new E-Class

Atlanta Classic Cars New SLS Shuttle!

If you look really quickly you would almost mistake it for a supercar!

Isle of Man with the David Coulthard and the SLS AMG

If you keep up with Fifth Gear, a couple episodes ago they visited the Isle of Man where David Coulthard was piloting the SLS AMG. This 2D trailer is for the 3D movie that they were shooting.

Having spent some time on the track in the SLS, I can certainly vouch for how well this car handles even with an amateur behind the wheel. I can’t imagine what someone like Coulthard can make it do. The rumor is that you may see this as a store demo for new 3D TVs – Keep an eye out!

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