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Topic: Current Specials
Mercedes-Benz Loyalty Accelerator for December

If you have a current Lease or Balloon Contract with Mercedes-Benz Financial you can take advantage of these programs. Mercedes-Benz will make 2, 3 or 5 of your remaining payments when you go into a lease or finance on any new 2008, 2009 or 2010 Mercedes model.

5 Payment Loyalty Accelerator Program:
5 Payment Credits and waive the disposition fee if you are coming out of:

Going into:

Any new 2008, 2009 or 2010 lease or finance.

Premium 3 Payment Loyalty Accelerator Program:
3 Payment Credits and waive the disposition fee if you are coming out of:
Going into:
Any new 2008, 2009 or 2010 lease or finance on a

2 Payment Loyalty Accelerator Program:
2 Payment Credits and waive the disposition fee if you are coming out of:
Going into:

The Loyalty Accelerator, or pull-forward as we often call it, is a great way to end your current contract early so that you can have your new car sooner. If you are over miles in your current lease this is a good way to save some money too.

If your lease is ending between now and the summer you should really investigate this option! It could save you a lot of money! The Winter Event Finance and Lease specials are the best!

Mercedes-Benz Enhanced Loyalty Accelerator Program – Premium to Core

For the past few months the Loyalty Accelerator programs have focused on moving clients into a similar vehicle. Mercedes has just announced an enhancement that would allow for a little downsizing!

2 Payment Premium to Core Loyalty Program:
If you have current lease on a
you can now pull forward into a
and Mercedes will make 2 of your remaining payments and waive the disposition fee.

Also, the maturity date requirement has been removed from all of the Loyalty Accelerator Programs. Your lease no longer has to mature in calendar year 2010 for you to take advantage of this program.

Purchase Your Off-Lease Mercedes from Atlanta Classic Cars!

Many of my clients, at the end of their lease, have looked into purchasing their own vehicle. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes the residual value is too high compared to market value. Sometimes a Certified Pre-Owned car with extended warranty and special finance rates is a better deal. Now I can offer you the best of both worlds – you can keep your own car AND get the Pre-Owned specials!

Mercedes-Benz USA and Mercedes-Benz Financial have announced the Indirect Customer Purchase (ICP) program. Through this program you can turn in your lease to the dealership, we can buy it from Mercedes-Benz Financial at a price lower than or equal to your residual value, and then sell it back to you. The benefit to you is that we can also send it through the shop to become a Certified Pre-Owned car before we sell it back to you. That way you get any needed repairs, a 100,000 mile warranty and qualify for any special Certified finance rates. This is a fantastic deal! I’ve had so many clients over the years that would have loved to do this!

In short:
Turn in your lease
We buy it for less than you can (ideally)
We get it spruced up/Certified
You buy it from us
You get a Certified Pre-Owned car that you love, for less, with more warranty!

You can choose the dealership that you want to work with for this program. It does not have to be the dealership where you bought the vehicle originally. If you are in the Atlanta area, I would be happy to handle the process!

2009 Pre-Owned SL63 AMG For Sale at Atlanta Classic Cars

Used SL63 AMG Atlanta Classic Cars

We just took in a 2009 SL63 AMG with 5400 miles. As there are no more SLs in production until later this spring and probably no AMGs for a few months beyond that…this is a great opportunity!

Black AMG Premium Leather
H73 Carbon Fiber Trim
Panoramic Roof
Premium 1 Package:
Active Ventilated Seats
Electronic Trunk Closer
Keyless Go
Original MSRP: $143,845

Used SL63 AMG Atlanta Classic Cars

It hasn’t been offically priced yet but I would love to entertain an offer! Please call or e-mail as soon as possible! …think over $100,000, under $110,000.

Used SL63 AMG Atlanta Classic Cars

Buy A Mercedes-Benz And Stay At Wynn Las Vegas For Free

Mercedes Wynn Las Vegas

Mercedes-Benz has announced a partnership with Wynn Las Vegas that will garner our new owners one or two free nights at the world-renowned 5 Star, 5 Diamond Wynn Las Vegas in Nevada!

One night for C-Class, E-Class, CLK-Class, SLK-Class, ML-Class, R-Class, GL450 or GLK-Class.

Two nights for S-Class, SL-Class, CL-Class, CLS-Class, G-Class, GL550, Maybach, SLR or AMG.

Vehicle must be a 2009 or 2010 Model Year purchased between January 1, 2009 and March 31, 2010.

To take adavatge of this offer you can e-mail or fax your purchase or lease agreement to Mercedes-Benz at or (201)476-2858. They will give you a special reservation code that you can use to claim your free nights. There are restrictions on minimum stay and the free nights cannot be on a Friday or Saturday. Mercedes will provide you with the details when you get your reservation code.

Featured 2009 ML550 at Atlanta Classic Cars

– Update – This ML550 has been sold.
If you are even thinking about an ML550 this is the one you should get! Immediately! This car is well-equipped, gorgeous and it will be a great deal! It is technically a new vehicle – it has never been titled – but the warranty started 10 months ago and it has 8175 miles. We can add an extended warranty that will cover it up to 100,000 miles if that would be a benefit to you. Please let me know if you are interested! We only have one, it can’t be replaced, and it will sell fast!

2009 ML550
Arctic White / Cashmere Interior

Premium 2 Package:
-Voice Control
-IPod/MP3 Adaptor
-Rearview Camera
-Memory Seats
-Autodimming Mirrors
-Power Folding Mirrors
-Sirius Satellite Radio
-Sirius Live Traffic
-Harman/kardon Upgraded Sound
-Power Liftgate
AMG Sport Package:
-19″ AMG Wheels
-Aluminum Running Boards
Trailer Hitch
Heated Front Seats
Pre-Wired for Rear Entertainment

Original MSRP: $64,675
Special Price: $54,675

2009 E320 BlueTEC Deals!

There was a huge rush last month to buy 2009 E350s because Mercedes-Benz had given us a large rebate. However, the diesels were not included. Well…now they are! If you have been thinking about the E320 BlueTEC this is the time to act! I have 3 well-equipped cars in stock and would love to sell them immediately!

2009 E320 BlueTEC Silver/Grey Premium 1 Package
2009 E320 BlueTEC White/Black Premium 1 Package
2009 E320 BlueTEC Black/Black Premium 1 Package and Panoramic Roof

There will not be another E-Class diesel in the US until next spring so this is your chance! Hope to hear from you soon!

USAA Joins the Mercedes-Benz Fleet Program for Member Discounts

USAA Mercedes-Benz Fleet Discount

Mercedes-Benz partners with hundreds of companies to offer fleet dicounts to executives and employees. Effective July 1, USAA members are now qualified to receive these discounts!

USAA members will be asked to download a program form from the website and provide the dealership with a current USAA membership card, USAA insurance card or USAA loan documents.

Fleet discounts can be applied to the lease or purchase of any 2009 or 2010 Mercedes-Benz vehicle. These discounts vary from model to model and range from $1000-$5000 currently. These discounts can be combined with other lease and finance special offers from Mercedes-Benz USA.

I look forward to working with many more active, former and retired military as a result of this program!

Mercedes-Benz Lease Turn-In Fee Waiver

 Mercedes-Benz Financial

At the end of any lease there is a turn-in fee, or disposition fee, that is charged by the manufacturer to offset the cost of reconditioning the vehicle for resale. This fee has always been waived by Mercedes-Benz Financial when you go into a new lease on a new car with them.

It is just been announced that this fee will now be waived if you lease or finance any new or used vehicle with Mercedes-Benz Financial! This change in policy will save you about $595 at the end of your lease. Beginning May 18th, the waiver will be done automatically. Until then, you will need to contact the lease-end department directly to request the waiver at 800 737 6222.

Thanks Mercedes-Benz Financial!

Stimulus Bill – New Car Tax Deduction

As part of the recent stimulus bill you can now deduct the taxes that you pay on a new car purchase. If you have been on the fence about purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes versus a new one this may help make that decision. Since most of our models will max out the $49,500 of purchase price that can be used for this deduction, residents of Gwinnett County (6% sales tax) can expect a maximum deduction of $2,970. This deduction is not avaliable for leased vehicles. If you’re looking at purchasing a new Mercedes here is an outline of this deduction.

What taxes are deductible?

  • State Motor Vehicle Sales
  • Local Motor Vehicle Sales
  • Motor Vehicle Excise Taxes

What Customers qualify for the deduction?

  • Individual customers with modified adjusted gross income of less than $125,000 or joint filers making less than $250,000 a year in 2009 would qualify for the deduction.
  • Deductible as in “above the line” (for itemizers and non-itemizers) deduction on federal tax return.

Effective Date

  • New vehicle purchases shall apply to purchase on or after the date of enactment (February 17, 2009) until December 31, 2009.

What New Vehicles Qualify for the Deduction?

  • Any new vehicle UNDER 8,500 gross vehicle weight.
  • New vehicles of any model year – when the original use commences with the taxpayer.
  • Any vehicle sold for under $49,500 qualifies for the FULL deduction. Consumers may deduct sales taxes on the first $49,500 of any vehicle sold above this price.

This is a Generalized Summary. Tax savings will depend on one’s individual tax rate. For more specific information on eligible customers, taxes, and applicability, dealers are encouraged to consult with an accountant or tax professional.

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