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Topic: Formula 1
Mercedes-Benz – The Best or Nothing in Sports!

It was a great weekend for our Mercedes-Benz athletes!

The Masters!

mercedes wins the masters

Formula 1!

mercedes f1

2012 Formula 1 Season Comes to an End!

What an exciting end to a fantastic season! Congratulations to Button for taking the race! Vettel and Red Bull for taking the championships! Mercedes for signing up exciting new drivers! CBS for aquiring the TV rights for next year! Michael Schumacher for a second retirement! Next year would be a great time to start watching Formula 1 if you are not already a fan.

Here are some pictures from the race in Austin. Thanks for sharing Claude!


Lewis Hamilton is Taking Care of His Fans!

Nico Rosberg and the Least Comfortable Mercedes-Benz Seat!

Mercedes-Benz Sweeps the Podium at the Chinese Grand Prix!

Nico Roseberg won the Chinese Grand Prix this weekend for Mercedes AMG Petronas! Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton finished 2nd and 3rd respectively for McLaren Mercedes Formula 1! That is three Mercedes-Benz engines in the top three spots! It was a thrilling race with lots of passing and 2nd through 10th place finishing within 20 seconds of each other! 

Nico Rosberg and the 2012 Mercedes AMG F1 Car

Mercedes-Benz powered F1 cars are off to a good start this year with McLaren-Mercedes coming in 1st and 3rd at the Austrailian Grand Prix, Force India Mercedes scoring a point, and Mercedes AMG showing promise despite some off-roading by Schumi! On to Malaysia!

Nico Rosberg drives David Coulthard!

It is good to know that even seasoned racing drivers are scared during hot laps!

Mercedes-Benz TV with Nico and Michael

I’m riding with Michael!

You can see more Mercedes-Benz videos at

Lewis and Jenson Build a Racecar!

As mechanics, they are great drivers! Just one week until the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Formula One Starts Tonight

Practice for the first race of the 2011 Formula One season starts tonight in Melbourne! With Mercedes-Benz engines powering 6 cars on the field and with 3 former world champions at the wheel we should have a lot to cheer for.

Among the many rules changes for this season the one that will be the most interesting to see used during a race will be the new movable rear wing.  This replaces the movable front wings added to last year’s cars as an attempt to allow for more overtaking.  The thing that makes this new rear wing adjustment a real unknown in the actual race are the rules governing when it can be used.

Race control will notify the driver (electronically) that they have the option to move the rear wing to its alternate position when that car is less than one second behind another car (on the same lap).  This adjustment will only be available on parts of the track.

So in addition to basically playing a video game at 200 mph on a steering wheel with about 30 buttons, knobs, and displays, drivers will now have to make sure they are close enough going into a corner be allowed to use the rear wing while also shifting and activating the KERS.

This should be an interesting season!  For a good Q&A about the new rules with Charlie Whiting check out this post on the Racecar Engineering blog.

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