One of our clients was recently involved in a pretty serious accident on I-75 in Atlanta. This is a 10 lane highway and speeds are generally above 70 mph. Another vehicle cut into the HOV lane unexpectedly and it ended with a t-boned pick-up truck and a very big back-up on the highway. I often hear these stories from my clients but this one has pictures too! Everyone is fine. GLS Atlanta Both passengers in the GLS are completely fine. The Pre-Safe features activated and they were held securely in their seats while struck by another vehicle. They were also very impressed with the braking system. It was firm and predictable the entire time, allowing them to stay straight in their lane and not cross into additional traffic. They had participated in the AMG Driving Academy a few years ago and knew to expect that type of performance but it was a relief to have it work in real life. GLS accident The GLS550 was still running after the accident and was driven onto to the tow truck! They were happy that the air conditioning continued to run while they waiting for the wreckers to arrive as well. All four doors open and close easily. There was no intrusion at all into the passenger compartment of the car. GLS vs pickup The GLS rode up on the side of the pick-up truck briefly and dropped back to the ground heavily. The suspension is fine, the wheels are undamaged. The seatbelts were locked tight at this point so they were jostled a little but not knocked around. GLS550 collision They immediately said to each other "This is why we drive a Mercedes-Benz." They are currently at the dealership talking about their next one while they wait to find out what insurance is going to do. That is a happy ending to a scary story! #thebestornothing
September 6, 2019 at 10:32 am by Jesse Cannon-Wallace
Category: GLS-Class