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The 2021 Mercedes-AMG GLE63W4S Arrives in Atlanta!

The very first 2021 Mercedes-AMG GLE63 SUV has arrived on the lot! This is the first hand built AMG to arrive since the redesign of the GLE for 2020. Combining the incredibly popular technology upgrades that we are familiar with in the new GLE-Class, with the power that you would expect from AMG, this model is everything we've been waiting for! 

I will arrange a grouping with the other GLE models soon but for now just a quick video so you can see the changes. Take note of the new vertical-slat AMG grille, the aero on the lower bumper and the trapezoidal exhaust. These are the cues that will allow you to tell it apart from the others at a glance! 

By the way - GLE63W4S - What does that mean? The GLE tells you the class of the vehicle. The GLE is bigger than the GLC and smaller than the GLS. All GLEs are the same size. The 63 tells you about the power. The two digit numbers mean it is an AMG. The 63 tells me it is the V8. W is the "sedan" version, rather than a C, which would denote the "coupe." 4 is for 4matic. 2 would be a 2WD car if it were available in that model. The S is for S-model which is the higher performance version of the car. In some markets there is a non-S. So, with that in mind a GLE63C4? The coupe! A GLE350W2? Regular SUV with 2WD. Now we've got it! 

Using Garmin Map Pilot in a 2020 Mercedes-Benz – Video!

Technology in our vehicles is rapidly evolving! When I first started with Mercedes-Benz, the most advanced navigation system had a packet of 12 CDs you had to change out as you drove through different regions! And that was just available for the S-Class and it was in the trunk! It was years before navigation was available in all models. Then nav was on one DVD for the whole country and finally it was built into the hard drive. Currently you can use three different systems to navigate in the car: the built-in system, CarPlay/AndriodAuto, or Garmin Map Pilot. Just a handful of cars still have the SD slot that makes Garmin Map Pilot a possibility but for those clients who don't want the full Multimedia system and can't rely on cell phone signal for CarPlay, Garmin Map Pilot can me a good middle ground. I must admit, I still use the built in system regularly. I know all the young folks are on board for Waze through the CarPlay but I travel outside of cell coverage fairly often and I like having a 100% reliable system just waiting for me! I recently installed a Garmin Map Pilot in a 2020 Mercedes-Benz SLC300 and I was impressed with the recent improvements. The graphics were much sharper than in previous versions.  The voice control was much more responsive and intuitive. I also felt like the whole system was much faster to respond. So, if you have a vehicle that is "pre-wired for SD navigation" this would be the add on. Note: I highly recommend you order this SD card from your dealership parts department by VIN to make sure it will work in your vehicle. As I mention in the video, the card won't work in multiple cars and there are different versions. If you buy a used card or the wrong card you will not get a navigation system!
The Mercedes-Benz Star – An Evolution

Classic Mercedes Star There is no logo more iconic than the Mercedes-Benz star! It is one of the most recognized brand symbols in the world! The three pointed star represents the drive toward universal motorization with its engines dominating the land, sea, and air. Over the years the logo has incorporated other elements like the laurel wreath for racing heritage, new colors for print and digital publishing and just recently, the Social Distance Star. This star was designed by a fan - @Marcel_lo_loca on Instagram! If you take a look back through the years there have been huge variations. I picked up the red pin above at the Delivery Center in Sindelfingen many years ago and it one of my favorites. Mercedes Star distancing While we are all keeping our distance, this might be an excellent time to learn more about the history of the star and of the brand. The Mercedes-Benz Museum has a full digital tour available that will take you through all of the floors as well as the special exhibits that you cannot currently see at the museum in Stuttgart. (They are closed to visitors during Spring 2020.) I have visited several times over the years and ranked it #1 on my Car Museums of Europe Tour! The museum is best enjoyed by taking an elevator to the top and the spiraling down from the first vehicle to the future of the automobile! The race car section is one of my favorites. Here is the link to the Mercedes-Benz Museum website so you can take your tour and decide for yourself! Mercedes-Benz Museum Digital Tour I certainly miss travelling and look forward to getting back to the museum soon! Every time I have visited there have been new exhibits to explore. Maybe with a little peace and quiet there will be a major revamp while we are all kept away.
Mercedes-Benz European Delivery on Hold – March 23, 2020

Mercedes Euro Delivery Daimler has closed their offices in Europe for at least the next two weeks and cannot currently accommodate European Delivery picks-ups. They are working closely with MBUSA and will direct ship these vehicles to your home dealership without penalty. This is the plan until at least mid-April. This is a fluid situation and will be updated as it evolves. If you have a European Delivery scheduled and are concerned about your travel plans please reach out to your dealership. They will be able to offer you alternatives and make suggestions to minimize the disruption. If you currently have cabin fever and are dreaming about your next trip, please consider European Delivery! It is a wonderful opportunity to drive your own vehicle in Europe and see things you might not see from a tour bus or at a resort. I know this is not the moment to be finalizing plans but it doesn't hurt to start dreaming early!
2020 Mercedes-AMG G63 in Rubellite Red Metallic (660)

G-Class red The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is an icon of the automotive world. First introduced in 1978, it has had very few modification over the decades. That changed in 2019 with the introduction of the new body style. For the first time we could enjoy all of the modern amenities of Mercedes-Benz, along with the classic lines of the G-Wagen. Welcome to the modern era! The most common color for a G-Class in real life is Black. At any given moment if you search for pre-owned G500's or G550's you'll find a swarm of black vehicles with a few in white or silver and the very rare specimen in a color. Mercedes must have been in the mood to change this because the G-Class currently has the most possible available exterior paints, even without choosing a custom paint through the PA1 Special Order Program. Beyond Black and White there are all of these Metallic paints: G550 paint All of these designo paints:G-Class paint AND all of the classic Manufaktur colors: G63 AMG manufaktur paint options An aside on that terminology:
  • designo - rare, custom designed paints or upholsteries available from Mercedes on many models.
  • manufaktur: colors from historical Mercedes-Benz models
  • PA1: Special Order System through Mercedes-Benz that allows you to choose any paint or upholstery possible. This can take some time and does have associated costs.
I have never seen a G-Class in a color that didn't look good...and I have seen South Seas Blue in person!  The Rubellite Red G63 above was a special order that the owner took a chance on, without seeing it in person. Paired with the Macchiato interior, it looks elegant and impressive! So, if you are already the type of person who likes to stand out in a crowd with a G-Class, you might also be the person who would like it to be a special color! Get in touch and I can do my best to describe colors, show you comparable colors or just encourage you to take a chance on a color that neither of us have ever seen!
The 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC43 – Full Video Tour

The 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class received quite a few updates for 2020. This is what we call the mid-cycle refresh coming between the new body style, introduced in 2016, and the next body style that could arrive 2022 or so. The easiest way to tell the 2020 model from the exterior of the vehicle is the new shape of headlights, grille and tail lamps. The standard headlight is now the "spider-eyes" LED that is also standard on the C-Class. The upgraded Active Headlamps will look similar to the previous generation. There are also differences in the bumpers. The interior of the vehicle has many updates as well including the center screen switching to a more horizontal layout. The operating system is now MBUX or the "Hey Mercedes" system as many people refer to it. It features intuitive voice control, a touch screen and standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The changes are subtle but bring the car right up to the latest technology. The video in this post in a GLC43 SUV from my inventory in Brilliant Blue. It really highlights the great looks of the GLC and shows off some of the creative choices you can make to have your vehicle stand out from the crowd! The Saddle Brown interior is especially dramatic on this one. There are several ways to get the GLC of your dreams. You can choose a vehicle from the dealership inventory. We try to stock the most popular colors and features. If I don't have the one you want in stock we can trade with dealerships from all over the country to get you want you want quickly. Or, you can custom order a vehicle. Maybe you aren't an off-the-rack buyer. That's ok too. We can built it in our ordering system and it will arrive in the US about 90 days later. If you are looking for an even more exciting experience you can order it and then pick it up at the factory in Germany! The Bremen delivery center has an off road course called "The Rock" that allows you to drive the GLC through obstacles you never would have thought possible. So, if the GLC is the vehicle for you then this is a great time to be in the market! Get in touch!
The 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class is Live for Build Your Own!

GLS450 Build Your Own I know you have all been anxiously awaiting the "Build Your Own" feature for the 2020 GLS-Class to arrive! It's here! Did you know you  can save your builds and e-mail them to others? Have you been making your Holiday Wish List already? Hint, hint! "In an ever-more-crowded field of luxury SUVs, treat yourself to some room. The all-new GLS is more spacious, more aerodynamic, and wraps class-leading innovations in style that's bold yet elegant. The SUV leader offers an even more comfortable lead." - Please note: everything you find on the internet is not the TRUTH! Occasionally the Build Your Own Feature will have some errors that need to be corrected when we place the final order. It's pretty good, but not 100% perfect. Don't be surprised if a certain option requires another option to be valid. Sometimes it will show a color/trim/feature that has delayed availability. It is an excellent tool but not the final word! Mercedes Pre-Paid Maintenance There are also some items listed that cannot be ordered with the car but would be selected at the time of purchase. The Pre-Paid maintenance plans are one of those items. Other items would be dealer installed accessories like all-weather floor mats - although they did just make it possible to order these with most models. It's good to add in the things you know you'll want but they won't show up on the window sticker. Also, a note about the payment estimator. It's...not my favorite. The exact calculations are a little opaque but they generally leave out important variables like rates and taxes. It also assumes a hefty down payment that most people don't notice right off the bat.  It is best not to get one of those estimates into your head before getting an actual quote from a physical dealership. Just a tip. So, enjoy the new GLS Build Your Own. May your Emerald Green/Espresso Brown vehicle check all your boxes!
Mercedes-Benz European Delivery in a C300 Coupe!

Mercedes European Delivery Another great European Delivery Experience! Alyson picked up her latest Mercedes-Benz via Euro Delivery and then went on a birthday road trip! Let's start at the beginning. European Delivery Center Sindelfingen Alyson's lease was ending and it was time to pick out her next Mercedes-Benz. She was kind of thinking about a trip to Europe to celebrate her birthday so we were able to combine the two experiences. She chose a gorgeous C300 coupe in Magno Matte Selenite. While the C300 sedan is not available for European Delivery (because they are mostly built in Tuscaloosa) the coupe and cabriolet still come from Germany! So, we ordered the car, completed the leasing paperwork and off she went! Mercedes Euro Delivery C300 After picking up her new car at the Kundencenter in Sindelfingen, Alyson planned a tour of castles and mountains through Germany, Austria, Italy and finishing in Nice, France. Luggage for two (including some unexpected gear to deal with a broken foot) were loaded into the car without issue. Her favorite part of the trip was driving through the mountains with her sporty new car and feeling out the capabilities. Mercedes EDP The car caused quite a stir everywhere she went! The lines of the coupe are really highlighted by the matte paint and the ambient lighting on the interior is quite a show at night! Alyson said people were literally turning their heads to watch it drive by. They drove through small towns, on twisty mountain roads and into large cities without issue.  Prague may have been the tightest squeeze but that is when you let the valet take over. European Delivery Lease After her grand tour, Alyson left the car in Nice and came back to Atlanta. Seven weeks later the C300 has arrived! It feels so good to be reunited. Now the plan will be to get close to the end of the lease and then plan another adventure! Thanks for coming along on Alyson's birthday road trip! If you are thinking about a European Adventure of your own please do get in touch! I can help anywhere in the country and make your experience one to remember! Visit the European Delivery Site and then "Watch the Video" - third arrow link on the left - to see me picking up a car!
Roof Spoiler for Mercedes-Benz GLE – Option Code D11

Mercedes GLE spoiler The all-new 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class is here! It has actually been out for a few months but supply has been very limited. We are just starting to get vehicles in stock for more than a day at a time! With this new supply we are also seeing colors and options that have not been available. I'm still waiting for my first E-ACTIVE Body Control vehicle! I can't wait to see it dance! One option that I have yet to see in person is D11 - Roof Spoiler. I do have one on order for a client so I went in search of good pictures. After scouring dealer websites for inventory pictures and not finding the angles I wanted, the accessories department at MBUSA was kind enough to supply me with these images. Notice - the top image also features the Black Side Cladding - D24. I think the featured vehicle is Mojave Silver but that could be a lighting trick. It could also be Selenite Grey. Mercedes spoiler SUV The Accessory Roof Spoiler adds some additional length to the roof line and a sporty, perforated look. It will always be painted to match the body color of the GLE. Technically these are European images but compared to the pictures I have seen of US spec cars they are an accurate representation. Mercedes-Benz GLE350 GLE450 spoiler It is installed at the Vehicle Prep Center if you order it with the vehicle and the cost is $600. It can be added to the vehicle any time before it reaches the prep center. Or, it could be added at the dealer but there would be additional cost because we have to paint them when they arrive. This is true of most spoilers by the way. It is a common add-on with the sedans or coupes. Generally they are $600 for the parts and then it costs us about $300 more to paint it. D11 - Rear Spoiler for the GLE-Class - $600 when ordered with the vehicle  
Accident in a Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class – Atlanta Traffic

One of our clients was recently involved in a pretty serious accident on I-75 in Atlanta. This is a 10 lane highway and speeds are generally above 70 mph. Another vehicle cut into the HOV lane unexpectedly and it ended with a t-boned pick-up truck and a very big back-up on the highway. I often hear these stories from my clients but this one has pictures too! Everyone is fine. GLS Atlanta Both passengers in the GLS are completely fine. The Pre-Safe features activated and they were held securely in their seats while struck by another vehicle. They were also very impressed with the braking system. It was firm and predictable the entire time, allowing them to stay straight in their lane and not cross into additional traffic. They had participated in the AMG Driving Academy a few years ago and knew to expect that type of performance but it was a relief to have it work in real life. GLS accident The GLS550 was still running after the accident and was driven onto to the tow truck! They were happy that the air conditioning continued to run while they waiting for the wreckers to arrive as well. All four doors open and close easily. There was no intrusion at all into the passenger compartment of the car. GLS vs pickup The GLS rode up on the side of the pick-up truck briefly and dropped back to the ground heavily. The suspension is fine, the wheels are undamaged. The seatbelts were locked tight at this point so they were jostled a little but not knocked around. GLS550 collision They immediately said to each other "This is why we drive a Mercedes-Benz." They are currently at the dealership talking about their next one while they wait to find out what insurance is going to do. That is a happy ending to a scary story! #thebestornothing
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