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Month: January 2008
KARR Track – Vehicle tracking

Atlanta Classic Cars has been installing KARR Track, a vehicle recovery solution, on all of our loaner cars for the last few months. I am sure most of your are familiar with LoJack – Well, this is a similar system but with some great upgrades. This system costs about $1000 installed and gives you the ability to track your vehicle online whenever you want! That’s huge! My sales manager is excited to have it on his kids cars so he can see where they are and how fast they are going. We would be happy to install it on cars you already own in addition to installing it on your new Mercedes! Here are the official specs from the KARR Track website. All of these things can be done from their website once the vehicle is registered!

Current Address and Location – Speed – Direction
Disable Vehicle – Lock/Unlock Doors – Geo Fence (notifies you if car leaves set perimeter)
Alarm System Activated – Vehicle Ignition Started – Excess Speed – Low Battery Voltage
2008 C-Class is Germany’s Favorite Car!

The new C-Class has won the prestigious “Yellow Angel 2008” award this year by a wide margin! The award is presented by the European motoring organization ADAC and is chosen by their more than 16 million members. Members vote for the vehicle using crieteria such as value, practicality, economy, safety and environmental compatibility.

Come on in and let me show you why the new C-Class is so impressive!
The New GLK!

The Vision GLK was introduced at the 2008 North American International Auto Show this week. This is will be Mercedes new small SUV – a little smaller than the ML but with styling more similar to the GL – hence the name. We expect it to be for sale in the US in early 2009 as a 2010 model. Most of the interior and navigation appear to be very similar to those found in the 2008 C-class. The auto show versions were powered by a new to the US market 2.2 Liter BLUETEC clean diesel rated at 168hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. Based on the performance of our current ML and GL diesel models I would estimate this setup will get about 30mpg highway.

The GLK showed up on mbusa today for the first time. Their have also been several recent pictures of the GLK from the filming of the new Sex in the City movie where it will be featured.

What do you think? If you would like to be added to my GLK update list just send me an e-mail. We usually get a sample car a few weeks before the real car arrives and the specs should start to filter out soon. I think it will be a great vehicle!
European Delivery

The Factory at Sindelfingen
Have you heard about the European Delivery Program (EDP)? This program allows you to pick up your custom ordered vehicle directly from the factory in Germany! You then get to drive it anywhere in Europe for up to 2 weeks and simply drop it off at one of 12 locations to be shipped right to the dealership for you to pick up again.
Not only do they not charge extra for this program, you get a discount! C, E, CLK, SLK, CLS and SL-Classes can be purchased with a 7% discount from MSRP! S-Class and AMG vehicles can be picked up via EDP as well, with special approval, at MSRP.
If you were thinking of traveling to Germany anyway, or would love the full Mercedes experience, I am sure you would love European Delivery! Mercedes just launched a new virtual tour that is very informative (and enticing). Let’s plan your next vacation!
Lewis Hamilton signs with McLaren Mercedes through 2012

It looks like Lewis Hamilton will be with our McLaren Mercedes F1 team through 2012. His stunning rookie season earned him a 3800% raise to a $27 million a year. He is a huge asset to the team and really made the 2007 season something to watch. I was worried that a without Michael Shumacher Formula One might lose something, but last year’s three way battle for the championship was great. I really wish Lewis wouldn’t have parked it in the gravel coming into the pits in China. That would have probably given him the championship and one more record breaking rookie first to go along with his many others he racked up. To review he had the most wins in a debut season at 4, most pole positions in a debut season at 6, most consecutive podiums from debut race at 9, and he’s the youngest driver to ever lead the Formula One points championship. Lewis fits great with the Mercedes brand and I can wait for the first race of the 2008 season in Melbourne on March 16th.

Atlanta Classic Cars – Demo Sale!

It’s that time again…new Demo’s for all the salespeople! (I got a new 2008 C300 with the Multi-Media Package and I am having a blast learning all the new bells and whistles.) Now we just need to sell the old ones. Here is a sampling of what is available. You’ll get the best and bottom line price from me once you come in and make sure it is the car you would like to take home!

Stock# Model Color Miles Original MSRP
25026 CLK350A Silver/Ash 5900 $58,765
25726 E550W Silver/Black 6500 $63,035
M4620 ML350 Silver/Black 8100 $49,335
25634 E320BTEC White/Tan 8000 $57,800
25621 S550V Black/Gray 7500 $104,335
25529 SL550R Black/Black 7000 $104,995
M4672 ML320CDI Sand/Tan 8100 $52,990
24907 SLK280 Black/Stone 5000 $52,335
M4702 GL 450 Black/Tan 8000 $68,680
M4652 R350V2 Navy/Ash 8000 $50,940

We also have several 2008 R-Class that we put in Loaner car service but never drove. There are some great deals to be had there!

Oh – We also just took in a pre-owned 2007 ML320CDI that I know several people have been waiting for. Pre-Owned diesels are hot!

The Future SLC!

The SLC is expected to debut at the Geneva Auto Show in 2008 and would probably arrive as a 2010 model. As you can see from these renderings it is still unclear if the SLC will be a front engine ultra light hardtop uberSL or if it will be a new mid-engine halo car to directly take on cars like the Carrera GT and Enzo. Personally I’m hoping for the latter. I think that CLK AMG Black Series already fills the needs of buyers of a front engine model. If they can build a spectacular mid-engine car with a price tag around $300k they would have a relative hit on their hands.
Whatever they choose, unlike the SLR Mercedes is developing this new car totally in-house with AMG. This fits with past rumors that Mercedes is looking to replace McLaren in their F1 efforts with AMG’s racing division HWA.
Bring me a deposit today and I’ll get you on the list now for whatever they decide to build.
2008 Mercedes-Benz Master Certification

Jesse Master Certification

For the 2nd year I’ve achieved Mercedes-Benz Master Certification

C-Class gets top european safety rating

The European NCAP (New Car Assessment Program) awarded the new C-Class 5 stars and called it “one of the safest cars available on the market”. You can view their results here.

Happy New Year!

It’s hard to believe another year has flown by! Happy 2008! I hope that this is the first day of a great year for you and your family.
Thank you to all of my clients who made 2007 a successful year for me and I look forward to seeing you all again soon!