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Month: September 2008
Leaving for Germany!

I’m flying to Stuttgart this afternoon for my Mercedes-Benz Master Guild trip. I’ll be back in a week and I’ll post a bunch of photos.

Atlanta Gas Shortage – Premium vs. Regular Grade Gas for Your Mercedes

I have had several customers call me about what to do for fuel during the shortage here in Atlanta. Many of our local gas station are out of everything but Regular Grade.

According to the owner’s manual, you may use Regular Grade fuel in your vehicle if the higher grades are unavailable. However, you need to change how you are driving. It is recommended you do not accelerate quickly and do not exceed 3000 RPM. If you can, put in less than half a tank and add Premium Grade back as soon as possible. We are not recommending that you put Regular Grade in an AMG vehicle.

Singapore Night Race

If Formula One and night race aren’t enough to get you to watch next weekend maybe this will help. (Don’t mind Alonso at the beginning. He’ll be lucky to make it out of Q1 next weekend. Something must be wrong with his money because he sure isn’t concentrating on his driving…)

Less Than A Week Until The First Formula One Night Race!

Here is a video on the modifications our team is making for this race. Pretty funny…

Mercedes-Benz ConceptFASCINATION gives hints to 2010 E-Class and CLK-Class

This concept car, the Mercedes-Benz ConceptFASCINATION, is set to debut in Paris in October. It looks like a coupe/R-Class hybrid to me. More important than what this car is, is what it might show us about the 2010 E-Class and CLK Coupe.

We know that the E-Class is expected to maintain the 4-headlight look but become more angular like the new S, C and SL. This concept car is using a very SL style grille along with the 4-headlight look. I like this depiction of the 4 headlights much better than some of the renderings I have seen.

Our next new vehicle debut will be the BlueTEC diesel SUV’s in October, the GLK small SUV in January and then 2010 E and CLK Coupe next summer.

Belgian Grand Prix

Wow! What a finish! After qualifying in first position, Lewis Hamilton spun in the early laps of the race and seemed to have settled in for a second place finish behind Kimi Raikkonen that would have maintained his first place position in the driver’s championship. Then…

What a pass! Lewis went on to take the win with Felipe Massa in second and Nick Heidfeld in third.

— Or so we thought —

The FIA has penalized Lewis 25 seconds for the cutting the chicane before passing Kimi. Lewis came out ahead and since you can’t gain an advantage by cutting the corner, Lewis let Kimi pass then re-passed him (like he was standing still). It’s not his fault Kimi put it in the wall because he can’t drive in the rain. :) This is all FIA politics. Things are only illegal if you hurt Ferrari doing them… Lewis finished in third place and remains the championship leader with 5 races to go.

Mercedes AMG Engine Factory

Every AMG owner enjoys their car’s hand built motor. Watch this great video to see just how they do it.