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Month: December 2010
2007 ML320 CDI Battles the Snow!

My 2007 ML320 CDI did a fantastic job getting me home for the holidays! Stuffed with two end tables, a mixer, a ladder, a workbench and other assorted gifts, the ML cruised through a light blizzard on the way to Illinois. And while my other out of town relatives were camped at the airport, hoping to get a flight back east, we headed home – averaging 22 miles per gallon at slightly less than 80 mph. Almost made it a no-stopper on the way home but had to fuel up in Marietta. I love traveling in my Mercedes-Benz!

Sunday Driving with Familiar Faces

Nico Rosberg Drives the New 2012 SLK!

Mercedes-Benz Tweet Race to the Big Game!

Mercedes-Benz is hosting the World’s First Twitter-Powered Race!

Earlier this week Mercedes-Benz announced it is recruiting four social media savvy teams to race to the Super Bowl in Dallas using “Twitter-Power.” These two-person teams will start in four different US cities, in four different Mercedes-Benz vehicles, and their ability to progress towards the finish line will be determined by the volume of  social media activity they can generate. The winning team will each receive a 2012 C-Class Coupe!

If you are interested in applying or want to follow the race, visit the Mercedes-Benz Facebook Page for more details.

Atlanta Classic Cars and Toys for Tots!

We having great success with our Toys for Tots E350 Cabriolet! It is full to overflowing and we have two days left. The Marines will be here at noon on Friday to collect the toys…so if you are in the neighborhood, please drop off a toy! It has been a joy to watch the car be filled!

2011 Mercedes-Benz E550 – Autoweek Drivers Log

“This is the sweet spot E-class, with the big V8 and slick seven-speed automatic, that fills the space between the V6 model and the wicked E63 AMG.”

“Drive quality also is a strength, with plenty of refined power on tap, while the ride cushions most of the road harshness without taking away from the car’s handling prowess.”

“Just a night in this car reminds me again why the E-class is among my favorite cars. It’s the right size, for one, and it’s a car that is just begging for some long stints on the road. It’s extremely comfortable, with great seats, a rocking sound system and enough horsepower under the hood to keep you endlessly entertained.”

You can read the full log here.

Mercedes-Benz 2011 CL550 Carries the BlueEFFICIENCY Badge

As the first of our vehicles to receive the new 4.6 liter bi-turbo V8 engine with direct injection, the 2011 CL550 4MATIC Coupe is also the first non-hybrid, non-diesel to receive the BlueEFFICIENCY badge.

BlueEFFICIENCY is the guiding principle for the environmentally responsible development of passenger and commercial vehicles offered under the brands of Daimler AG. BlueEFFICIENCY is not one type of engine or technology but rather a comprehensive approach to improving efficiency while reducing environmental impact.

The new 4.6 liter bi-turbo V8 offers a reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emissions while providing increased horsepower and torque. It is the best of both worlds! Going forward, all of our direct injected vehicles will get the BlueEFFICIENCY badge.

Atlanta Classic Cars Featured Pre-Owned Cars

Please get in touch if something catches your eye!

DuPont’s Global Automotive Color Popularity Report 2010

As the global automotive coatings leader, DuPont issued its 58th Global Automotive Color Popularity Report, which lists silver and black in tight competition for the title of “world’s most popular car color.”

The top 10 global vehicle colors are as follows:
1. Silver – 26 percent
2. Black/Black Effect – 24 percent
3. White/White Pearl and Gray – 16 percent each (tie)
5. Red – 6 percent
6. Blue – 5 percent
7. Brown/Beige – 3 percent
8. Green – 2 percent
9. Yellow/Gold – 1 percent
10. Others – <1 percent

The North American chart below shows that white is #1 for the fourth year in a row. Keep an eye on Brown/Beige…I hear it is up and coming!

Automobile Magazine Drives the 2011 CL550 and CL63 AMG

“For 2011, that doyenne of decadence, the Mercedes-Benz CL coupe, has undergone a bit of restyling at the front and rear, although the more substantive changes are under the long hood.”

“The CL550 engine has gone from 5.5 liters to 4.7 liters, but it gains two turbochargers and direct injection. Output jumps by 47 hp to 429 hp, and torque increases by nearly a third, to 516 lb-ft.”

The CL63’s powertrain features even more changes and ushers in a new era for AMG. The old 6.2-liter normally aspirated V-8 gives way to a new twin-turbo, direct-injected 5.5-liter, an update that will eventually come to all of AMG’s “63” models (including the S63, which gets the new engine concurrently with the CL). Standard output is 536 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque, up from 518 hp and 465 lb-ft.”

“Not only does it snap off superquick gearchanges and match revs on downshifts, but it [The CL63 AMG] now also equals the smoothness of a torque-converter automatic when taking off from a stop.”

“Speaking of stops, the CL63 incorporates an auto stop/start function-a first for Mercedes (outside of its hybrids)…The auto stop/start function works well, restarting quickly enough so as not to impede takeoff.”

“The appearance tweaks and substantially improved powertrains should help keep the big Benz coupes relevant and on the radar of an audience whose stature is undiminished.”

You can read the full article in the January 2011 issue of Automobile Magazine or online here.