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Month: March 2013
Autoweek Visits the Mercedes-Benz Museum!

mercedes stuttgart

I am a huge fan of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. I visited in 2008 and I always tell people the 6 hours I spent there were not nearly enough! The automotive history is impressive and the vehicles themselves are works of art! It looks like Autoweek had a good time too!

If you take European Delivery of your new Mercedes-Benz we’ll buy the tickets!

“The history lesson was welcome and we would have enjoyed the well-planned displays even if the placards didn’t make space for English translations.”

“Galleries devoted to “voyagers” (buses, touring vehicles and wagons) “carriers” (buses and auto haulers) and “helpers” (fire, police and service vehicles) grabbed our attention as firmly as the Gullwings did, though we never want to see a Unimog as spic-and-span clean as the ones displayed at the museum are ever again.”

“We struggled to put a dollar value on the Silver Arrows before us — $150 million? $250 million? Priceless? — before resigning ourselves to simply enjoying the banked display setup.”

Read the full account at Autoweek online.


2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Interior!

new S-Class

The 2014 Mercedews-Benz S-Class is scheduled to arrive this fall and it is going to be amazing! There are about a million new features and it looks pretty sharp too! We expect to get all the details and official pictures in a few weeks. Until then Mercedes-Benz has released select images of the interior. See them at the MBUSA Facebook Page!

new s-class interior

ECO Display in my 2013 Mercedes-Benz E350

From the Owners’ Manual:

“The ECO display gives you information on how economical your driving style is. The ECO display assists you in achieving the optimum driving style in terms of consumption, taking the actual and selected conditions into consideration. Your driving style can significantly influence the vehicle’s consumption.

The ECO display consists of three bars:

  • Acceleration (moderate acceleration especially at high speed)
  • Constant (Constant speed and avoidance of unnecessary acceleration and deceleration)
  • Coasting (Drive with care and remove your foot from the accelerator pedal in good time: the vehicle can coast without braking)

The percent value is the average value of the three bars. The three bars and the mean value begin at the value of 50%. A higher percentage indicates a more economical driving style.”

I have been watching my ECO Display while driving all month. The picture above is the best I have been able to acheive during my morning commute. This is all surface streets with stop lights and stop signs. I have seen it as low as 0% and as high as 75% but I usually end up between 40% and 45%.

The ECO Display is accessed by the steering wheel controls. When you can see the odometer push the up or down arrows until you see the ECO Display. Has anyone else tried using this screen to drive more economically? I think I will get about 20 more miles on this tank of fuel than I usually do…not a big improvement.

Atlanta Classic Cars Service Department!

If you aren’t already using our phenominal service department, you should be!

Mercedes service Atlanta

Visit our website or our Facebook to learn about all of the amenities we offer!

2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA250 at Atlanta Classic Cars!

size of 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA

Here it is! The 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA250 has arrived at Atlanta Classic Cars!

Ok, so it isn’t a real CLA-Class. This is our new life-size display CLA-Class in Jupiter Red! I was hoping it would help prospective owners visualize the dimensions so we can place early orders.

Come by and take a look!

Setting the Clock in Your Mercedes-Benz!

Road Trip – 2012 Mercedes-Benz C250 gets 33mpg!

2012 Mercedes gas mileage

Yesterday I took a little road trip in a 2012 Merceded-Benz C250 courtesy car. I drove from Atlanta, GA to Columbus, GA and back before noon using about half a tank of fuel. There was heavy traffic in Atlanta that slowed me down a little but the C250 was a great vehicle for this trip – Fun to drive, plenty of space and the fuel economy was impressive! The 2012 C250 is officially rated at 31 mpg on the highway but I was able to do even better!

This beauty will be retired from our courtesy car fleet in about a year but Atlanta Classic Cars has a great selection of Certified Pre-Owned C-Classes available now. Let me know if something catches your eye!

mercedes C-class pre-owned

Everyone Drives the 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class!

launch edition CLA

Mercedes-Benz hosted a press test drive event for the all-new 2014 CLA-Class. It looks like everyone loves the looks, quality and sportiness of our new car! Here is a round up on the test drive reviews – click the link for the full review! Test drive for yourself in September!

Autoweek says: “…this entry-level Benz makes no compromises and no excuses.”

Autoblog says: “This is a good and solid baby Mercedes sedan with above average build quality, great ambitions, and fresh looks that fit the established brand image worldwide.” Tons of great pictures here too!

Edmunds says: “the CLA is a uniquely styled sedan that attracts attention even before people know what it is. Not many of the competitors in this price range can do the same. Add in the sharp interior and solid performance and the CLA is an interesting option at its price point.”

Car and Driver Says: “The CLA250 might be the most humble U.S.-market Mercedes in some time, but it follows squarely in the CLS’s footsteps in injecting fashionable design where conservative and derivative are the norm.”

MotorTrend says: “…everything you see, hear, touch, or feel has been tailored to the standards of  the Mercedes lineup.”

Mercedes-Benz Accessories – Drive Kit Plus for iPhone

In April Mercedes-Benz will be launching the new Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone in the US market. It was introduced in Europe late last year in the A-Class. This system allows you to connect your iPhone to your Mercedes-Benz for a lot more than just phone calls and music!

This website has lots of details and demos about the features!

MSRP is expected to be under $1000 installed. Part numbers are not yet available.

2014 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Edition 507

Just added to the Future Vehicles section at

2014 Mercedes C63 507 hp

Key Highlights

  • Hand-built, high-revving AMG 6.3-liter naturally aspirated V-8 engine
  • 507 horsepower, 450 lb-ft of torque, 0-60 mph in 4.1*** seconds, and a top speed of 174 mph
  • More aggressive exterior styling, including hood vents, new AMG light-alloy forged wheels and AMG sport striping
  • Exclusive interior available with designo upholstery, high-gloss black piano-lacquer trim and “Edition 507” badging
  • AMG high-performance braking system with compound rotors and red-painted calipers
  • AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed sports transmission with steering-wheel-mounted shift paddles
  • AMG sport suspension
  • AMG sport exhaust
  • Available with “Edition 507” exclusive designo Magno Platinum Matte paintwork
  • Available for sale this summer!

C63 2014 mercedes