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SLS + Shumi + Tunnel = Great Commercial

Okay, so they edited Shumacher in for the commercial version and I prefer the build up of the original longer form video but it’s still fun.

Happy Holidays!

That’s a penalty for not leaving the steering wheel with the car…

Michael Schumacher in a Mercedes – The Best Christmas Gift We Could Ask For

While manufacturers like BMW, Honda, Jaguar, and Toyota have abandoned Formula One, Mercedes has increased their efforts in the world’s most popular form of racing by purchasing the 2009 World Championship Team, Brawn GP, to create Mercedes GP Petronas. With the McLaren team keeping Lewis Hamilton and adding 2009 World Champion Jenson Button it looked like it was going to be an easy decision who to cheer for in March. Now it has been announced that 7 time World Champion Michael Schumacher is coming out of retirement and has signed a 3 year contract to drive for Mercedes GP. Between this and the debut of the new US F1 Team, 2010 is shaping up to be a very interesting season.

Formula One KERS and S400 Hybrid

7.9 Liters/100Km = 30mpg

McLaren Mercedes Is Back!

It has been a pretty bad year for the Mercedes-Benz factory Formula One team. Until now the only bright spot for Mercedes-Benz fans had been the performance of the Mercedes powered Brawn GP cars. With Lewis Hamilton’s dominating win in Hungary last weekend it looks like McLaren Mercedes is back on top. It’s a little late in the season but it looks like we’ll have a lot more to cheer for in the upcoming races

F1 2009 – The Year of the Sebastien

With the announcement that four time Champ Car Champion Sebastien Bourdais will be returning to the Toro Rosso team, 75% of the drivers for Red Bull’s two Formula One teams will now share the same name.




In addition to employing 100% of the F1 drivers named Sebastien, Red Bull also makes great promotional animations like the one they did for the first night race in Singapore. Now they have released a great overview of the many changes coming to Formula One in 2009.

I’ll always be a Mercedes fan but Red Bull is definitely the underdog that I love to cheer for. For more info on their teams check out

More Formula One –

VodaFone McLaren Mercedes 2009 Launch

VodaFone McLaren Mercedes MP4-24 Launch 2009 Formula One

2008 was a great season for our Formula One team. Our top driver, Lewis Hamilton, won his first drivers championship and the team made a great comeback from the controversy of the 2007 season.

The changes to the rules for the 2009 season are the most significant in several years and as a result the cars will look quite a bit different. The largest change can be seen in the updated rear wing that appears to be about half the size of last years. The new rules limiting the aerodynamics of the cars have added an interesting new feature in that driver adjustable front wing flaps will be legal for 2009. While this brings F1 cars one step closer to the airplanes they share so much technology with, it will also provide one more area for an amazing driver like Lewis Hamilton to show off his skills.

2009 will also see the introduction of the KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems) to Formula One. These systems will store the energy used slow the car and then allow it to be used later for increased acceleration. The KERS device on the new McLaren Mercedes will be able to provide a boost of 80hp for 6.7 seconds per lap. Depending on the circuit this will decrease lap times by 0.3 to 0.5 seconds.

It’s only 67 days till the first race of the 2009 season in Melbourne, Australia. I can’t wait!

VodaFone McLaren Mercedes MP4-24 Launch 2009 Formula One

Lewis Hamilton – 2008 Formula One World Champion

Singapore Night Race

If Formula One and night race aren’t enough to get you to watch next weekend maybe this will help. (Don’t mind Alonso at the beginning. He’ll be lucky to make it out of Q1 next weekend. Something must be wrong with his money because he sure isn’t concentrating on his driving…)

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