c300-cabriolet-grille It's here! The smallest member of our Cabriolet family has arrived. The Selenite Grey car is the first 2017 C300 Cabriolet to arrive at the dealership and I am impressed! I parked it next to the black S550 to highlight the family resemblance. Several people walked by it while I was taking pictures and thought I had two S-Class cabriolets lined up! c300-red-top mercedes-c-class-cabriolet These two look especially similar with red interiors and the multispoke wheel. c300-cranberry-leather The C-Class has all of the things that make the Cabriolet wonderful - Airscarf, Aircap and the windscreen. The Cranberry red leather is lovely too! c300-rear-view Look at those tails! You can see that the C300 is smaller but it has a lot of the same lines! I also made a video!
September 16, 2016 at 5:02 pm by Jesse Cannon-Wallace
Category: C-Class, S-Class