Now that the 2018 Mercedes-Benz E-Class cabriolet has arrived we have fresh top-down fun in all sizes! Here is some quick info to decide which on is right for you! Cabriolet [kab-ree-uh-ley] noun
1. a light, two-wheeled, one-horse carriage with a folding top, capable of seating two persons.
2. an automobile resembling a coupe but with a folding top.


  • Base price $51,200
  • Available as C300, C300 4matic C43 and C63
  • Small and sporty but still very comfortable


  • Base Price $66,300
  • Available as E400 and E400 4matic
  • Mid-sized, powerful, luxurious


  • Base Price $131,400
  • Available as S550, S63, S65 and soon, the S650
  • The epitome of a luxury cabriolet. Nothing better!
For most people the price will be the starting point, but there are more factors! For example, the C43 and the E400 would be similar in price. However, they have very different personalities! The C43 is aggressive where the E400 is smooth. Do you want exhaust note? That is the C43! The S-Class might be twice the price of the E400 but it could be the only cabriolet you ever buy! It is a classic. There is absolutely nothing in the looks, power, interior or overall feel that could be better! Spend more now, but never say goodbye! All of these cabriolet are equipped with amazing technology. I am personally a huge fan of the AIRCAP and integrated wind diffuser. The AIRCAP pops up just about the windshield and directs the air higher, over the passengers and then the diffuser blocks it from swirling back inside. Airscarf is another top-down must-have. This neck level vent directs warm air over your neck and shoulders, making it comfortable to be top-down to very low temperatures. The Mercedes-Benz soft-top itself is also fantastic. There is minimal wind noise and it looks so rich! While I am at it...I ran across this site while I was googling and will now be using it for all of my Mercedes Technology References. Come pick out your cabriolet today!
October 7, 2017 at 11:54 am by Jesse Cannon-Wallace
Category: C-Class, E-Class Cabriolet, S-Class