Mercedes Comand directions When you purchase a new Mercedes-Benz you will receive a set of Owner's Manuals. There is the traditional Manual that focuses on the physical features of the car and basic operation. In most new models this information is also available in the vehicle itself in the Digital Operator's Manual. Also included in the packet with your new car is a booklet detailing your New Car Warranty, a chart with the details of each regularly scheduled service and various other pamphlets with details about specific options and programs. Mercedes-Benz stopped printing a separate book for the COMAND system a few years ago. It is not missing from your books! It simply does not exist anymore. It is fairly common for these books to get lost as the vehicle changes hands over the years. There is nothing in these books that is specific to the vehicle at this point so that is not a big deal. Any set of books for a 2016 E-Class will look the same as any other 2016 E-Class. COMAN Manual If you are looking to find the information from these books the easiest way is to download them from the MBUSA website. It is quick and easy to choose your year and model. If you really wanted a hard copy you can print them from this file. This is also the only place to read the COMAND manual. If you are looking for the authentic hard copies of the books then you will need to order them from your dealership's parts department. They are rather expensive and take a few weeks to arrive. You could also look online and see if anyone is selling a set. Perhaps they sold the car and found the books later. (This is the fate of nearly all cargo covers...found in the garage years later.) So, if your previously enjoyed Mercedes-Benz is missing the books you can download them, order them or look for secondhand sources. Enjoy!
February 9, 2018 at 3:59 pm by Jesse Cannon-Wallace
Category: Owner Resources