The very first 2021 Mercedes-AMG GLE63 SUV has arrived on the lot! This is the first hand built AMG to arrive since the redesign of the GLE for 2020. Combining the incredibly popular technology upgrades that we are familiar with in the new GLE-Class, with the power that you would expect from AMG, this model is everything we've been waiting for! 

I will arrange a grouping with the other GLE models soon but for now just a quick video so you can see the changes. Take note of the new vertical-slat AMG grille, the aero on the lower bumper and the trapezoidal exhaust. These are the cues that will allow you to tell it apart from the others at a glance! 

By the way - GLE63W4S - What does that mean? The GLE tells you the class of the vehicle. The GLE is bigger than the GLC and smaller than the GLS. All GLEs are the same size. The 63 tells you about the power. The two digit numbers mean it is an AMG. The 63 tells me it is the V8. W is the "sedan" version, rather than a C, which would denote the "coupe." 4 is for 4matic. 2 would be a 2WD car if it were available in that model. The S is for S-model which is the higher performance version of the car. In some markets there is a non-S. So, with that in mind a GLE63C4? The coupe! A GLE350W2? Regular SUV with 2WD. Now we've got it! 

August 21, 2020 at 11:51 am by Jesse Cannon-Wallace
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