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The 2021 Mercedes-AMG GLE63W4S Arrives in Atlanta!

The very first 2021 Mercedes-AMG GLE63 SUV has arrived on the lot! This is the first hand built AMG to arrive since the redesign of the GLE for 2020. Combining the incredibly popular technology upgrades that we are familiar with in the new GLE-Class, with the power that you would expect from AMG, this model is everything we've been waiting for! 

I will arrange a grouping with the other GLE models soon but for now just a quick video so you can see the changes. Take note of the new vertical-slat AMG grille, the aero on the lower bumper and the trapezoidal exhaust. These are the cues that will allow you to tell it apart from the others at a glance! 

By the way - GLE63W4S - What does that mean? The GLE tells you the class of the vehicle. The GLE is bigger than the GLC and smaller than the GLS. All GLEs are the same size. The 63 tells you about the power. The two digit numbers mean it is an AMG. The 63 tells me it is the V8. W is the "sedan" version, rather than a C, which would denote the "coupe." 4 is for 4matic. 2 would be a 2WD car if it were available in that model. The S is for S-model which is the higher performance version of the car. In some markets there is a non-S. So, with that in mind a GLE63C4? The coupe! A GLE350W2? Regular SUV with 2WD. Now we've got it! 

AMG Key Back Directions!

These are the simplest and easiest instructions I have ever seen! Nailed it! AMG Key Back
Mercedes-Benz Accessories for the 2016 GLE350!

It's been a little while since we dressed up a vehicle for the showroom! Would any of these items make your GLE better? I think the purse hook might be a winner! Mercedes GLE with roof rack Mercedes Roof  carrier Mercedes cargo Tray Mercedes coat hangar Mercedes Accessories List
Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes – Starring the SL500!

Stephen King Mercedes book

Any press is good press, right? The murder weapon in Stephen Kings' new book is a Mercedes-Benz SL500. That would be bad for the company image...except he does have some good things to say about the car!


"The front end of the SL500 was only slightly crumpled—that famous German engineering—but the hood and the windshield were spattered with gore."

"“How hard would it be for someone to slim-jim a window?” Hodges had asked the mechanic. “Pop the lock that way?” “All but impossible,” the mechanic had said. “These Mercs are built. If someone did manage to do it, it would leave signs.”"

"The third button was labeled PANIC. Presumably if a mugger attacked you as you were unlocking your car, you could push that one and the car would start screaming for help."

"“I’ve worked at Ross since 1987. Must have seen a thousand Mercs go out the door since then, and I can tell you they all go out with two keys.”"

A couple of reviews have included a tidbit about the car that is obviously wrong:

"The following morning, during an "anti-dawn, damp and cold as the cheek of a day-old corpse," a gray Mercedes-Benz SL500 "not just emerging from the fog but seeming to create itself from it" aims for the huddled masses, 12 cylinders screaming."

Let's hope that is just from the reviews and not from the book itself!

Study Says Diesel Owners Save Thousands!

The University of Michigan released a study this week, Total Cost of Ownership: A Gas Versus Diesel Comparison, that shows diesel vehicles can save thousands of dollars over just 3-5 years! As a diesel fan I am always in the mood of good diesel news!

From the press release:

"In the luxury segment, all the diesel versions of the Mercedes-Benz E Class ($4,175), Mercedes-Benz GL Class ($13,514), Mercedes-Benz M Class ($3,063), Mercedes-Benz R Class ($5,951) and VW Touareg ($7,819) save owners money in the three year timeframe."

"Fuel Costs: All of the diesel vehicles had lower fuel costs than all the gas versions of comparable vehicles, with 11 of the 12 vehicles showing double digit reductions in fuel costs, ranging from 10 to 29 percent."

"Nine of the 10 diesel vehicles hold their value better than comparable gas vehicles over the five year timeframe, with five vehicles showing double digit percentage savings ranging from 10 percent up to 39 percent."

Read the full study on the Diesel Forums here.

2012 C63 AMG Coupe Review by Motor Trend!

C63 AMG silver"Offering rides with a distinct dual personality is how Mercedes' go-fast division likes to do it, so getting from Point A to B can be as awesome or scary as you'd like in the 63. And when the going gets slow, commutes aren't nearly as frustrating when you're strapped into its bolstered Recaros."

"Put against the harder current-generation 2011 BMW M3 Competition Package, the Merc's ride is a tinge more civilized, enough that your co-pilot won't complain on an extended road trip."

"Pushing the Coupe on our figure eight proved supremely fun. So fun, in fact, that MT test team hot shoes Carlos Lago and Kim Reynolds tormented the track multiple times just to experience the 63's extraordinary stick and responsiveness."

Read the full review at Motor Trend online.

2012 C63 AMG coupe Visits Atlanta Classic Cars! is an excellent forum for SLK owners and enthusiasts to discuss the vehicles, ask questions and meet other owners. There are about 50 active members in the Atlanta area and they often get together for driving events. These seven gorgeous SLKs met at the dealership this morning before a scenic drive to Helen. Thanks for coming!

If you are interested in joining the club for future event just get in touch on the site! They're a very friendly group...they even let an E-Class ride along today.

Mercedes-Benz Announces Expansion at the Alabama Plant

"Mercedes-Benz, defying a worldwide decline in auto sales, is preparing to expand its U.S. assembly plant.

The plans, which have not been formally announced, include a $290 million investment at the Vance, Ala., factory that will allow Mercedes to build more vehicles.

News of the initiative emerged when Mercedes requested and received property tax and sales-tax and use-tax abatements from the Tuscaloosa County Industrial Development Authority.

"We are positioning ourselves for future products," spokeswoman Felyicia Jerald said. She declined to identify what product might be added.

The Vance plant is already German parent Daimler AG's sole global source for the Mercedes M class, R class and GL class. The expansion would begin within 60 days."
Via - Automotive News
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