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Mercedes-Benz European Delivery in a C300 Coupe!

Mercedes European Delivery Another great European Delivery Experience! Alyson picked up her latest Mercedes-Benz via Euro Delivery and then went on a birthday road trip! Let's start at the beginning. European Delivery Center Sindelfingen Alyson's lease was ending and it was time to pick out her next Mercedes-Benz. She was kind of thinking about a trip to Europe to celebrate her birthday so we were able to combine the two experiences. She chose a gorgeous C300 coupe in Magno Matte Selenite. While the C300 sedan is not available for European Delivery (because they are mostly built in Tuscaloosa) the coupe and cabriolet still come from Germany! So, we ordered the car, completed the leasing paperwork and off she went! Mercedes Euro Delivery C300 After picking up her new car at the Kundencenter in Sindelfingen, Alyson planned a tour of castles and mountains through Germany, Austria, Italy and finishing in Nice, France. Luggage for two (including some unexpected gear to deal with a broken foot) were loaded into the car without issue. Her favorite part of the trip was driving through the mountains with her sporty new car and feeling out the capabilities. Mercedes EDP The car caused quite a stir everywhere she went! The lines of the coupe are really highlighted by the matte paint and the ambient lighting on the interior is quite a show at night! Alyson said people were literally turning their heads to watch it drive by. They drove through small towns, on twisty mountain roads and into large cities without issue.  Prague may have been the tightest squeeze but that is when you let the valet take over. European Delivery Lease After her grand tour, Alyson left the car in Nice and came back to Atlanta. Seven weeks later the C300 has arrived! It feels so good to be reunited. Now the plan will be to get close to the end of the lease and then plan another adventure! Thanks for coming along on Alyson's birthday road trip! If you are thinking about a European Adventure of your own please do get in touch! I can help anywhere in the country and make your experience one to remember! Visit the European Delivery Site and then "Watch the Video" - third arrow link on the left - to see me picking up a car!
Roof Spoiler for Mercedes-Benz GLE – Option Code D11

Mercedes GLE spoiler The all-new 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class is here! It has actually been out for a few months but supply has been very limited. We are just starting to get vehicles in stock for more than a day at a time! With this new supply we are also seeing colors and options that have not been available. I'm still waiting for my first E-ACTIVE Body Control vehicle! I can't wait to see it dance! One option that I have yet to see in person is D11 - Roof Spoiler. I do have one on order for a client so I went in search of good pictures. After scouring dealer websites for inventory pictures and not finding the angles I wanted, the accessories department at MBUSA was kind enough to supply me with these images. Notice - the top image also features the Black Side Cladding - D24. I think the featured vehicle is Mojave Silver but that could be a lighting trick. It could also be Selenite Grey. Mercedes spoiler SUV The Accessory Roof Spoiler adds some additional length to the roof line and a sporty, perforated look. It will always be painted to match the body color of the GLE. Technically these are European images but compared to the pictures I have seen of US spec cars they are an accurate representation. Mercedes-Benz GLE350 GLE450 spoiler It is installed at the Vehicle Prep Center if you order it with the vehicle and the cost is $600. It can be added to the vehicle any time before it reaches the prep center. Or, it could be added at the dealer but there would be additional cost because we have to paint them when they arrive. This is true of most spoilers by the way. It is a common add-on with the sedans or coupes. Generally they are $600 for the parts and then it costs us about $300 more to paint it. D11 - Rear Spoiler for the GLE-Class - $600 when ordered with the vehicle  
Accident in a Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class – Atlanta Traffic

One of our clients was recently involved in a pretty serious accident on I-75 in Atlanta. This is a 10 lane highway and speeds are generally above 70 mph. Another vehicle cut into the HOV lane unexpectedly and it ended with a t-boned pick-up truck and a very big back-up on the highway. I often hear these stories from my clients but this one has pictures too! Everyone is fine. GLS Atlanta Both passengers in the GLS are completely fine. The Pre-Safe features activated and they were held securely in their seats while struck by another vehicle. They were also very impressed with the braking system. It was firm and predictable the entire time, allowing them to stay straight in their lane and not cross into additional traffic. They had participated in the AMG Driving Academy a few years ago and knew to expect that type of performance but it was a relief to have it work in real life. GLS accident The GLS550 was still running after the accident and was driven onto to the tow truck! They were happy that the air conditioning continued to run while they waiting for the wreckers to arrive as well. All four doors open and close easily. There was no intrusion at all into the passenger compartment of the car. GLS vs pickup The GLS rode up on the side of the pick-up truck briefly and dropped back to the ground heavily. The suspension is fine, the wheels are undamaged. The seatbelts were locked tight at this point so they were jostled a little but not knocked around. GLS550 collision They immediately said to each other "This is why we drive a Mercedes-Benz." They are currently at the dealership talking about their next one while they wait to find out what insurance is going to do. That is a happy ending to a scary story! #thebestornothing
The End of the Month – Quirks of Car Sales

GLA250 new bumpers Today is the End of the Month at the dealership! Does that sound crazy? On the calendar it is September 3rd, but in practice it is August 34th. This comes up a couple of times a year and I thought it might be worth explaining it to those of you not in the car business. I'm sure every industry has some quirks that need explaining! Not every dealership or manufacturer has the same rules, but for Mercedes-Benz and my dealership the month cannot end on a Saturday. It also cannot end on a holiday. So, the 31st fell on Saturday, and then Monday was a holiday, so the first time we could end the month is today, Tuesday the 3rd. The main reason is that we work with banks to secure financing and we need to be able to finalize deals when the banks are open. Generally our sales programs, incentives and residual values change from month to month. The changes could be small or large and we do not know in advance what is coming for the following month. Deals we do today are based on the August programs. Tomorrow, September 4th, will be the first day we are using the new programs for September. You do not have to wait for the end of the month to get a deal on a car! The end of the month can be an exciting time to buy a car because it is busier in the showroom but we do not have more incentives or enticements than we had earlier in the month. We have sales objectives to achieve every day! In fact, you might be better off earlier in the month when it isn't so busy and there is less pressure to make a decision. The best deal is always a car you love! Now you know - The End of the Month is not always the last day of the month!
Coming Soon – Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class, EQC, New GLS-Class

Happy New Year! I know it is not even September but with all of the new 2020 models arriving from Mercedes-Benz it seems like the future! We have already received the resigned GLE-Class, the refreshed GLC-Class and the 2020 E350. We have quite a few models coming in the new year that you might not be familiar with just yet. In fact, there might be a few I am not totally familiar with just yet! The Future Models section at is a good place to start.

Future ModelsGLB

Our SUV line-up has grown substantially over the years. The G-Class has been around since the 70's but the first modern luxury SUV was the ML (now GLE) for 1997. Since then we have added a larger SUV, the GLS-Class, and two smaller models, the GLA-Class and GLC-Class. Well, it turns out there was still a little room and the GLB-Class is coming for 2020! I haven't seen it in person yet but it seems to have the interior technology from the new A-Class and a exterior with a few more corners than all of the other SUVs. That is good news for the square SUV fans!


This will be the first vehicle in the EQ sub-brand from Mercedes-Benz. It looks to be approximately GLC-sized but with a full electric drive system and impressive new technology. It is very powerful, charges quickly and will be a great option for customers looking for full electric capability.


The all-new GLS-Class should arrive late 2019. It is a little larger, a lot more luxurious and now available with Captain's Chairs! People have been asking for captains chairs since the beginning of time! We have already started our order list for the GLS450, GLS580 and the yet-to-be-announced AMG variant. Don't wait! The vehicle is currently being built and there might be a stampede when it is released to the dealership!
2019 vs 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC300 Comparison Video

The Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class was introduced in 2016 as a replacement for the outgoing GLK-Class. It has been an incredibly popular SUV for us! It is not too big, not too small and feels very luxurious. The styling has been less polarizing than the more square GLK. Compared to other vehicles at this price point it seems more spacious, more elegant and much smoother. The 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC300 has arrived with a mid-cycle refresh. These are just a few changes to the current body style to keep it fresh and modern. It should stay just about the same until it is due for a complete redesign in 2022 or so. I found a 2019 to park next to it to visually demonstrate the differences. It's easy to read the list of changed but it doesn't really come together for me until I can see them together. I think a few people will notice the updated exterior elements but the deciding factor will be the technology on the inside. Take a look at the head lamps and grille shape to see the exterior changes. On the inside we have updated to the new MBUX system with Hey Mercedes voice control and the touch screen.
  • Smartphone Integration (Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto) becomes standard
  • New M264 2.0L Inline-4 Turbocharged Engine with power output increase +14hp to 255 hp
  • LED Headlamps & Taillamps become standard 
  • Updated steering wheel w/ haptic feedback touchpads and cruise control buttons 
  • Next-Generation Infotainment System “MBUX” now standard incl. “Hey Mercedes” 
  • New key design 
  • SD-Card Pre-Wiring removed from standard equipment 
  • 10.25” Center Touchscreen now available and is standard 
  • Blind Spot Assist (234) now standard
In other SUV news, the Mercedes-Benz GLB is due late this year. This will be bigger than the GLA, smaller than the GLC and have a third row option. From the images I have seen it is also a little more square than any of our other offerings. If you really loved the old GLK, the GLB might be the SUV for you!
Comparing the 2019 and 2020 Mercedes-AMG GT Roadsters!

The 2020 Mercedes-AMG GT has arrived and there are a few differences between the years. I made a quick video and took some still photos so you will be able to spot them easily. I'm ready to impress someone with how quickly I can tell them apart. I hope you get the same opportunity! 2020 AMG GT Roadster The 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT is on the left and the 2020 is on the right. Both of these vehicles are Selenite Grey with the Pepper Red leather. From the exterior you can spot the headlights, taillights and exhaust. The headlights have a different shape to the LED element. The 2020 has more of a C shaped highlight. The taillights are a slightly different shade. The 2020 AMG GT has the double round exhaust tips as compared to the trapezoidal tips on the 2019. (The GTC gets a double trapezoid and the GTR has a large center exhaust.) The AMG Performance Exhaust is now standard on all models. It has previously been optional on the GT. 2020 AMG GT exhaust On the inside you'll notice the screens, buttons and keyless start button are all different. The analog instrument cluster has been replaced with a 12.3" digital screen. The center screen is now 10.25". The biggest different to me is that the 2019 has the round dials on the center V8 cluster and the 2020 has the new haptic touch screens. The steering wheel in the 2020 now has the Drive Unit pods, touchpads and more silver trim.
2019 GT Roadster

2019 GT Roadster

2020 AMG GT Roadster

2020 AMG GT Roadster

There you go! The 2020 GT was updated just slightly to have the latest and greatest technology. You can now identify it from the front, back and interior! Also for 2020 the GT S was eliminated. The GT R roadster and the GT Pro were added. Got it?
  • GT - coupe and roadster
  • GT C - coupe and roadster
  • GT R - coupe and roadster
  • GT Pro - coupe
Mercedes-Benz European Delivery Program – E450, CLS53 and E63 Wagon!

E450 Mercedes European Delivery It was a busy spring on my European Delivery calendar! I had three clients picking up within a month of each other and every one of them made it a different experience. Two of the cars made it back to the dealership this week so it seemed like a good time to share. 1 - E450 Cabriolet - Roadtrip The gorgeous Rubellite Red E450 with Red top and Titian Red dashboard was the first car to make it back to the dealership. These folks planned a trip similar to my first European Delivery experience. It was go-go-go from the moment they landed. They picked up the car in the delivery center in Sindelfingen and then hit the road. They did 1500 miles in about 10 days and visited several countries! They reported that it was much easier to drive in Germany and Italy then they had expected and had no issues with parking. Even with a cabriolet they were able to take all of their gear and ride in comfort. E450 Euro Delivery 2 - CLS53 - Stopover CLS European Delivery This lovely couple already had a grand European adventure planned including a few days in Rome and a river boat cruise. They were able to squeeze in the pick-up of their CLS53 at the Center of Excellence in Sindelfingen at the start of their trip. They enjoyed the excellent hospitality, tour of the factory and dramatic unveiling of their new car. They just drove it a few miles that day and dropped it off but it was still a memorable experience! 3 - E63 AMG - Extended Adventure E63 Mercedes European Delivery Can you imagine a better vehicle for an extended tour of Europe than the E63 wagon? This client had a lot of friends and family to visit over the course of a month and tied that together with the delivery of his new Lunar Blue E63! He was able to travel at his own pace, take all his gear and enjoy some autobahn time in the new car! This car will arrive in Atlanta in a few weeks and he plans to fly in to take another long road trip home to Colorado! Mercedes-Benz European Delivery Center There is no right or wrong way to experience the European Delivery Program! I can tell you how I have done it, how others have done it and help you customize the experience for yourself. Many of my clients are also open to sharing their experience directly with you if you need to talk it over! Please do let me know if I can help you plan your adventure! E-mail me, call me, let's make some memories!
All-New 2020 GLS450 and GLS580 for the US Market – Coming Late 2019!

GLS captains chairs Expected to arrive "late this year" the 2020 GLS-Class is sure to be a best seller! Look at all of these improvements! You should be ordering now if you want to get one early!
  • New engines -4.0L V8 biturbo engine with EQ Boost and 48-volt onboard electrical system (GLS 580) and 3.0L inline-6 turbo engine with EQ Boost and 48-volt onboard electrical system (GLS 450)
  • New 6-seat option with Captain’s Chairs (both 6-seat and 7-seat configuration available as standard)
  • All-new intelligent suspension, E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL
  • 4MATIC® variable torque on demand All-Wheel Drive now available
  • Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) with Voice Control and optionally available MBUX Interior Assistant
  • Revised dimensional concept (Increased length, width, wheelbase, track width)
  • Emotional and dynamic exterior SUV design with power domes on hood
  • New Carwash function enables the car to be prepped for entry into a carwash with the press of a single button
  • Large roof spoiler, wide shoulders and two-part taillamps
  • Black wheel arch claddings
  • New 19" - 22" wheels (GLS 450); new 23" wheels (GLS 580)
  • Illuminated running boards with robust stainless steel inserts
  • Distinguished, chromed underride guard in SUV-specific design
  • New exterior paint colors
  • New, progressive design in interior with new-generation steering wheel with Touch Control Buttons, two grab handles on center console, widescreen dual display with 12.3" Digital Instrument Cluster and 12.3" multimedia display with touchscreen and new generation Touchpad in center console, trim elements in open pore woods and new 64-Color Ambient Lighting
  • SUV-specific storage compartments designed especially for off-road driving
  • Executive Rear Seat Package and Executive Rear Seat Package PLUS
Standard Equipment:
  • 7-seater or 6-seater with Captain’s Chairs
  • 12.3” Digital Instrument Cluster and 12.3” Touchscreen Multimedia Display
  • Burmester Surround Sound System
  • LED Intelligent light system headlamps and LED taillamps
  • 9 USB-C ports
  • 19” wheels (GLS 450), 21" wheels (GLS 580)
This is just a few highlights from the press release about the car. There are a lot more details and pictures to come. The all-new GLE should give you a very good idea of the styling and the technology. I am guessing the GLS580 will become even more rare than the GLS550 has been. I cannot wait to have captain's chairs available for my customers!
2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE350 and GLE450 with Third Row Seating

The 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class is a complete redesign and is due to arrive in the showroom this week! This has been a highly anticipated redesign for us. I was lucky to get to go to a pre-release training in Jacksonville last week and this video is from that training. I spent the day with our trainers learning the new MBUX technology as well as an hour driving the GLE450 on the road. It is quieter, more luxurious and very advanced technologically! My first impressions are that it is an evolution, not a revolution on the outside. The headlights and taillights are modern, mirroring the new A-Class and CLS-Class. The vehicle is 4.5" longer, including 3" on the wheelbase. This give the second row passengers quite a bit of leg room. The interior is where the major upgrades have occurred. The new dashboard layout is beautiful and gives it an entirely fresh appearance. The MBUX system (which is Mercedes speak for the nav/radio/Bluetooth/voice systems) in intuitive and very cool! There are two models for the 2020 Model Year. The GLE350 4matic with a 4-cylinder engine and a GLE450 4matic with the inline-6 will both be available at launch. A 2WD GLE350 will be available later. There will be no AMG variants for the 2020 model year but I am sure they will turn up for 2021. No word on 43/53/63 availability. Pricing will be similar to GLEs from previous model years. We have been playing around with different combinations and I am getting GLE350s in the $59-$62,000 range and GLE450s in the $68-$75,000 range. Of course there are outliers! Wait until you see my $95,000 GLE450 with every option! This GLE is also a very good preview for the redesigned GLS-Class that we expect to see before the end of 2019. Having a third row option in the GLE will be nice but it will not replace the utility of the full size GLS and the additional space that allows. The video is just a quick sneak peak with more coming soon!
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