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Mercedes-Benz Navigation Disk Updates Now Available

In the Atlanta area they are always adding or modifying roads so it’s good that Mercedes-Benz has just released updated navigation disks. You can order these disks from your local Mercedes-Benz parts department. They should cost $249. You can also order them directly from Mercedes at (this site’s search isn’t working at the time I’m writing this) or by calling (888)628-4483.

There are several reasons to update your navigation disk:
- Every year thousands of miles of new roads are added.
- Hundreds of Points of Interest are added or deleted.
- Improved routing efficiency can save you time and fuel.

Mercedes New Nav Disk Chart

2010 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Option and Package Changes

Mercedes has been making some changes to the 2010 C-Class options and packages to make it a better value and respond to the demands of the market.

Originally, Mercedes had announced that COMAND with navigation (512) could be ordered without the Multimedia Package (320). Then, due to factory constraints, that was dropped at the end of April and all vehicles that had been ordered with COMAND with navigation (518) were changed to Multimedia Package (320).

Now, Mercedes is changing the Multimedia Package (320) to reduce the cost of the package. So, the new Multimedia Package (320) will include
Voice Control (396)
COMAND with Navigation (512)
iPod/MP3 Interface (518)
Media Interface Consumer Cables (049)

The harman kardon (810) 450 watt sound system was dropped from the package and is now available as a stand alone option. Ordering Multimedia Package (320) also requires that either the Premium 1 Package (P01) or Sirius Satellite Radio (536) are ordered on the vehicle.

So, there you go. If you have a 2010 C-Class on order you might want to check with your dealership and see how it is currently equipped and if there are any changes you need to make to have it turn out like you expected.

The Mercedes-Benz UMI System for C and GLK – Navigation Function

I get more questions about the UMI system for the C-Class and GLK-Class than any other technology Mercedes makes right now! It seems like I am the only one who has had a chance to try it out in person. This post focuses on the navigation functions and display screens as the other 4 areas of the UMI are pretty easy to understand. Just scroll through the slideshow and I hope you find this informative!

I had written another post about the UMI system and the most commonly asked questions are:
How much?
Factory Installed, VPC installed and Dealer Installed are all different prices. Consult your local dealer for the best info. Dealer Installed here is about $1850.
Will it work in Canada/Nigeria/Dubai?
I don’t think so. You’ll need to ask the local dealer if the software is available.
What is the part number?
A204 870 5996 – But please verify with your local dealer.
Does it work?
It is a little slower than the navigation that is part of the Multimedia package but it is the same, if not newer, information. Works just fine.
PCMCIA Adaptor Available from Mercedes-Benz – S, CL, C, GLK

Mercedes-Benz PCMCIA adapter

If you have a PCMCIA slot in your vehicle (S-Class, CL-Class, C-Class, GLK-Class) you need a PCMCIA adaptor to play music from a memory card. You plug the PCMCIA adaptor into the slot, then you can insert a variety of memory cards into the adaptor to access your saved music or podcasts.

This adaptor has been a little hard to find for some of my clients. Luckily, Mercedes has come out with their own. Called the PCMCIA Multi-Card Reader, it is priced at $102 and the part number is 6-7-82-3974. You should be able to order one from your local parts department.

A quick Google search will come up with cheaper readers that are meant to do the same thing, but these are meant to work with laptops and aren’t guaranteed to work with your car like the Mercedes version is. Also, I haven’t personally tested the Mercedes adapter with the larger SDHC cards so it may not read those.

Mercedes-Benz MHI iPhone Cradle – Tested

Mercedes-Benz MHI iPhone Cradle

A customer e-mailed me last week to ask if the iPhone cradle they saw on Ebay would work in their car. Even though I had written about this part when Mercedes announced it I had never actually used one. I had my parts department order one for me and was able to test it today.

This cradle is designed to plug into the MHI port in most 2007-2008 vehicles and the 2009 S and CL. Any car that would use a bluetooth adaptor, what I call a “puck,” could use this cradle. This cradle is NOT compatible with the 3G iPhone. The 3G iPhone is too wide to fit into the cradle. There is a rumor of a 3G version but it doesn’t seem to be avaliable in the US yet. So, you plug the cradle into the car, synch the bluetooth and you now have a bluetooth adaptor that will also charge your iPhone as opposed to the normal puck that does not charge your iPhone. That seems to be the main benefit.

The instruction booklet also states that “If your vehicle is equipped with an iPod Integration Kit, it is possible to access the iPod functions of the iPhone in the cradle via the COMAND system…after an additional connection between the cradle and the iPod Integration Kit has been installed. A competent installation by a qualified specialist workshop must be performed for the connection of the iPhone Cradle to the iPod Interface Kit.” What that means is that you can’t just plug it in and start using it as both the phone and the iPod. You would have to take it out of the cradle and plug it into the kit to play music unless you pay the labor (and parts?) at the shop for them to re-wire it.

Mercedes-Benz MHI iPhone Cradle S-Class

Also, I thought the plug on the side of the cradle (show above on the left) looked familiar. It is the same plug that the Multimedia Interface Cable or iPod/MP3 Adaptor Cable uses to plug into 2009 vehicles with the NTG 2.5 COMAND system (2009 ML, GL, R, E, SL, SLK). If you unplug the Multimedia Interface Cable and plug in the iPhone cradle you can access the iPod functionality of the iPhone and stay connected via bluetooth (shown below). This is not an improvement. You can already plug the iPhone directly into the Multimedia Interface Cable and do the same thing. The instruction booklet makes no mention of this extra cord on the side. Strange.

Mercedes-Benz MHI iPhone Cradle

So, in summary… You cannot use this accessory with the 3G iPhone. You cannot use it with a 2008 or 2009 C-Class (no MHI). It is pretty useless for a 2009 ML, GL, R, E, SL and SLK. If you use an iPhone and would like it to charge in the car and you drive a 2007-2009 S or CL or a 2007-2008 E, ML, GL, or SL you might like it. Please consult with your parts department to definitely determine compatibility.

Sirius XM Plans to Raise Prices in March

The monthly subscription fee for Sirius has been $12.95 for years. Now that Sirius has us all addicted to commercial free music and all of the other entertainment channels, they need to raise the prices $2 per month to start turning a profit! It makes sense to me. To avoid those increased charges you can call Sirius at 1-888-539-7474 before March 11th and pre-pay for a length of time at the current rates.

If you have a lease, pre-pay though the end of the lease. They have lots of packages available. In general, the longer term you sign up for, the cheaper it gets per month. And, if you cancel the subscription early Sirius will apply the unused portion to your next subscription. When you purchase a new Mercedes it’s also a good plan to purchase and extended pre-paid plan at the time you take delivery so that they can apply your 6 months base service as a credit toward you pre-paid plan. If you plan to keep the car for many years the best value may be the Lifetime Subscription. It’s $399 and will stay with the vehicle forever!

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3G iPhone, iPod Touch & iPod Nano Incompatible / Unable to Charge Solution

I am not an iPod user so my knowledge of this subject is limited. However, I know that many of you are as passionate about your iPhone as you are about your Mercedes-Benz.

The new MultiMedia Interface cable in the 2009 vehicles has been a wonderful upgrade for interfacing with iPods and iPhones. It is very easy to access folders and artists right from the main command screen. A problem with the system has been that when you plug in your 3G iPhone it gives a message that it is incompatible and unable to charge. According the to Apple website this error will probably also happen with 4th generation iPod Nano and 2nd generation iPod Touch devices.

Mercedes iPod Scosche passPORT Adapter
It would be handy to be able to charge these devices in the car while listening to music. It seems that this little adaptor (Scosche passPORT), available for about $25 at your local Apple store or online, will fix the problem. I haven’t had a chance to try it but from what I have read it works well.

From – Forum Post

UMI For 2009 C and 2010 GLK – Factory Option

Mercedes UMI 2009 C-Class GLK-Class

The Universal Media Interface (UMI) for the 2009 C-Class and 2010 GLK-Class is now available to order from the factory for $1500! I have seen a lot of interest in this option since my last post and this will make it an even better value.

The UMI gives non-multimedia cars navigation, live traffic, ipod adaptor, usb port and bluetooth music streaming. It can be installed at the dealership for about $1850. If you know you want this option you can now order your car with it and it will be installed at the Vehicle Preparation Center (VPC) before it is shipped to the dealership. The VPC installation reduces the labor cost which is why it is less expensive when you order it than when you add it later.

UMI For 2008/2009 C-Class and 2010 GLK-Class – A New Way to get Navigation!

Our dealership just installed our first Universal Media Interface (UMI) system in a 2009 C300. I had been reading about this sytem but it seemed to good to be true. Now that I have had a chance to try it out, I am very impressed.

Mercedes UMI interface

The UMI can be added to any 2008 or 2009 C-Class or 2010 GLK-Class that does not have the Multimedia Package. This system gives you navigation and a number of audio options that are very cool!

#1 – Navigation – The map data and entry system is very similar to what is in all of our other vehicles. It is displayed, in color, on the standard audio 5″ screen. It was just as easy to use as the other systems and looks good.

Mercedes UMI interface Navigation map

Mercedes UMI interface

#2 – Live Traffic – Using the FM traffic information, like the S-Class and CL-Class, the UMI will know about accidents and construction delays…for free! You can view these slow downs and ask the navigation to route you around it.

Mercedes UMI interface Live Traffic

#3 – iPod Adaptor – The UMI can be added to cars with or without an exisiting iPod kit. If it didn’t have one it is added in.

#4 – USB Port – Yeah! Good quality sound for those of us who use a non-iPod MP3 player. It is easily accessed in the glove box right next to the iPod adaptor.

#5 – AUX jack – In case you have some other form of audio you want to connect to the vehicle you can use an 3.5mm male to male audio cable to connect.

#6 – Bluetooth Audio Streaming – For those of you who want to beam stereo music directly from your phone using A2DP. The connection process is very similar to connecting your phone via bluetooth to the car and the audio quality is excellent! This is the first time this has been offered in any of our models!

Mercedes UMI Bluetooth A2DP Streaming

Those are the highlights of the UMI system. We have the components in stock and are ready to install if you are interested. The price for parts and labor will be $1850 plus tax. I think it is an excellent value!

— Update — Read my new post on MHI as a factory option.

2010 GLK350 at SEMA

Don’t expect to see a convertible or an optional skate park package when the 2010 GLK350 gets here, but at the SEMA show anything is possible.

Mercedes GLK350 SEMA convertible
Boulevard Customs – 26in wheels, 5,700 watt stereo and no top

Mercedes GLK350 SEMA
Legendary Motor Cars – Mobile skate park

Mercedes GLK350 SEMA Brabus Widestar
Brabus Widestar – Definitely the best looking out of the group and probably the only one that you’ll actually be able to buy.

Mercedes GLK350 SEMA Renntech
RENNTech Pikes Peak – Nice wing… RENNTech should probably just stick to drivetrain upgrades.

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