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Topic: GLK-Class
UMI For 2009 C and 2010 GLK – Factory Option

Mercedes UMI 2009 C-Class GLK-Class

The Universal Media Interface (UMI) for the 2009 C-Class and 2010 GLK-Class is now available to order from the factory for $1500! I have seen a lot of interest in this option since my last post and this will make it an even better value.

The UMI gives non-multimedia cars navigation, live traffic, ipod adaptor, usb port and bluetooth music streaming. It can be installed at the dealership for about $1850. If you know you want this option you can now order your car with it and it will be installed at the Vehicle Preparation Center (VPC) before it is shipped to the dealership. The VPC installation reduces the labor cost which is why it is less expensive when you order it than when you add it later.

Mercedes 2010 GLK350 – Crash Testing & Design

Atlanta Classic Cars – 2010 GLK350 Demo is here!

Atlanta Classic Cars 2010 GLK350 Demo

Our first 2010 GLK350 has arrived at the dealership! This GLK is not for sale. It is here simply as a sample so that you can test drive the vehicle before the official launch in January.

2010 GLK350 –
Arctic White
Black MB Tex Interior
Premium 1 Package
MultiMedia Package
Sport Appearance Package
Running Boards
Heated Seats
MSRP $45,645

Please call me if you would like to setup an appointment to come test drive our GLK350!

Atlanta Classic Cars 2010 GLK350 Demo

New Power Liftgate Feature on the 2009 ML, R, GL and 2010 GLK

The power liftgate has been a very popular feature on the ML, R and GL. Previously the liftgate had two settings – open fully, or the “limited” position that stopped it only a little bit open. The “limited” position did stop the liftgate from hitting cargo on the roof of the vehicle but made it difficult to access things in the cargo area.

You can now program the power liftgate to stop at any height you choose! This would be very useful for people who can’t reach the button on the liftgate itself when it is in the fully open position and for people with a lower ceiling in the garage. I know that if I have my garage door up and open the liftgate it will hit the door. This will solve that problem. All you have to do is open the liftgate to the height you like, hold down the button on the liftgate until you hear a chime and let go. From now on the liftgate will open to your custom height! To go back to the fully open setting, hold the power liftgate button down until the chime sounds twice. Very easy…and very useful!

UMI For 2008/2009 C-Class and 2010 GLK-Class – A New Way to get Navigation!

Our dealership just installed our first Universal Media Interface (UMI) system in a 2009 C300. I had been reading about this sytem but it seemed to good to be true. Now that I have had a chance to try it out, I am very impressed.

Mercedes UMI interface

The UMI can be added to any 2008 or 2009 C-Class or 2010 GLK-Class that does not have the Multimedia Package. This system gives you navigation and a number of audio options that are very cool!

#1 – Navigation – The map data and entry system is very similar to what is in all of our other vehicles. It is displayed, in color, on the standard audio 5″ screen. It was just as easy to use as the other systems and looks good.

Mercedes UMI interface Navigation map

Mercedes UMI interface

#2 – Live Traffic – Using the FM traffic information, like the S-Class and CL-Class, the UMI will know about accidents and construction delays…for free! You can view these slow downs and ask the navigation to route you around it.

Mercedes UMI interface Live Traffic

#3 – iPod Adaptor – The UMI can be added to cars with or without an exisiting iPod kit. If it didn’t have one it is added in.

#4 – USB Port – Yeah! Good quality sound for those of us who use a non-iPod MP3 player. It is easily accessed in the glove box right next to the iPod adaptor.

#5 – AUX jack – In case you have some other form of audio you want to connect to the vehicle you can use an 3.5mm male to male audio cable to connect.

#6 – Bluetooth Audio Streaming – For those of you who want to beam stereo music directly from your phone using A2DP. The connection process is very similar to connecting your phone via bluetooth to the car and the audio quality is excellent! This is the first time this has been offered in any of our models!

Mercedes UMI Bluetooth A2DP Streaming

Those are the highlights of the UMI system. We have the components in stock and are ready to install if you are interested. The price for parts and labor will be $1850 plus tax. I think it is an excellent value!

— Update — Read my new post on MHI as a factory option.

2010 GLK350 MSRP Update

Mercedes-Benz just announced that the panoramic roof will not be standard equipment on the GLK350. It has been moved into the Premium1 Package. That package will be priced at $3,150.

$35,900 Base Price
$875 Destination and Delivery
$3,150 Premium1 Package
$39,925 for a well-equipped GLK350

Premium1 Package includes – Panoramic roof, Rain Sensor, Driver memory seat, Homelink, Auto-dimming mirrors, Sirius Radio, Power Liftgate, 115V AC power plug, and Compass in interior mirror.

Also, did I mention that the 2 wheel drive version will arrive this summer for about $2000 less than the 4 wheel drive?

Atlanta Classic Cars – 2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK350 Training

Mercedes Benz 2010 GLK350 Training

GLK Training was held at Atlanta Classic Cars today. We received a full introduction to the 2010 GLK350 and were able to compare it to the BMW X3 and the Acura RDX.

The GLK is quite impressive! You can tell that Mercedes put a lot of work into developing this model specifically for drivers who want a small SUV, rather than just adapting a current model to fill a niche. From the outside it has its own distinctive styling – it does not look like a shrunken ML or a GL. It also has a presence – this is a car that you would notice driving down the road. On the inside, I was impressed with the seating position. It is smaller than a traditional SUV but the upright seating position and great visibility make it feel very commanding on the road. It was also a pleasure to drive. The V6 engine is plenty of power and the car felt very agile. It even has a 3500 lb towing capacity!

As we compared the GLK to the BMW X3 I was shocked to realize that the X3 navigation system is the same system that was in my 2003 MINI Cooper S! That leads me to believe that BMW really hasn’t devoted enough attention to the specific needs of their X3 driver. The character in the X3 also seemed to be lacking. It does look just like a small X5 and does not catch your eye on the road. I know that the X3 will be our main competitor and I really look forward to showing people how much more quality you’ll get in the GLK.

I was unfamiliar with the Acura RDX (and I still probably couldn’t pick it out of a line-up!). This car is a re-outfitted Honda CR-V. I can’t believe that people would pay close to $40,000 for this vehicle. The RDX lacks all of the insulation, finishing, and attention to detail that makes a Mercedes a good value at any price. On the road the Acura has some torque steer, lets in a lot of road noise and is just not a compelling vehicle.

Overall I was thrilled with the GLK! I think Mercedes is really demonstrating a commitment to quality and serving their customers. I know that this vehicle will be an excellent choice for people who want more room than a sedan offers but don’t need a huge SUV. Also, the pricing is fantastic. I was expecting it to come in only slightly lower than the ML350 and it turns out it is going to be very close to the price of a C350! Base MSRP is $35,900 and I think you max out around $47,000 if you get all the bells and whistles. I would guess that the most common set-up, Premium 1 Package, ipod and heated seats would be around $39,500.

We expect to get a demonstrator vehicle at the dealership in December and the GL350 will be for sale in January of 2009. If you live in the Atlanta area please let me know if you would like to be notified when the demo vehicle arrives. I can’t wait to introduce you to the newest member of the Mercedes family!

2010 Mercedes GLK350 Base MSRP Announced

It was just announced (about an hour ago) that the MSRP for the 2010 GLK350 will be $35,900. I’m in a training session today at our dealership on this new model. I will post more info, photos, and my impressions later this evening.

Mercedes 2010 GLK350 – Torture Testing

2010 GLK350 at SEMA

Don’t expect to see a convertible or an optional skate park package when the 2010 GLK350 gets here, but at the SEMA show anything is possible.

Mercedes GLK350 SEMA convertible
Boulevard Customs – 26in wheels, 5,700 watt stereo and no top

Mercedes GLK350 SEMA
Legendary Motor Cars – Mobile skate park

Mercedes GLK350 SEMA Brabus Widestar
Brabus Widestar – Definitely the best looking out of the group and probably the only one that you’ll actually be able to buy.

Mercedes GLK350 SEMA Renntech
RENNTech Pikes Peak – Nice wing… RENNTech should probably just stick to drivetrain upgrades.

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