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Happy New Year!

Mercedes christmas tree

With the holidays behind us it is time to look forward to 2016! Yes, 2016. I work in model years and we are already halfway through 2015! I can’t wait to see what amazing advances Mercedes-Benz will make in technology, safety and design.

It has been a great year. Thank you to all of my readers, clients and fellow enthusiasts! See you next year!

Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Review

The Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric has not yet come to Georgia so I have no first hand experience. However, since it is in 10 other states there are people who do! I read this excellent review on CleanTechnica written by an actual owner, Kyle Field. It is an interesting perspective because normally you just get the highlights from paid reviewers.

Read the Full Review on CleanTechnica here.

“Digging in to our specific EV — the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive — it looks and feels a lot like a normal car. In fact, this is the same B-Class that has been sold overseas as a gasmobile for many years, with the same exterior and interior with the exception of the minuscule “Electric Drive” badge.”

“The front seats felt a bit less roomy when compared to the BMW i3 whereas the rear seats had MUCH more room than the i3. The B-Class seats 5 while the i3 opted for in-seat cupholders, reducing it’s capacity to 4. Finally, the rear seats in the i3 are accessed through split doors, which requires the front door to open before the rear passengers can enter/exit.”

“With the normal looking exterior, the accelerator of the B-Class houses a fun secret — instant torque! This is difficult to put into words for non-EV drivers but suffice it to say that the accelerator on this EV (and most other EVs) is responsive. When you step on the pedal, it jumps.”

“Overall, we are thrilled with the B-Class. We went into our EV purchase with our eyes open about the pros and cons of EVs and couldn’t be more pleased.”

Thanks for sharing Kyle! Love the charts!


2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class Coupe

Next year Mercedes-Benz will be introducing the GLE-Class Coupe. What’s that, you say? Well, the GLE name means that it is the midsize SUV, currently known as the M-Class, and the coupe designation is like the 4-door coupe styling in the CLS-Class and the CLA-Class.

All of the details are now in the Future Vehicles Section at It is scheduled to arrive in the US in August of 2015.

  • 362-hp biturbo V6 engine
  • 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive
  • DYNAMIC SELECT multimode drive program
  • Intuitive head unit with 8-inch display screen
  • COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST with autonomous braking
  • Available DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist
  • Touchpad and safety equipment upgrades
  • Standard 21-inch wheels; optional 22-inch wheels
  • An Important Day in History – Mercedes is Born!

    On this day in 1900, the first “Mercedes” was delivered to Emil Jellinek. He had commissioned 36 vehicles from a fledgling German automaker and one of his stipulations was that the car be named for his daughter, Mercedes! You can read the whole story on

    On a related note, on this day in 19-something, I was born! We’ve been linked since the beginning – Mercedes & Me!

    Have you Decorated Your Mercedes-Benz?

    Have you decorated your car this year? Wreaths? Bows? Trees? Lights? I would love to see it! Send me a picture via e-mail or tag me on Instagram. Nothing brightens my day like an owner that loves their car! or @benzblogger in Instagram

    Turn on the SiriusXM in a Mercedes-Benz!

    Sirius XM Mercedes

    I am an avid SiriusXM listener. The only time I listen to terrestrial radio is when I am driving through the car wash!

    If you have a loved one with a Mercedes-Benz newer than 2003 it is very likely they have Sirius installed in their automobile. I think a subscription would be a great gift!

    All you need is the ESN of the car to call Sirius and set it up. The ESN can be found under Radio < Sirius < Info or some similar combination of words. It is always in the Sirius screen < bottom left < bottom menu < number appears.

    You can visit SiriusXM online to get more information or set up the service!

    Review of the AMG GT S by Nash Solanki

    AMG Expert Training

    Last week a select group of dealership employees and members of the AMG Private Lounge were invited to Palm Beach for an exclusive look at the upcoming AMG GT S. This new vehicle is the second creation of AMG (following the SLS AMG) and is entering the Sports Car segment in spring of 2015.

    Doug and Nash at AMG

    Two representatives from Atlanta Classic Cars attended the employee event and can share first hand impressions. Doug Strong, far left, and Nash Solanki, third from left, spent two days racing around the track and the hills of California and have come back excited about this new vehicle!


    “Hot Inside V” Turbocharger configuration. The exhaust manifolds are on the top of the engine, rather than the bottom, which makes for shorter runners. It eliminates the turbo lag and also makes the engine more efficient. Emissions are lowered because the catalytic converters are on top to treat the exhaust sooner.

    Active Electromechanical Engine and Transaxle Mounts: This feature uses electricity to change the viscosity of the oil for a comfort or sport ride. This allows for very distinctive differences between a cushy street set-up and a very stiff track set-up.

    Carbon Fiber Drive Shaft: The drive shaft is only 8.8 lbs! The lower weight is obviously a benefit and it also has less drive line losses for more power.

    Driving Impression:

    The sound of the vehicle is incredible. It has throatiness that is usually missing from a turbocharged engine. This sound can be turned up or down with the exhaust flap button to have the best of both worlds.

    The handling on the car is laser sharp. Point the wheel and it will go where you are asking. The suspension is stiffer than the SLS and responds perfectly.

    Race mode makes this a perfect race car. It will hold the car at 5000 rpms for a very aggressive track experience.

    On surface streets the car is surprisingly comfortable. Most sports cars in this category are much stiffer and would not be ideal for daily driving.


    Solarbeam Yellow was the star of the show! It glows in the sun.

    The large intakes on the front with the intercooler is a balance of style and performance.

    The hatchback is a little retro, very practical and great looking!

    Competitor Vehicles:

    Jaguar F-type R – 5 litre supercharged V8, 7-speed. Good sound but lacks power and torque compared to the GT S. Not as fun to drive. The interior was not as intuitive and lacked polish.

    911 Carrera 4S – All-Wheel Drive, wide body. Stunning car, handles well. Seems a little dated. Not as thrilling in the mountains because of the rougher ride. Not as comfortable all around.


    This is Nash’s new favorite car! It is a technological marvel. It is exhilarating to drive. It is an emotional experience! The handling, the braking, the comfort, the race experience – it does it all well! The styling is a work of art. This is destined to be a classic and the best of both worlds – a race car and a daily driver.

    Thanks for sharing your impressions Nash! Order early…with the amount of great press this car is getting the order banks will fill up well before the car is launched!

    AMG Expert Training – AMG GT S and C63 AMG

    Mercedes AMG expert

    Two of my co-workers had the opportunity to go to California and participate in AMG Expert training last week. They came back with tons of knowledge about the upcoming AMG GT and the new C63 AMG.

    I’ll try to get their impressions organized. Maybe I’ll even have a guest blog post! But for now, here are the highlights.

    Nash says the AMG GT S is his new favorite car!

    Perfect balance, great looks, fun to drive and a technological marvel. They were able to drive the vehicle on the track as well as in the hills of California for the complete experience.

    Doug is one of our Master Certified Technicians. This was his second AMG Expert Training. He also went to Germany last year to see the AMG engines be built in Affalterbach.

    As an AMG Performance Center, it is important for us to be able to answer your questions about your current AMG as well as the AMG of your dreams! Our first orders are in for both the AMG GT S and the C63 S AMG. Don’t wait too long!

    Most Popular Vehicle Colors by PPG

    Everyone wants to know the most popular colors for cars and the best colors for resale. Here is chart from PPG, a global supplier of paints, coatings, optical products, specialty materials, glass and fiber glass, showing the trends for 2014.

    Garmin Map Pilot for Mercedes-Benz

    The Garmin Map Pilot is currently available in several Mercedes-Benz models including the C-Class and CLS-Class. (Fun fact: The Garmin Map Pilot is standard on the CLS400 and the hard-drive system is in the Premium 2 Package.)

    I have had a little hands-on experience with this system and find it to be very intuitive. Here is a new video from Mercedes-Benz How-To Videos page on how to use it.

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