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Mercedes C63 AMG Motor Trend Review

“Where this engine will trump the forthcoming M3’s V-8 is not with its 30-plus extra horsepower, but with its titanic 148-pound-foot torque advantage.” “Turn-in is quick, effort builds naturally with cornering intensity, and the chassis responds in ways that would make a blindfolded Bimmerphile surprised to find a three-pointed star

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Mercedes E63 AMG Wagon vs BMW M5 Wagon – Top Gear

Nevermind that the E63 is “more powerful than Mexico”, has a great exhaust note, can carry more cheese, and is way faster in a straight line, because it’s also the only one of these two avaliable in the US. (the power rear load shelf is not a US avaliable option

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2008 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG – Options and Pricing

More PhotosThe commercial for the new C63 AMG is out and it’s time to get your order in for this amazing car. The release date for the C63 is expected to be April of this year. Base MSRP will be $53,800. The options and prices below will give you a

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C63 AMG – MotorTrend Magazine

“This machine grabs you the minute you light the motor, and the four big exhaust pipes erupt. It gurgles to the delight of everyone, inside or outside the car. Let off the throttle, and it burbles on the overrun.Wonderful.” MotorTrend just got a 451hp C63 AMG – view the full

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AMG Awareness Campaign

Mercedes has recently announced that they will be launching a campaign to raise awareness of the AMG brand in the United States. I thought I would do my part… For those of you unfamiliar with AMG, named for it’s founders Aufrecht and Melcher and the city of Grossaspach where it

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