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Month: August 2012
2013 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class – Build Your Own with Colors, Packages and Options!

GL350 GL450 GL550

The Build Your Own feature for the 2013 GL-Class is now live at! This will allow you to match your perfect engine with colors, options and packages until you have it just right! The gas versions are still scheduled to be released in September with the diesel to follow in October. There are a few special order options that do not show on the site. You can see them on my options post from earlier this year.

Order soon if you want something very specific! There vehicles are already in high demand!

2013 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class – Is It Here Yet?

Mercedes-Benz AMG Video – 3 AMG Models Now Available at Atlanta Classic Cars!

I have AMG on my mind today! We have a 2013 SLK55 AMG and 2013 SL63 AMG on the showroom floor today and a 2013 ML63 AMG on the way! This would be a great time to visit the dealership if you are in the market to go fast!

Motor Trend Names C63 AMG Black Series 2nd Best Driver’s Car!

Not bad when you check out the competition…

Read the full article at Motor Trend Online.

Mercedes-Benz Cinnabar Red ML350, Storm Red CLS550 & Mars Red C250 at Atlanta Classic Cars

2013 Mercedes-Benz new colors

Our very first 2013 Cinnabar Red vehcile arrived over the weekend and I thought a little comparison was in order. From left to right you have a 2013 ML350 in Cinnabar Red, a 2013 CLS550 in Storm Red and a 2013 C250 in Mars Red. Cinnabar Red is the least red of the group. I would say it is a reddish-brown with lots of copper metallic. The Storm Red is what I would call a candy apple red. Mars Red is the traditional bright red you would expect for a color called Red. I know pictures are no substitute for seeing them in person…but I perhaps side-by-side it will help you see the scale of red-ness.

2013 Mercedes-Benz Red

2013 Mercedes-Benz Red

2013 Mercedes-Benz Red

2013 Mercedes-Benz ML-Class GL Class Cinnabar Red


Motor Trend First Drive – 2013 GL350, GL450, GL550

This is a very informative First Drive by Motor Trend as they had all three versions of the 2013 GL-Class available at the same time!

“It’s already the best-selling three-row luxury SUV in the  U.S., and with the latest generation model, it’s now the unquestioned  technological leader in its class.”

“The new big Benz is also bursting with electronics that the competition can’t  match, which mind everything from handling to safety to comfort.”

“The Mercedes diesel has smooth and linear power delivery, maybe more important  it’s quiet, and the lower frequency NVH from the diesel is less noticeable in  the cabin. It didn’t feel slow at all until we got in the other two GLs.”

“As other first tests have proven in the past, it is more about power density  than peak numbers. The two relatively small turbos on the Mercedes spool up  fast, making peak torque by 1500 RPM and delivering it all the way to 4000 RPM”

“The GL550 isn’t just faster than the competition — it takes three-row SUV  acceleration to a new level of bonkers. I am a bit scared of what soccer moms  will be able to do in the upcoming 550-horsepower, 560-lb-ft GL63 AMG.”

“The real magic, though — one that can’t be expressed in numbers — is the ride  and handling mix. All three of our testers were equipped with Mercedes active  suspension, which includes constantly variable damping, air springs, and an  Active Roll Cornering System that utilizes a hydraulic coupling in both front  and rear anti-roll bars to control roll stiffness. In Comfort mode, the big GLs  are one of the best-riding SUVs on the road, with a ride very similar to the S-Class.”

Read the Full Article at Motor Trend Online.

GL550 Diamond White

5k for the 3-Day! Benefitting Susan G. Komen for the Cure!

Ribbon ladies 5k

For the past 5 years I have participated in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day as a part of my team, the Ribbon Ladies. We have now raised over $120,000 towards a cure for breast cancer with the support of friends, family and community!

Our newest fundraiser is the 5k for the 3-Day taking place on Saturday, September 8th at Tribble Mill Park in Lawrenceville. Atlanta Classic Cars has generously sponsored the event and we are looking forward to a big turn-out by the ACC Race Team! I was hoping a few loyal blog readers out there might want to jois us! You can register online at, via mail using the registration form below or in person at the dealership.

If you cannot attend the event please consider donating directly to my 3-Day fundraising site. There is a convenient link of the left side of this page!

Please pass this on to any Georgia runners you know, post it on Facebook, or e-mail the registration form to friends! I need to spread the word to have a successful event!

Future Mercedes-Benz Models From Autoweek

future mercedes models

Mercedes-Benz is always working to bring the latest in technology, safety and design to our vehicles. They post the latest official pictures and details in the Future Models section at I don’t generally like to speculate on what may or may not be coming until I have confirmation…but is speculating for me! Here is a great link to what we are expecting, what is rumored and what we are dreaming about for the next couple of years!

A look at Mercedes-Benz Future Products from Autoweek!

Power Easy-Entry for GL-Class Delayed!

power second row not available

The Power Easy-Entry function for the second row seat is not available for the 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class. The option code has been removed from all of the vehicles scheduled for production. Both sides of the rear seat will still tumble to allow access to the third row and the manual mechanism is easier to use than the previous generation. We do expect the option to be available starting with the 2014 model year.

Mercedes-Benz Electronic Stability Program Video

The history of Mercedes-Benz safety innovation is long and impressive. Mercedes-Benz introduced the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) back in 1995. It is easy to forget about it with all the flashy new features that can brake the car, alert the driver and talk back. I thought this video was the best explanation of a complicated, behind the scenes feature that everyone is using everyday and doesn’t even think about it!