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Topic: AMG Driving Academy
Win a Trip to the AMG Driving Academy!

Visit the MBUSA Facebook Page and Like It for a chance to win tickets to the AMG Driving Academy!

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I have attended a few times here in Atlanta and it is the only place you can really appreciate our AMG models!

2012 AMG Driving Academy Announced!

2012 amg academy us

The 2012 AMG Driving Academy is expanding to 5 locations this year! The AMG Driving Academy is an intensive, high-speed, performance driving school that allows participants to experience a selection of AMG vehicles to the fullest. Under the guidance of expert racing instructors, attendees gain top-level driving skills, experience thrills and adrenaline rushes usually reserved for pro racing drivers and form unforgettable memories and connections with other AMG and racing enthusiasts.

 I have been lucky enough to attend the event at Road Atlanta a couple of times and can’t say enough good things about the vehicles, the event and the staff! You can see some of my videos on my prior AMG Academy posts. I am bummed that I won’t get a chance to attend this year but I am excited that the folks in Texas and Florida will be getting an opportunity to attend closer to home!

If you have purchased an AMG vehicle in 2011 or 2012 you have already earned a complimentary seat at the Basic Training program! Visit the AMG Purchase Rewards site for all the details!

You can book seats through the AMG Dricing Academy website. This is a great gift for a driving enthusiast, and AMG owner, or for yourself! You will not be disappointed!

2012 AMG Academy

Mercedes-Benz AMG Driving Academy Sweepstakes – Win a trip to Laguna Seca!

Now is your chance! Mercedes-Benz is giving away a trip for you and 3 guests to attend the AMG Driving Academy in Laguna Seca before the end of the year! All you have to do is visit the MBUSA AMG Driving Academy Facebook Page, Like them and register to win! Make sure to share this with your Facebook friends…they can take you if they win! (and I would be happy to go again if you need a fourth!)

Enter now through September 15th. The winner wil be announced on September 21st and will receive:

  • Attendance for for paticipants at the AMG Driving Academy Basic Course in Laguna Seca
  • Round-Trip airfare for four from the nearest major airport
  • Two nights of hotel accommodations
  • Transportation from the hotel and airport
  • $500 check

The fine print says you can only enter once, must be 21 years of age or older and US residents to win. Good Luck!

For great videos about what you’ll learn at the Academy, take a look at the Tommy Kendall series at the MBUSA YouTube channel!

AMG Driving Academy Performance Video Series

Mercedes-Benz has begun posting a series of nine videos, hosted by Tommy Kendall, giving performance driving lessons. For those of you who can’t attend the AMG Driving Academy in person, this might be the next best thing!

AMG Driving Academy – My SLS Hot Laps

Here is the telemetry video that was recorded while I was doing hot laps in the SLS AMG. You can see speed, g-forces and my track position on the “dashboard” as well as my perspective and my face while driving! It looks like I am talking to myself the whole time…I am! I was repeating all of the instruction I had gotten throughout the day – Drift left here, apex, eyes up, spot the next cone, apex, accelerate hard,  BRAKE! Also, when the instructor comes over the radio it was not me who had been too aggressive, it was the car behind me.

The AMG Academy comes back to Road Atlanta on Friday – You can visit the AMG Academy website for all the details.

2011 AMG Driving Academy at Road Atlanta – I Was There!

Last Wednesday I was able to attend the 1-Day Basic Training at the AMG Driving Academy at Road Atlanta. It was even better than I remembered from last year! The vehicles we unbelievable – C63 AMG, E63 AMG, SLS AMG, SLK55 AMG – the staff was world class and the track was thrilling! All day the instructors  encouraged me to accelerate faster, brake harder and be more aggressive. In addition to having a great time, I think I also became a better driver. Here is the video I made during the event. Please pardon all the giggling…it is just so much fun!

There are still openings for the rest of the dates!


  • April 1, 2, 5, 7, 8 at Road Atlanta
  • May 12, 13, 14, 18 and  June 14, 15, 16 at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut
  • September, October and November Dates at Leguna Seca


  • April 3-4 at Road Atlanta
  • May 16-17 at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut
  • September 25-26 and October 23-24 at Leguna Seca


  • April 9-11 at Road Atlanta
  • November 10-12 at Leguna Seca

You can visit the website to contact the staff or book your dates. If you have an AMG you should go to see what your car can really do. If you are considering an AMG you should go to get  REAL test drive! Everyone should go – AMG owner or not!

Thank you AMG Driving Academy for an unparalleled experience!

AMG Driving Academy Comes to Road Atlanta – March and April Dates Available!

The AMG Driving Academy is an amazing opportunity to drive the Mercedes-Benz of your dreams! And it is here at Road Atlanta! What could be better – a world renowned driving school in our own backyard! I was thrilled to attend the academy last summer  – I posted a review as well as a video of my fast lap that you can view.

There are 3 levels of the AMG Driving Academy: The 1-Day Basic Training, the 2-Day Advanced Training, and the 3-Day Pro Training. All 3 levels give you the opportunity to drive the E63 AMG, SLK55 AMG, C63 AMG, SL63AMG, CLK63 Black Series and the SLS AMG!

At Road Atlanta the dates are:


  • March 14
  • March 15
  • March 16
  • April 1
  • April 2
  • April 5
  • April 7
  • April 8


  • April 3 & 4


  • April 9,10 & 11

You can also attend the AMG Driving Academy at Leguna Seca and Lime Rock Park. Collect all 3!

Contact the Academy through the website and the staff will be happy to get you registered. Don’t wait too long – the dates are filling up fast! This would be an exceptional early Mother’s or Father’s Day present! Anniversary? Birthday? Anything! It is a fantastic day that you will talk about for years to come! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

AMG Driving Academy for 2011

As an AMG Driving Academy graduate, I am a huge fan of the program and recommend it to everyone!

For 2011 the AMG Driving Academy has added a third US track – Lime Rock Park in Connecticut, to the already stellar lineup of  Laguna Seca and Road Atlanta. All three tracks offer a world-class experience! It looks like the Academy will be at Road Atlanta in March and April, Lime Rock in May and June and the Laguna Seca dates are still being finalized.

There is an early enrollment special available through January 15th that will save you 20%! Just in time to be a fantastic Christmas present for the AMG enthusiast in your life!

Also in 2011, the AMG Driving Academy Purchase Reward Program will allow free enrollment to the one-day Basic Program for customers who purchase or lease a new AMG vehicle after January 1st, 2011! You thought you liked your AMG before…wait until you see what they can really do on the track with skilled instructors!

You can visit the AMG Driving Academy website for all of the dates, rates and a detailed description of the 3 types of courses offered. Let me know if you sign up!

AMG Driving Academy at Road Atlanta

Since it was just released last week most people haven’t even seen an SLS AMG in person. Last weekend at the AMG Driving Academy at Road Atlanta we were able to do way more then just look at it. They had 6 SLS AMGs for us to run on the track. I’ll tell you that this is an amazing vehicle and almost 150 mph feels like nothing for this car.

We arrived at Road Atlanta early Sunday morning and were greeted by a parking lot full of AMGs. After breakfast and a quick driver meeting we broke into groups of 10 drivers and two instructors.

Our first exercise was practicing inducing understeer and oversteer in SL63s on the wet skidpad. With that much power, no ESP, and wet pavement it’s pretty easy to put in a little too much throttle and spin all the way around.

Next, we switched to the SLS for high speed braking and corning exercises. For this we accelerated the SLS as fast as we could from our start point down the hill into turn 10a. Arriving at the corner at just over 80mph we worked through using full ABS braking to stop in the shortest distance, then braking with the correct modulation to stop at the apex of the corner, and then finally doing the turn 10a and 10b combination.

Our next activity was a slalom run and drag race in the E63. For the drag race portion we were racing another student full out down the pit lane but we had to figure out the braking point that would stop our car first within a set of cones without overshooting. Then we switched to the C63s for the high speed braking and avoidance drill. The video below is from one of my runs. They had the instructors radio wired to broadcast through our cars all day so they could give us tips and instructions. Our instructor was really fun.

After lunch it was time to run the full track. We started out in the E63. In groups of 2 or 3 we followed an instructor around the track. They placed cones around the track to show us the ideal turn-in, apex and track-out points. It was really humbling to see how fast the instructors could go while giving us instructions over the radio and watching us in their mirrors. Later they took us on a high speed taxi ride in a C63. Hopefully powersliding and using the curbs the way they did is covered in the two-day advanced class. Between taxi rides, they put us by ourselves in a CLK63 Black Series that was setup with cameras and data acquisition. I’ll be sure to post my video in a few days when the send it to us.

Then it was time to run the track in the SLS. We had great luck and were in a group with just one other car meaning that we had more time in front (behind the instructor). They really let us push pretty hard. On the back straight we were above 140mph before braking for turn 10a. Our group was fast enough that we caught and passed the other half of our larger group that were also in the SLS.

We ended our day with a flat out timed run in the SLK55 on the autocross course. I put in a respectable time but didn’t manage to win the Helmet or iPad that they gave as prizes. It was a great day and I highly recommend that you sign up for this event if you really want to see what Mercedes-Benz and AMG are capable of. To sign up just go to

My Favorite SLS AMG

With 6 SLS AMGs to pick from this weekend this is my favorite color combination. Designo Diamond White with 2-tone Porcelain/Black interior.

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