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The 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class and BlueEFFICIENCY

Blue equals Green at Mercedes-Benz. From our fuel sipping BlueTEC diesels to the new S400 BlueHYBRID and now BlueEFFICIENCY, Mercedes is very focused on being environmentally friendly. BlueEFFICIENCY is a term that Mercedes-Benz is using to describe a push toward making current vehicles more energy efficient and reducing emissions without sacrificing comfort, safety and style. From using recyclable materials to being more aerodynamic, Mercedes-Benz vehicles can be greener even while burning fossil fuels. This video shows a few of the measures that went into developing the 2010 E-Class using BlueEFFICIENCY principles.

Mercedes-Benz Thinking GREEN Website

Mercedes-Benz has always had an eye on being a green company. From the vehicles they build to the factories they build them in, Mercedes is environmentally responsible and forward thinking. They have recently updated a portion of to highlight some of their accomplishments. The Thinking GREEN section talks about the clean-burning diesel vehicles, the flex-fuel capability of the C-Class and the upcoming hybrid models. It also delves into manufacturing process and corporate initiatives. I found this to be very informative. You can visit it directly here.

2010 Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid

160Newton Meters = 118 Lb-Ft of Torque

Mercedes plans to release the 2010 S400 BlueHYBRID for sale in the United States this fall. The vehicle will look almost identical to the S550 but should average about 30 miles per gallon and lower emissions substantially!

The S400 will use a “mild hybrid” system that allows the battery to provide a boost to the engine when running and also restart the engine when it shuts off at a stop. Mercedes is using is a Lithium Ion battery pack, which is lighter and more efficient than the usual nickel-metal-hydride battery other manufacturers are using. The German Automobile Association and Europe’s largest car club, the ADAC, awarded its Yellow Angel award for the Innovation & Environment category for the use of this lithium ion battery technology. I thought this article from was informative.

Fifth Gear recently reviewed a Smart Car that uses this shutting-off-at-a-stop system and said it was seamless. This system is demonstrated at 2:30 min in.

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Mercedes 2010 GLK350 – Crash Testing & Design

2010 Mercedes S400 Hybrid

FYI -160 Newton-Meters = 118 lb-ft of Torque

We are expecting the S400 Hybrid to arrive in the US in “mid-2009.” I do not yet have the options list or the pricing for this new model. I am very excited that Mercedes is rolling out new green technologies. I have always been a big fan of our clean diesels but right now the focus in the US has shifted to hybrids and I am sure Mercedes will do it better than anyone!

XM & Sirius Merge – Listen To Both In Your Mercedes

Owners of 2008 and newer Mercedes can now add “The Best of XM” to their existing account. However, some vehicles will require a trip to the shop for updated software.

If you have a 2008 or 2009 S/CL-Class or a 2009 SL/SLK/E/CLS/M/R/GL-Class with a Command head unit your software update should be available mid-October.

If you have a 2008 E/CLS/SLK-Class with a Command head unit the software update is currently being tested and they are hoping to have it available by the beginning of November.

All other 2008 and 2009 vehicles should receive “The Best of XM” without a software update.

Mercedes AMG Engine Factory

Every AMG owner enjoys their car’s hand built motor. Watch this great video to see just how they do it.

iPhone Cradle For Your Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz iPhone Cradle

Mercedes has just released information about a new cradle that will now fully integrate your iPhone with your Mercedes. As you can see in the photo above this will include a full cradle designed specifically for the iPhone.

Currently, you can connect your iPhone to the vehicle via the iPod connector (Code 057) and control your music through the steering wheel controls. When you get a phone call, the music will stop and you can receive the call. With this new iPhone connector it looks like you’ll be able to toggle between the two functions and see the data on the main command screen rather than just the multi-function dispaly. Also, the antenna connection will help to boost you phone’s signal. Additionally, this cradle will provide charging and a secure mounting location for your iPhone.

The press release from Mercedes doesn’t specifically say that this will only be available for 2009 or newer cars and the fact that they list the CLK as one of the cars it will work with makes me think that it might be available for several models going back a couple years. Mercedes also did not list this cradle being available for the GL, G or SLK Class models. A lot of this press release was specific to European cars and the option code does not show up in my dealer ordering guide yet. More info to come as the 2009′s start to arrive in August!

Mercedes Updates iPod interface for 2009

2009 Mercedes iPod Kit

The previous iPod kit available for 2008 and older vehicles replaced the AUX jack in the glovebox. It could only connect to iPods or iPhones and the folders and songs were only displayed in the multifunction display in the insturment cluster.
The new iPod/MP3 Media Interface Cable will replace the old system. This cable has plug-ins, for the iPod and for any MP3 Player! The display will now be on the Command (Navigation) screen and should be much easier to use. I saw it work on the 2009 SL. This will be part of the Premium 1 Package for all of the 2009 SUV’s, the SL’s and the CLS’s.

Diesels are Clean and Green!

There was a great article at AOL Autos today about the advances that have been made in diesel technology. Maybe with enough good publicity everyone will come to understand diesel and love it as much as I do!

Highlights from the article…

“One automaker at the forefront of the clean-diesel movement is Mercedes-Benz. The E320 BLUETEC boasts 40 percent better fuel mileage than a comparable gasoline-powered model, and its EPA city/highway rating of 27/37 mpg means it can cruise more than 700 miles on a single tank of fuel, said Patrik Borenius, manager of advanced product planning for Mercedes.

With a city/highway rating of 21/28 mpg, the R320 CDI gets 32 percent better fuel economy, while the ML320 CDI sport utility (rated at 21/27 mpg) provides a 26 percent improvement. Both CDI models have a cruising range of over 600 miles before refueling.”The new clean-diesel engines provide three key benefits,” Borenius said. “It’s a more fuel-efficient technology, so the customer gets better gas mileage; it offers environmental benefits by producing less carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses, and it’s one of the answers to the energy issue, in terms of reducing our dependence on foreign oil.”

In April, the E320 BLUETEC was named the “2007 World Green Car” at the 2007 New York International Auto Show.

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