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Topic: Mercedes Technology
Mercedes-Benz SPLITVIEW Introduced for S and CL

Mercedes S-Class SPLITVIEW

There has been rumor for months that the SPLITVIEW Front-Seat Entertainment system would be coming to the US market for the S and CL. It is official! It is now an orderable option. If you have an S or CL on order you may be able to add this option depending on its order status.

SPLITVIEW allows the driver and passenger to view two different sources on the same COMAND screen. The driver can control all of the normal COMAND functions like radio, navigation and phone while the passenger can use headphones and a remote to watch DVD video on the same screen!

State law prohibits this system on vehicles registered in AL, AZ, CO, IL, LA, MD, MA, NH, PA, VT, VA, WA, WV and WI. But we can have it in Georgia!

SPLITVIEW – Code 867 – $700 – Order now!

If you purchase a car with this option, your dealer’s service department will still need to activate it for you once you have acknowledged that you understand the legal requirements for using it in your state.

ML450 HYBRID – Fuel Door Button

2010 ML450 Hybrid Fuel Door Release Button

I had been very curious about the fuel filler flap release button on the ML450 HYBRID that the local Mercedes-Benz technical specialist has been driving. I finally got an answer!

In order to comply with the PZEV emissions standards – zero evaporative emissions – this button triggers the fuel tank to depressurize before the cap is removed so that vapors don’t escape. The ML 450’s increased fuel efficency means that the fuel tank isn’t opened as often as it would be in a non-hybrid so increased pressure could build up and therefore needs this extra step!

Just a little Mercedes minutiae…that I enjoy!

Mercedes-Benz History And Future Of Passenger Safety

If you ask most people which car company was the first to use seat belts, airbags, and electronic stability systems in their cars they would probably credit another European automaker that is always hyping thier safety. Since a Mercedes-Benz is so much more than just the safest car on the road, their rich history of pioneering safety innovations is often overlooked. We invented airbags, crash testing, stability control and now Attention Assist all with the goal of first, preventing the accident, and then keeping you safe from injury if it can’t be prevented.

Formula One KERS and S400 Hybrid

7.9 Liters/100Km = 30mpg

2010 ML450 Hybrid at Atlanta Classic Cars!

2010 Mercedes ML450 Hybrid

A 2010 ML450 Hybrid was dropped off at the dealership yesterday! It was picked up by one of the Mercedes-Benz technical executives but I was excited to get a sneak peak. It looks a lot like the 2010 ML350 that was dropped off right afterwards but it does have a few striking differences.

2010 Mercedes ML450 Hybrid New Hood

Sculpted Hood – It has a very angular power dome hood that looks fantastic. It had to be that way to make room for the 180 pounds of extra electronics under the hood.

2010 Mercedes ML450 Hybrid engine cover

Under the hood – The engine cover is pretty extreme. The battery is in the back where the spare tire would be so this has run-flats.

2010 Mercedes ML450 Hybrid Fuel door release

Fuel Door Release Button – I don’t yet know why this is the only Mercedes that has one!

I was able to go for a test drive and the ride is fantastic! Much like the diesel, if you didn’t know it was hybrid you really wouldn’t notice any difference in the way it drives. It is obviously a little quieter when the gas motor is off but with the radio on you can’t tell when it turnes the engine on and off. The power was fantastic. It didn’t feel heavy or lacking in any way. The brake feel is different than our other vehicles because they are electric but it stopped just fine.

2010 Mercedes ML450 Hybrid insturment cluster display

I look forward to introducing the first Mercedes Hybrid to a new group of clients!

My Review: 2010 E-Class Sedan (997) Driver Assistance Package

2010 E-Class Distronic Plus Cluster

I have been driving the 2010 E-Class every day since it was released last week and I am growing to appreciate it more and more. I am especially enamored with the new Drivers Assistance Package. I have always been a big fan of the technology and gadgets in our cars but Distronic always seemed a little too expensive and not entirely useful if you don’t spend all of your time on the highway. The upgrade to Distronic Plus and the addition of other features to this package has changed my mind!

The (997) Driver Assistance Package is priced at $2900 and consists of
– Distronic Plus with PRE-SAFE Brake
– Blind Spot Assist
– Lane Keeping Assist

Let’s take them one at a time…
Distronic Plus with PRE-SAFE Brake – Distronic is the radar adaptive cruise control system that we have had for years. It uses radar sensors mounted behind the front grille to sense the car in front of you and maintain a set following distance. So, if you set your cruise at 70 mph and a car in front of you slows to 60 mph, you also slow to 60 mph until that car speeds up or you switch to an open lane and you’ll resume 70 mph. The Plus part of Distronic Plus is that it works down to a complete stop. This is amazing and takes a little time to fully trust. For example, I drive home on a fast highway with 4 stoplights. I set the cruise at 70 and followed the car in front of me at a distance of about 100 yards. As the car in front of me slows and comes to a stop for the first traffic light the 2010 E350 also slows to a complete stop. The system’s following distance is proportional to your speed so you it will bring you to a stop at a normal distance from the car that you are following. If the system keeps you stopped for more than a couple seconds you just have to just tap the gas to resume your previously set maximum speed and following distance. For anyone who spends any time on the highways around Atlanta this feature will completely change your driving experience. Since this system will allow you to use the ‘cruise control’ in many more situations I would also expect to see an increase in fuel mileage versus a E-Class not using this system.

2010 E-Class Distronic Plus Sensor

PRE-SAFE Brake uses the same radar systems to constantly monitor the area in front of your E-Class. Using its long, medium, and short range radar systems it can detect objects as far as 200 yards in front of your vehicle. Pre-Safe braking is deployed in three stages. When the car detects that you are 2.6 seconds from an impact you will receive an audible and visual alert. At 1.6 seconds to impact there are 3 audible alerts and the system will automatically apply 40% of maximum power and activate the other reversible PRE-SAFE protection features like adjusting seat position, tensioning seat belts, and closing the windows. If the driver doesn’t press the brake pedal or swerve to avoid the collision at 0.6 seconds to impact PRE-SAFE Braking will apply the maximum braking force to greatly reduce the severity of a collision.

Another manufacturer is advertising a system like this but it only works at speeds below about 20 mph. Our system works on moving objects when you’re traveling from 19mph to 124mph and on stationary objects when you’re traveling below 44mph. Just like seatbelts, airbags, and ABS brakes this technology that is now exclusive to Mercedes-Benz will someday be standard on every vehicle, as it will certainly save lives.

2010 E-Class Blind Spot Assist
300cm = 9.8ft & 50cm = 20in

Blind Spot Assist – This system uses radar sensors in the rear bumper to monitor your blind spot on both sides of the car. When you start the vehicle a little orange triangle in the side-view mirrors illuminates to let you know the system is active. While you are driving the mirror is clear unless there is a car in your blind spot. Then you will see a red triangle. If you attempt to change lanes with a red triangle illuminated, the red triangle begins to flash and the car beeps twice to alert you. This has been incredibly useful for me these last few days as the car I have been driving has all of the MSRP stickers blocking my view. I can see this feature being incredible helpful to everyone, but especially for those of shorter stature or with limited movement in their necks.

2010 E-Class Blind Spot Assist

Lane Keep Assist – Using a windshield mounted camera, Lane Keeps Assist alerts you when you are drifting out of your lane. It takes into account your speed and turning angle to only alert you when you are unintentionally changing lanes. It uses three short vibrations in the steering wheel that feel a lot like rumble strips and are only noticeable to the driver. The system can also distinguish between solid and broken white lines and vary its alert timing. This system operates above 37mph so you won’t have to worry about it annoying you in parking lots. The system will also not activate if it believes that you are intentionally crossing based on your turn signal, brake, and accelerator usage.

2010 E-Class Lane Keeping Assist Camera

All in all I think the (997) Driver Assistance Package is amazing technology that really does represent the future of the automobile. It makes perfect sense for the car to take an active role in keeping you and your family safe. For most of us these are not options that we think we HAVE to have, but I think once you have them you will never want a car without them again. If you’re in the Atlanta area I would be happy to give you a demonstration!

Mercedes-Benz F-Cell Hydrogen Vehicle Development

I was able to visit the Fuel Cell Development center when I visited Germany last year. I saw all of the vehicles that they show in this video and went for a ride in one of the fuel cell equipped B-Classes. It was seamless, impressive and entirely believable as a daily driver. Mercedes has also put fuel cells into commercial busses and delivery vehicles all over Europe. As this technology gains recognition and passes all of these tests it may become the most viable of the alternative fuel sources available now.

Mercedes-Benz C300 vs. Tree

I thought that these pictures spoke volumes about the safety of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The crumple zones, high strength steel frame, airbags and careful design save lives everyday. Luckily, we don’t get to see it in action often!

A customer of Atlanta Classic Cars went off the side of the road, overcorrected, crossed the road and hit a tree head-on at about 50 miles per hour. She had some surgery on her hand and her leg but will make a full recovery. The fireman told her husband that the tree tried to kill her and the car saved her life.

Notice in the pictures how some of the engine moved up and some moved down but nothing entered the passenger cabin. The most amazing thing to me is that all four doors open smoothly. With the entire front end crumpled, the passenger compartment was not compromised. Except for the mud, the inside of the car looks almost new!

And the story has a happy ending…She bought a brand new C300 over the weekend!

Mercedes S400 Hybrid Technology Video

Mercedes-Benz MHI iPhone Cradle – Tested

Mercedes-Benz MHI iPhone Cradle

A customer e-mailed me last week to ask if the iPhone cradle they saw on Ebay would work in their car. Even though I had written about this part when Mercedes announced it I had never actually used one. I had my parts department order one for me and was able to test it today.

This cradle is designed to plug into the MHI port in most 2007-2008 vehicles and the 2009 S and CL. Any car that would use a bluetooth adaptor, what I call a “puck,” could use this cradle. This cradle is NOT compatible with the 3G iPhone. The 3G iPhone is too wide to fit into the cradle. There is a rumor of a 3G version but it doesn’t seem to be avaliable in the US yet. So, you plug the cradle into the car, synch the bluetooth and you now have a bluetooth adaptor that will also charge your iPhone as opposed to the normal puck that does not charge your iPhone. That seems to be the main benefit.

The instruction booklet also states that “If your vehicle is equipped with an iPod Integration Kit, it is possible to access the iPod functions of the iPhone in the cradle via the COMAND system…after an additional connection between the cradle and the iPod Integration Kit has been installed. A competent installation by a qualified specialist workshop must be performed for the connection of the iPhone Cradle to the iPod Interface Kit.” What that means is that you can’t just plug it in and start using it as both the phone and the iPod. You would have to take it out of the cradle and plug it into the kit to play music unless you pay the labor (and parts?) at the shop for them to re-wire it.

Mercedes-Benz MHI iPhone Cradle S-Class

Also, I thought the plug on the side of the cradle (show above on the left) looked familiar. It is the same plug that the Multimedia Interface Cable or iPod/MP3 Adaptor Cable uses to plug into 2009 vehicles with the NTG 2.5 COMAND system (2009 ML, GL, R, E, SL, SLK). If you unplug the Multimedia Interface Cable and plug in the iPhone cradle you can access the iPod functionality of the iPhone and stay connected via bluetooth (shown below). This is not an improvement. You can already plug the iPhone directly into the Multimedia Interface Cable and do the same thing. The instruction booklet makes no mention of this extra cord on the side. Strange.

Mercedes-Benz MHI iPhone Cradle

So, in summary… You cannot use this accessory with the 3G iPhone. You cannot use it with a 2008 or 2009 C-Class (no MHI). It is pretty useless for a 2009 ML, GL, R, E, SL and SLK. If you use an iPhone and would like it to charge in the car and you drive a 2007-2009 S or CL or a 2007-2008 E, ML, GL, or SL you might like it. Please consult with your parts department to definitely determine compatibility.

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