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Topic: Customer Testimonials
2013 Mercedes-Benz E350 – Roadtrip!

2013 E350 feuel economy

I went on a holiday roadtrip in my new 2013 Mercedes-Benz E350! It was cold, snowy, windy and rainy but the car did a great job! I felt safe and warm the whole time. My fuel economy is a little bit down from past trips but I think that was due to the rough weather and a very full trunk of presents!

In other fuel economy news, a 2012 E350 bluetec purchased here about a year ago is getting 40 mpg!  Thanks for sharing Hunter!

Customer Testimonial – My 2011 E350!

26 mpg 2011 E350

The lease on my 2011 E350 is up this month so I took it out for one last road trip! 5 days, more than 1800 miles and a little bit of mud later we are back in Georgia. The E350 averaged nearly 26 mpg in mixed driving - about 1500 highway and another 300 in town. I am still impressed with the comfort, handling and good looks of this vehicle. I might miss it a little when I turn it in!

Black 2011 E350

Customer Testimonial – 2011 E350 Wagon!

Mindy Green, proprietor of Wolfgang's Restaurant & Wine Bistro in Highlands, North Carolina, wanted to share her good experience with Atlanta Classic Cars, the European Delivery Program and her wagon named Lizzie!

Mercedes European Delivery 4Matic wagon E350

I bought my first Mercedes from another dealership.  My husband bought his from Atlanta Classic so I started to bring my in for service there.  They did such an incredible job that when I got my new Mercedes I bought from Atlanta Classic.  We did not even go to any other dealership to look.  My husband did a European delivery and we liked it so much we did it with my car.  Jesse is our sales rep and she has been incredible to work with.  Not only did she keep us up to date while buying, I can still call her with questions and she helps me.  My service rep Kim is also incredible.  She knows what she is doing!!!!  I highly recommend this dealership for all you car needs!!!

-Mindy Green

My 2011 Mercedes-Benz E350 Roadtrip – 28.0 MPG!

My 2011 E350 and I took a roadtrip to Illinois this weekend. It was an extremely comfortable ride and I was very impressed with the fuel economy. Officially rated at 24 miles per gallon on the highway, my E-Class far exceeded that!

This is my trip odometer on the way up (sorry for the blur): 28.0 MPG @ average speed of 68 for 588 miles.and this is on the way home:The final total was 1456 miles at 26.1 MPG! That includes 1300 miles of highway and 156 miles of in town driving. I got close to 500 miles on a single tank before the low fuel indicator lamp was illuminated. I also experienced the Attention Assist notification for the first time. I highly recommend the E-Class for all of you long distance drivers!

Mercedes-Benz Impact Stories

Mercedes-Benz USA has posted several short films, featuring real Mercedes-Benz owners who walked away from serious accidents thanks to their vehicles.  These owners are just some of the hundreds that regularly contact Mercedes-Benz with wonderful stories of survival and perspective.

I've heard many similar stories firsthand as clients of our collision center come in to purchase their next Mercedes-Benz. It is absolutely amazing how these cars can absorb and deflect energy to keep the occupants safe!

You can view all of the videos and even submit your own story here. If you are the type to cry at Hallmark commercials I wouldn't watch these at work!

Road Trip in the 2007 ML320 CDI!

Last week I drove my 2007 ML320 CDI to Illinois for a family visit. It was a great trip and I thought I would share the achievements of the ML.

Fuel Economy: 24.2 mpg cruising at 75 mph on the way there. I filled up in Atlanta and could have made it all the way to Champaign on a single tank! I did fill up in Tennessee when I stopped for lunch...just because the prices were pretty good.

Cargo Capacity: The ML is officially listed at 72.4 cubic feet with the second row folded flat. For the return trip that turned out to be just enough room for 2 suitcases and a baby pool full of hostas!

As always, I highly recommend our diesels for their outstanding fuel economy, passenger comfort and environmental friendliness!

Customer Testimonial – 2010 E550 Coupe

E550 Coupe Customer Testimonial


Thanks for helping me acquire my second Mercedes-Benz! Since I had to order the E550 coupe, I honestly didn't know what to expect. You were very helpful in guiding my decision process around the right options in the car and my expectations were exceeded. Also, during the process of waiting for the car to arrive you were very good about communicating the steps in the process and thus keeping me informed.

You won my business away from Audi and BMW, as I had considered the S5 and the 335i. Besides the fact that the E550 coupe is an incredible car, I feel confident knowing that Atlanta Classic Cars stands confidently behind it. The car represents a huge technological leap and excellence in performance and luxury. Two of my favorite things about the car (and my friends have noted this as well) is how smooth and quiet the car is. The technology is incredible - I'm really impressed with the automatic brights, the backup camera, and the seamless audio/phone integration and the navigation/COMAND system. I love the pillarless design and the panoramic roof (in addition to the power and technology) - passengers have commented that they really enjoy the back seats which is unusual for a coupe. From someone who has had an M3 coupe as well, I can say this is a unique comment for a coupe!

I hope to be a repeat customer. P.S. Thanks for the Pirelli P-zero tires! 🙂

Chris M.
Duluth, GA
Customer Testimonial – European Delivery – 2010 E350

Jesse -

What a fantastic experience we had with the European Delivery Program! Everything went very smoothly. We took the TGV from Paris to Stuttgart, which is a great town. The hotel is literally right across from the train station - very nice and very conveniently located. We used our taxi vouchers for the ride to the plant the next morning. Everyone at the delivery center was very nice, and it was so exciting to see them pull my car out onto the delivery floor! We had an amazing tour of the factory and a very nice lunch after that.

Mercedes European Delivery Program

We really enjoyed having a car in Europe. It made it possible to see a lot of things we would never have seen otherwise, and we could go at our own pace. Driving in Europe was not too confusing or difficult.

When we got back to Paris to drop off the car, TT Auto was very easy to find. There are signs directing people right to their location inside the airport.

I'm attaching a few pictures. The first one shows them pulling my car onto the delivery floor. The second one shows me (very happily!) signing the papers. The third one shows what a great job the Mercedes employees do of teaching you about your new car. The next one shows us leaving a French chateau during the trip, and the last one is us dropping the car off at the airport.

Mercedes European Delivery Program

Before the end of the trip, we were already talking about "next time." We are so glad we did this!

Margot Ireson
Houston, TX
Repeat Customer – Testimonial

GL450 Owner Atlanta Classic Cars Testimonial

Dear Jesse,

More than three years ago I walked out of ... (another Atlanta Mercedes Dealer) ... due to poor product knowledge and service, and drove 45 minutes to Atlanta Classic Cars. It is the best move I could have made, thanks to you.

Since then you have thrilled me with the purchase of my S550 and, most recently, the GL450. Your attention to details, expertise and service is unlike any other I have ever experienced. Thank you for caring so much about your customers, your dealership and the brand you represent. It all shows, and it all makes a huge difference. You are the competitive advantage!

My experience with you is why I continue to make that 45-minute drive for service at the dealership. You are personally representative of how every little thing works as it should at Atlanta Classic Cars. I'm sure your team is proud of you and for you. Please let me know if there is ever anything I can do to help you, as you have helped me so much. Know assuredly you have my business for life. On to the SL...

All kind regards,
Patrick T. Davis
Atlanta, GA
Customer Testimonial – CLK350 Coupe

This is the second Mercedes I've purchased from Jesse in the past 3 years and I'm looking forward to making my next car purchase the third Mercedes I get from her. In addition, over the past 18 years I've purchased 9 cars and Jesse is to only person I've purchased more than one car from.

The reason I have and will continue to come back to Jesse to purchase new Mercedes Benzs is because of the outstanding customer service she provides. I had a very difficult schedule when making this recent purchase, my lease was about due, I was traveling Monday - Friday to the west coast, and often working through the weekend. Because Jesse took time to know me as a person, my preferences in cars, what I would want to have in my next Mercedes, and what my schedule was and then made the time to accommodate that schedule, I was able to get the exact car I wanted in under a few hours - including signing all of the paper work! And I love my new Mercedes.

I've also come to appreciate the customer service Jesse provides in the years between my purchases such as the reminders of important dates in my and my car's 'life', such as my drivers license renewal date (one I would probably have otherwise forgotten). Jesse has made me feel important and a part of the Atlanta Classic Cars and Mercedes Benz families.

Again, I look forward to purchasing my next car from Jesse and will encourage those I know to do the same.

All the Best,

Nathan Ives
Acworth, GA
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