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ECO Display in my 2013 Mercedes-Benz E350

From the Owners’ Manual:

“The ECO display gives you information on how economical your driving style is. The ECO display assists you in achieving the optimum driving style in terms of consumption, taking the actual and selected conditions into consideration. Your driving style can significantly influence the vehicle’s consumption.

The ECO display consists of three bars:

  • Acceleration (moderate acceleration especially at high speed)
  • Constant (Constant speed and avoidance of unnecessary acceleration and deceleration)
  • Coasting (Drive with care and remove your foot from the accelerator pedal in good time: the vehicle can coast without braking)

The percent value is the average value of the three bars. The three bars and the mean value begin at the value of 50%. A higher percentage indicates a more economical driving style.”

I have been watching my ECO Display while driving all month. The picture above is the best I have been able to acheive during my morning commute. This is all surface streets with stop lights and stop signs. I have seen it as low as 0% and as high as 75% but I usually end up between 40% and 45%.

The ECO Display is accessed by the steering wheel controls. When you can see the odometer push the up or down arrows until you see the ECO Display. Has anyone else tried using this screen to drive more economically? I think I will get about 20 more miles on this tank of fuel than I usually do…not a big improvement.

2014 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG 4Matic – Car and Driver Review

“The 2014 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG’s S model offers almost 600 horsepower, but we bet few people are terribly disappointed that it’s actually 23 shy. And with 590 lb-ft of torque testing the traction limits on all four tires, it’s hard to feel anything but a giddy sense of awe.”

“In a masterstroke of customer understanding, Mercedes will offer E63 wagon buyers—i.e., enlightened lunatics—only the higher-output tune.”

“Our tech department’s educated guess predicts that the E63 can hit 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds, the S in 3.3, and either version can complete a quarter-mile blitzkrieg in less than 12 seconds.”

Read the full article at

2014 Mercedes-Benz E250 Bluetec, E350, E400 and E550 First Drive by Automobile

2014 E350 redesign

“But the new turbo-diesel is a fuel-sipping smoothie, with 195 horses and 369  lb-ft of torque. At a steady highway pace through the swelling hills of  Catalonia, we managed 44 mpg, a remarkable gain over today’s E350 Bluetec. Another economic upside: Mercedes confirmed that the rear-wheel-drive E250  Bluetec will become the most affordable E-class of all, undercutting the current  E350 Bluetec’s $53,105 base price.”

“Sedan, wagon, coupe or cabriolet, the E-class’s reworked body impressed everyone from journalists to janitors at Detroit’s auto show in January. With additions  where it counts – a sinuous, air-slurping front end – and the tasteful  subtraction of the clumsy pontoon rear fender, Mercedes’ oft-criticized sedan styling language is suddenly speaking sexy.”

“The enriched cabin gets a restyled dashboard and gauges, a handsome analog  clock, aluminum-look switches, and striking wood or metal trim. There’s a  heightened sense of fit-and-finish; corners and joints are executed with a  precision nearly befitting an S-class.”

“With the carryover V-6 a known quantity, we honed in on the intriguing high-low  matchup between the bi-turbo six and the underdog diesel. Mercedes figures a  7.9-second squirt from 0 to 62 mph for the E250 diesel, but the car had no  trouble passing dawdlers and its four cylinders were impressively muted.”

Read the full review at Automobile online.

2014 E-class restyle

2014 Mercedes-Benz E350, E550, E400 and E250 Bluetec First Drive by Edmunds

2014 mercedes redesign

“The 2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class is a midcycle refresh, and the face-lift is most obvious in the front, where more gracefully contoured headlights perch above larger air intakes, softening the more severe, conservative look of the outgoing E-Class’ nose.”

Get your V8-powered non-AMG E-Class while you can. The stonking, 402-horsepower twin-turbo V8-powered E550 will still be available in 2014, but it won’t last long. In 2015 the E550 will be dropped. In its place will be the E400, powered by a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 that generates 329 hp and 354 pound-feet of torque.”

“Although it gives up 31 lb-ft of midrange torque to the erstwhile E350 Bluetec, the four-cylinder turbodiesel makes for a surprisingly good facsimile of the bigger engine. Torque builds seamlessly even from very low revs and there’s no shortage of thrust. Its indifferent soundtrack doesn’t stir the soul, though many people may not be able to peg it as a diesel simply by the way it sounds. There’s zero clatter and no smoke. Modern diesels have become remarkably refined, and this one’s no exception.”

“We also took a turn in the upcoming 2015 Mercedes-Benz E400 and found that the biturbo-6 moves it with authority. It transitions into boost imperceptibly, never feeling flat-footed, and strides to the redline with enthusiasm.”

Read the full review at

2014 E-Class interior

2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Video!

I do love that Red Wagon! More details in the Future Vehicles Section at

AutoWeek Reviews the 2014 Mercedes-Benz E63AMG S-model 4Matic

Mercedes E63 s-series

“The sculptured front end gives it an even more distinctive look than its  predecessor and helps to separate it visually from the standard E-class.”

“In range-topping S-model specification, which replaces the performance package  option, AMG’s forced induction unit kicks out 577 hp and 590 lb-ft — 25 hp and  89 lb-ft more than the BMW M5’s twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 and 21 hp and 40  lb-ft more than the CTS-V’s supercharged 6.2-liter V8.”

“The result is more dependable feel on challenging back roads, something that  allows the driver to delve further into the E63 AMG S-model 4Matic’s considerable performance with greater confidence than ever before.”

“It is the consummate all-season supercar for the family man.”

Read the full review at AutoWeek online.

mercedes E63 white

2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedan and Wagon – New Colors – Hyacinth Red and Covelline Blue

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class is ready to order! Our first 2014 E-Classes are scheduled to be built in March with an expected late spring release date. Now is the time to get your order in if you want to be the first one on the block with a refreshed E-Class! A lot of the options and colors carried over from the 2013 but there are two new colors coming – Hyacinth Red Metallic (code 996) and Covelline Blue Metallic (code 585).

These are the swatches from the ordering guide:

I have not seen either color in person yet so I cannot interpret them for you. I think the Hyacinth Red might be the same color featured on the 2014 CLA-Class pictures shown on the future models page.

So, if you have had Black, White and Silver…maybe it is time to branch out!

2014 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG!

Silver E63

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG 4MATIC is everywhere this week! Official pictures have been released, details are being confirmed and it will debut at the Detroit Auto Show next week!

Siver E63

2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe and Cabriolet

Redesigned E-Class coupe and cabriolet

The 2014 E-Class Coupe and Cabriolet have been added to the Future Models section at There is a great gallery of images along with lots of new details! The 2013 models will stop production this spring and the new models should arrive this “summer.”

Key Highlights

  • New exterior styling, with more aggressive lines and single-rib front sports grille
  • New LED headlamps with integrated LED Daytime Running Lamps, and new LED taillamps
  • New interior featuring a redesigned dashboard and gauges, plus new upholstery colors and combinations
  • Advanced 7-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters
  • Sophisticated AGILITY CONTROL and sport-tuned Dynamic Handling suspensions
  • Available 4MATIC® all-wheel-drive technology
  • Next-generation ATTENTION ASSIST driver drowsiness monitor
  • New PRE-SAFE® PLUS for added protection in rear-end collisions
  • Optional Driver Assistance Package featuring DISTRONIC PLUS adaptive cruise control with Steering Assist and PRE-SAFE Brake, plus Active Blind Spot Assist and Active Lane Keeping Assist
  • Available PARKTRONIC with enhanced Active Parking Assist
Motor Trend Comparison: 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL450 vs. 2012 E350 Wagon!

What a fun test! I’ve never had anyone directly comparing these two models but anything that draws attention to our great wagon is fantastic! You can create your own comparisons at the MBUSA site.

2013 E350 wagon

“Many kids grow up with minivans and sedans, but the lucky ones spend time riding  in the third-row jump seat of an E-Class wagon. The seats, which are located in  the cargo area and face backward, provide a cocoon-like environment where the  rear hatch window gives a unique outside view.”

“On the other hand, the GL’s more conventional third row seems spacious and  welcoming enough for passengers as tall as Big Bird.”

“And while the GL450 provides a higher seating position, visibility is slightly  better in the E350 wagon, making it much easier to maneuver around texting  tweens in a mall parking lot or to stay within SoCal’s narrow freeway lanes.”

“Not only is the GL surprisingly fast, but it sounds quite good, too — drive  with the windows and sunroof open and the combination of the deep exhaust growl  and faint turbo whine provides a strangely entertaining sense that you’re  driving a refined city bus.”

Read the full article at Motor Trend Online to find out who wins!

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