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Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance Enhancements Beginning January 1, 2011!

The Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance Program has always been a wonderful convenience for our owners. Introduced in 1982 to the US market, this program has grown to handle more than 900,000 roadside calls every year! By using Mercedes-Benz vehicles, employees and parts to respond to these calls Mercedes-Benz is providing industry leading quality!

There have always been 3 Sign and Drive services:

  • Flat Tire – put on spare tire or fill flat with TIREFIT
  • Dead Battery- jump start
  • Out of Gas – provide a small quantity of fuel

Additional Roadside Services include:

  • Towing for problems covered under warranty
  • Trip Interruption to defray costs if repairs are needed more than 300 miles from home
  • Trip Routing

These services are complimentary to our owners by dialing 1 800 FOR MERC, or using the mbrace or tele-aid systems.

If you purchased your Mercedes-Benz vehicle before 1/4/11 the program will stay if effect, the same as it has always been, for the current owner.

Under the new program, these services are unchanged during the warranty period. Additionally, towing will be complimentary for all eligible customers both in and out of warranty for both service and collision needs. To accommodate these enhancements Mercedes-Benz has added in eligibility requirements once you are out of the warranty period.

We’ll always be there to help when you need it. If you meet the eligibility requirements, the service will be complimentary. If you don’t, then you can simply pay for the services provided. The goal is to be better able to service all Mercedes-Benz owners for years to come!

Setting the Clock In Your Mercedes-Benz

The time change is this weekend and there are always lots of questions about how to set the clock in your Mercedes-Benz. I have addressed this before in more detail but thought I would update it with pictures! Mercedes-Benz USA has also posted a very good video for setting the clock in vehicles with COMAND.

How to set the clock in most 2009 and newer Mercedes-Benz:

Once you have that selected you can simply hit the back button to get back to the main screen. As always, I would be happy to set it for you if you are in the neighborhood.

Upgrading from Tele-Aid to mbrace!

Mercedes-Benz mbrace
For all of you who have a Mercedes that has had, or currently has a Tele-Aid system, mbrace is offering a special introductory package. $299 will get you a lifetime subscription to mbrace! This is a limited time offer and requires registration before the vehicle can be brought to the service department for conversion. The cost of cenversion will be covered by Mercedes-Benz.

mbrace registration line – 1 888 826 6350

Thanks for the tip Shelton!

Atlanta Classic Cars – Daylight Saving Time & Free Multi-point Inspection

If you live in the Greater Atlanta area and need someone to adjust the time in your Mercedes for Daylight Saving Time you can bring your vehicle to Atlanta Classic Cars during normal business hours and our Mercedes-Benz trained technicians will be happy to assist you. They will reset your clock and answer any other operational questions you may have.

While you’re here, request a complimentary multi-point inspection to ensure your vehicle is safe for upcoming shorter days and longer nights. If maintenance or repairs are recommended, receive 15% off parts and labor. But hurry! This offer expires on November 28, 2009!

You must set an appointment by calling 770 279 3600 and asking for the appointment desk.

If you don’t live in the Atlanta area or would just like to take care of this yourself read my post on setting the clock in your Mercedes-Benz.

I Recommend You Join the Mercedes-Benz Club of America!


The Mercedes-Benz Club of America (MBCA) is a non-profit group founded in 1956 as a way for Mercedes-Benz owners in the United States to keep in touch. There are currently more than 20,000 members who participate in car shows, driving events, tech session and social gatherings sponsored by the club. The MBCA is sanctioned by MBUSA, although not an affiliate.

MBCA member benefits include:
The Star magazine
– this bi-monthly publication features beautiful photography, new-car road tests, MBUSA news, club events and much more.
MBUSA Loyalty Reward Program – If you are a MBCA member for more than 12 months immediately preceding the purchase of a new or pre-owned Mercedes you are eligible to receive a gift card for parts, service and accessories at the dealership. New cars qualify for $1500 and Certified Pre-Owned for $750!
Enthusiast Groups, Club Forums, Local Chapter Newsletters, Access to the Technical Library, Trips to Germany and more!

Membership is a bargain for all of the benefits that you receive. A one year membership is $45, 2 years for $87 and 3 years for $127. If you currently have a Mercedes you will appreciate the informative magazine and the network of other owners. If you are planning to buy another Mercedes in the future you’ll benefit hugely from the Loyalty Reward Program.

Follow this link to sign up online!

Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC Alternative Motor Vehicle Tax Credit – ML320, GL320, and R320

Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC

The Alternative Motor Vehicle credit (30b) that can be used to get a tax credit for purchasing one of our diesel SUVs has been improved by the stimulus bill. You can now claim the full credit amount regardless of your personal tax situation and income. This change applies to BlueTEC SUVs purchased after January 1st, 2009.

Important notes on the tax credit:
Must be purchased, not leased
The credit is claimed on your Income Tax Returns, not at time of sale
The upcoming ML450 and S400 hybrids will qualify for the same program, amounts to be determined.
Toyota/Lexus are no longer eligible for these credits
2009 ML320 BlueTEC qualifies for $900 credit
2009 GL320 BlueTEC qualifies for $1800 credit
2009 R320 BlueTEC qualifies for $1550 credit

European Delivery Dates Announced For 2010 Mercedes-Benz Models

Mercedes-Benz offers an amazing program called European Delivery. You can order your vehicle at your local dealership, fly to Germany to pick it up, tour Europe for a few weeks in your new car and then have it shipped to your local dealership. It takes a little pre-planning but you do get a nice discount on the vehicle and it often pays for your vacation!

The earliest possible delivery dates for the 2010 models are as follows:
C-Class July 27, 2009
GLK350W April 15, 2009
GLK350W4 February 25, 2009
E350W, E550W July 20, 2009
E350W4, E550W4 September 28, 2009
CLS-Class August 19, 2009
SLK-Class October 19, 2009
SL-Class October 19, 2009
S-Class August 19, 2009

This is the first time that you can purchase an SUV through the European Delivery Program! Also, the E-Class is available for pick-up quite soon after the official launch of the new body style this summer. There is usually more of a delay. You can visit the European Delivery Site for more information or contact your local dealer.

Atlanta Gas Shortage – Premium vs. Regular Grade Gas for Your Mercedes

I have had several customers call me about what to do for fuel during the shortage here in Atlanta. Many of our local gas station are out of everything but Regular Grade.

According to the owner’s manual, you may use Regular Grade fuel in your vehicle if the higher grades are unavailable. However, you need to change how you are driving. It is recommended you do not accelerate quickly and do not exceed 3000 RPM. If you can, put in less than half a tank and add Premium Grade back as soon as possible. We are not recommending that you put Regular Grade in an AMG vehicle.

Trailer Hitch Recall for 2006-2008 ML and GL Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz has issued a recall for the trailer hitch on ML and GL vehicles, 2006 through 2008 with a VIN ending in A419399 and lower. It is recommended that you do not tow anything until the recall work is performed! When you bring the vehicle in for the this work, a certified welder will reweld the seams connecting the trailer hitch receiver to the attachment bar used to secure the trailer hitch to the body frame. It should take about 2 hours to complete.

If your vehicle is part of this recall you should have received this letter from MBUSA. However, I know sometimes people move or purchase the car privately and Mercedes may not have your address.

Safety first!

Atlanta Classic Cars Can Give Your Mercedes A Spring Cleaning!

Here at Atlanta Classic Cars we want to take great care of your Mercedes-Benz! Our detail department is top notch and we offer several great packages to keep your car looking pristine! You can schedule a detail through the appointment desk by calling 770-279-3600 or just ask your service advisor to add one on next time you are in for regular maintenance. (Please allow for extra time…Perfection can’t be rushed!)

Classic Car Wash – Free with any service or $14.95
Includes basic car wash, tire cleaning and dressing, window cleaning, vacuum and a shampoo of the four floormats.

Impeccable Interior – $79.95
Includes the Classic Car Wash plus cleaning the hard to reach areas between the seats, rear window area and brake light area, center console, dash and seats. We shampoo the carpets, mats, door panels, headliner and trunk.

Gorgeous Exterior – $89.95
Includes the Classic Car Wash followed by a premium paint sealant for a long lasting finish. All exterior trim and the tires are cleaned. This is all done by hand – No buffers!

Complete Detail – $149.95
Combines the Impeccable Interior with the Gorgeous Exterior at a value added price.

Executive Detail – $249.95
The Complete Detail plus a thorough cleaning of the engine and engine compartment.

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