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Advanced COMAND Functions for your Mercedes-Benz!

Mercedes 3D Navigation

When I demonstrate the features of a new Mercedes-Benz to clients I try to stick to the basics…there is a lot to learn and it can be overwhelming! However, there are so many things that the cars can do! Mercedes-Benz posted a few “advanced” features to their Facebook Page today. If you have been driving your Mercedes-Benz for a while and are ready to learn more then this is for you! Visit the Mercedes-Benz USA Facebook page to see more!

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services First Class Products

Mercedes wheel and tireWhen you purchase or lease a new or pre-owned Mercedes-Benz you will be offered several options for additional protections in the business office. The protections range from GAP to Paintless Dent Repair. The Mercedes-Benz Financial Services website has a great section that goes over each coverage in detail. I am a Wheel and Tire Protection plan owner myself! Knowing that Mercedes-Benz stands behind these products makes the ownership experience easy!

Daylight Savings – Setting the Clock in Your Mercedes-Benz!

Placing Passes on the Mercedes-Benz Windshield

The infrared reflecting windshield keeps the interior from getting too hot but also blocks radio waves needed to operate some electronic devices. Follow this link to see the full video on the Instructional Videos site, or just look at the red spots in the picture below.

Speed Pass Gate Pass Mercedes

Homelink Garage Door Opening in your 2012 Mercedes-Benz

Lots of my clients have been having trouble with the new Homelink system in the 2012 Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The directions in the owners’ manuals are no good! I did publish the corrected written directions on this site but now there is a video! You can use this link to visit the Owners’ Support Instructional Videos page on to watch it happen. Good luck!

2012 mercedes-benz garage door programming

mbrace2 – New Features Coming in 2012!

mbrace 2 Mercedes-Benz Features

A few years ago Mercedes-Benz switched from Tele-aid to mbrace for our in-vehicle service provider. At the time there was not a huge difference in the services provided but we knew that, down the line, Hughes Telematics would have more to offer. Those new features will begin to appear in the 2013 SL-Class this spring in the new mbrace2. Visit the mbrace sneek peek at for more details about the system including…

  • Mercedes-Benz Apps
  • Remote Access Services
  • Remote Vehicle Diagnostics
  • mbrace Concierge
  • mbrace Mobile App

mbrace App now Available for Android, iPhone and Blackberry!

mbrace Mercedes-Benz app

The mbrace app allows you to access the features of the mbrace system right from your mobile phone! You can lock and unlock the doors, locate the vehicle within a mile, contact the dealership and send info to your navigation system. This app has been  available for the iPhone and Blackberry since launch. The Android App is new and is available at the Android Market.

There are lots of other Mercedes-Benz Apps available. Search for Mercedes-Benz on your mobile phone or browse some of the options at the Mercedes-Benz website.  

Programming the Homelink Garage Door Opener in Your 2012 Mercedes-Benz

Most of the 2012 Mercedes-Benz models have a new version of Homelink garage door opening. The directions for programming it in the books are somewhat lacking. Here are the new instructions!

Before beginning the process:

1. Make sure that objects, people and the vehicle are not present within the sweep of the garage door.

2. Throughout the programming process the status lamp on the mirror opener may turn green, red, or yellow.

3. Anytime a red indicator lamp appears, the process needs to be started again

4. Ensure that the garage door remote control is with you to program the mirror opener. Depending on the type of opener, you may also have to be close to the drive motor of the garage door opener (step 6)

5. Start the vehicle outside in a safe place.

Step 1. If necessary, clear out any old codes by pushing and holding the 2 outer buttons, a solid yellow lamp will come on. Release both buttons when the lamp changes to solid green. Do not continue until the solid green lamp goes out.

Step 2. Choose, but do not touch, one of the 3 buttons on the mirror opener which will be used to open the garage door.

Step 3. Push the selected button on the mirror for ~3 seconds. While pushing, the lamp will go solid yellow, when you let it go, it will start to blink yellow.

Step 4. Pick up the garage door remote and hold it 2 to 8 inches below the buttons on the mirror. Press the opener button on the garage opener remote until the mirror status indicator lamp turns green.

Step 5. If the status lamp turns solid green, programming is complete. If the status lamp is blinking green, the opener is a rolling code type and requires further programming. Please proceed to Step 6.

Step 6. The next steps must be done while the vehicle is at the location near the garage door drive motor.

a. Press the programming button or learning button located on the garage door opener/drive motor. A ladder and/or flashlight may be necessary.

b. Within 30 seconds press and hold the same button selected earlier in Step 2 for ~3 seconds.

Press the button on the mirror in this fashion repeatedly (may take 2-3 tries) until the door activates.

Or, you could just skip it all together and go to the Craftsman Smartphone Operated Opener!

Mercedes homelink

Mercedes-Benz and American Express Offer Two New Cards!

Mercedes-Benz American Express Credit Card

See all of the details on the American Express site. You can also apply for the card while applying for a automobile loan with Mercedes-Benz Financial. Ask your salesperson for those details.   

Atlanta Classic Cars Defensive Driving and Autocross – July 17th!

Atlanta Classic Cars will host the Mercedes-Benz Club of America’s Defensive Driving Course at the dealership on Sunday, July 17.  This event is open to the public to participate!

The Defensive Driving portion runs from 9am-12noon; Autocross runs from 1pm-4pm Participants provide thier own vehicle. The event is open to all licensed drivers and 15 year olds who have had their learner’s permit for more than 6 months.

A “certificate of completion” will be issued stating the participant completed 45 minutes of classroom instruction and completed defensive driving course exercises. You’ll need to check with your individual insurance company to see if this will help lower your premiums. 

 Registration is required as space is limited. To request a registration form please contact Paula Locke at The cost is $20 per registrant and lunch will be provided.

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