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Topic: Top Gear
Top Gear – Stelvio Pass

Does anyone else take their travel advice from Top Gear? I am planning a driving vacation and actually used this video for reference. Stelvio Pass…here I come!

Mercedes E63 AMG Wagon vs BMW M5 Wagon – Top Gear

Nevermind that the E63 is “more powerful than Mexico”, has a great exhaust note, can carry more cheese, and is way faster in a straight line, because it’s also the only one of these two avaliable in the US. (the power rear load shelf is not a US avaliable option )

Set Your DVR! – Top Gear – New Season

Top Gear, the best car show on tv, premiers this Monday on BBC America. If you’ve never watched it before it’s an over the top car show crossed with The Mythbusters. Last season they raced everything from a Koenigsegg CCX to an array of tractors around their track. They built their own limos and space shuttle among other things. Check it out every Sunday at 8pm on BBC America.

Brabus SL65 – Top Gear

Top Gear SLK55 vs Boxster w/Snipers

G55 AMG – Top Gear Review

McLaren SLR – Top Gear Review

W221 S-Class – Top Gear Review

300SL Gullwing – Top Gear

SL55 AMG – Top Gear Review