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2014 Mercedes-Benz E350 Wagon – I get the way back!

I grew up in E-Class wagons. We called them the “cool bus” and fought like crazy over the way back. I’ve always thought it was a shame that wagons are not more popular in the US. There are however a few devotees out there!

mercedes wagon

For example, Greg from Texas, contacted me before he ordered the beautiful Indigo Blue E350 pictured above. He was going all out with the features and an unseen color combination. I advised him to hold out for exactly what he wanted rather than settling for what was available on the lot and he is very happy with the result. You can read his very detailed options summary on the MB World Forums.

Autoweek also tested the 2014 E350 wagon recently and said things like “Thirty-something years later, this remains darn near the perfect car. The single car one would need for 99 percent of life’s needs.” You can read the full article at Autoweek online. I can hardly wait to see one in Cardinal red!

You might also remember Lizzie the Quartz Blue wagon that my clients picked up via European Delivery a few years ago!

And what better testimonial than a guy who does a lot of miles over a very short period of time!

Call me! Let’s order a wagon!

Roadster Roadtrip! Driving the SL550 and the SLK350!

I took a little roadtrip this morning to deliver a 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL550 to Oconee County, Georgia!

2013 SL550 with Distronic PLUS

Don’t they look happy to have a new car? And what a gorgeous car it is! I especially enjoyed the Driver Assistance Package while cruising the back roads of Georgia. The Distronic PLUS made is such a relaxing drive and the Active Lane Keeping Assist corrected me a couple of times when I took my eyes off of the road. Also impressive was the mileage…429 horsepower should not get over 27 mpg!

fuel economy for 2013 SL550

The return trip was in a 2005 Mercedes-Benz SLK350. This car has always had excellent go-cart handling and with more than 80,000 miles on the odometer it was still tight and responsive.

SLK350 convertible And another winner in the fuel economy department. 302 horsepower with aggressive backroads driving and I still clocked in over 25 mpg!

SLK350 fuel economy

It was a great day for a couple of great roadsters!

Customer Testimonial – 2013 Mercedes-Benz C250!

I don’t buy cars very often and tend to over-analyze the situation, when I do. I had been looking around, looking under the hood, and kicking tires at all major dealership of decent cars and finally showed up at Atlanta Classic Cars facility where I was introduced to Jesse. I like salespeople who know their stuff and can answer questions in detail and over the course of next couple days I posed all kind of queries and test drove all models, even the ones I knew I could not perhaps afford. Jesse was very patient and knowledgeable and helped me find a car that fits my needs perfectly.


Road Trip – 2012 Mercedes-Benz C250 gets 33mpg!

2012 Mercedes gas mileage

Yesterday I took a little road trip in a 2012 Merceded-Benz C250 courtesy car. I drove from Atlanta, GA to Columbus, GA and back before noon using about half a tank of fuel. There was heavy traffic in Atlanta that slowed me down a little but the C250 was a great vehicle for this trip - Fun to drive, plenty of space and the fuel economy was impressive! The 2012 C250 is officially rated at 31 mpg on the highway but I was able to do even better!

This beauty will be retired from our courtesy car fleet in about a year but Atlanta Classic Cars has a great selection of Certified Pre-Owned C-Classes available now. Let me know if something catches your eye!

mercedes C-class pre-owned

Customer Testimonial – 2013 C250!

Happy Owner

All I can say is WOW! I have purchased 3 new Mercedes-Benz automobiles previously, but this fourth one was a very special car buying experience!

I was in the market for a new car so I called my very dear friend Kim Cates. Kim and I became friends when I had my car serviced at Atlanta Classic Car before moving to Jacksonville, Florida.  She always provided first class service.

Kim put me in touch with Jesse Cannon-Wallace. After speaking with Jesse by phone, she went right to work finding me the right car and the best financing.  Within 30 minutes she called me back and asked me to select the exact vehicle I wanted to purchase.

I flew from Jacksonville to pick up my new car a few days later.  I was met at the door by Jesse with a big smile!  She offered a test drive and began demonstrating all the great features of my new car.  She was gracious enough to add a stop at Fryes to purchase the iPhone 5 adaptor so I could connect my phone to the car.  We arrived a little before the store opened and she respected my time by using the opportunity to complete the demonstration.

When we returned to the dealership, Jesse introduced me to Eric Palmsteen, Business Manager, to sign the paperwork.  Eric went above and beyond to secure incredible financing for me.  Additionally, he was so organized that it took just a few minutes to complete the transaction.

Thanks to Kim, Jesse and Eric, there is absolutely nothing more I could have expected or desired from a car buying experience.  I’ve raved about my experience so much that friends in Florida plan to purchase their next vehicle from Atlanta Classic Cars!  I strongly encourage anyone in the market for a new vehicle or needs service for a Mercedes-Benz to contact the amazing team at Atlanta Classic Cars! I look forward to buying all my future cars from them.

Oh, did I mention how much I love my new Mercedes?  By far it’s the best of the four.

Thanks again,

Bill Brim

Thank you Bill – It was a pleasure!

2013 Mercedes-Benz E350 – Roadtrip!

2013 E350 feuel economy

I went on a holiday roadtrip in my new 2013 Mercedes-Benz E350! It was cold, snowy, windy and rainy but the car did a great job! I felt safe and warm the whole time. My fuel economy is a little bit down from past trips but I think that was due to the rough weather and a very full trunk of presents!

In other fuel economy news, a 2012 E350 bluetec purchased here about a year ago is getting 40 mpg!  Thanks for sharing Hunter!

Customer Testimonial – My 2011 E350!

26 mpg 2011 E350

The lease on my 2011 E350 is up this month so I took it out for one last road trip! 5 days, more than 1800 miles and a little bit of mud later we are back in Georgia. The E350 averaged nearly 26 mpg in mixed driving – about 1500 highway and another 300 in town. I am still impressed with the comfort, handling and good looks of this vehicle. I might miss it a little when I turn it in!

Black 2011 E350

Customer Testimonial – 2011 E350 Wagon!

Mindy Green, proprietor of Wolfgang’s Restaurant & Wine Bistro in Highlands, North Carolina, wanted to share her good experience with Atlanta Classic Cars, the European Delivery Program and her wagon named Lizzie!

Mercedes European Delivery 4Matic wagon E350

I bought my first Mercedes from another dealership.  My husband bought his from Atlanta Classic so I started to bring my in for service there.  They did such an incredible job that when I got my new Mercedes I bought from Atlanta Classic.  We did not even go to any other dealership to look.  My husband did a European delivery and we liked it so much we did it with my car.  Jesse is our sales rep and she has been incredible to work with.  Not only did she keep us up to date while buying, I can still call her with questions and she helps me.  My service rep Kim is also incredible.  She knows what she is doing!!!!  I highly recommend this dealership for all you car needs!!!

-Mindy Green

My 2011 Mercedes-Benz E350 Roadtrip – 28.0 MPG!

My 2011 E350 and I took a roadtrip to Illinois this weekend. It was an extremely comfortable ride and I was very impressed with the fuel economy. Officially rated at 24 miles per gallon on the highway, my E-Class far exceeded that!

This is my trip odometer on the way up (sorry for the blur): 28.0 MPG @ average speed of 68 for 588 miles.and this is on the way home:The final total was 1456 miles at 26.1 MPG! That includes 1300 miles of highway and 156 miles of in town driving. I got close to 500 miles on a single tank before the low fuel indicator lamp was illuminated. I also experienced the Attention Assist notification for the first time. I highly recommend the E-Class for all of you long distance drivers!

Mercedes-Benz Impact Stories

Mercedes-Benz USA has posted several short films, featuring real Mercedes-Benz owners who walked away from serious accidents thanks to their vehicles.  These owners are just some of the hundreds that regularly contact Mercedes-Benz with wonderful stories of survival and perspective.

I’ve heard many similar stories firsthand as clients of our collision center come in to purchase their next Mercedes-Benz. It is absolutely amazing how these cars can absorb and deflect energy to keep the occupants safe!

You can view all of the videos and even submit your own story here. If you are the type to cry at Hallmark commercials I wouldn’t watch these at work!

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